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Is Secretary General Koffi Annan Of The United Nations a puppet?

Is Secretary General Koffi Annan Of The United Nations a puppet?


Paul I. Adujie

New York, United States

The United Nations have been variously described as a toothless lion at best and at worst, the UN is described as a puppet on a string, readily manipulated by the five permanent members with veto powers, veto powers? Please make that reserved arbitrary, undemocratic and discriminatory powers! And America is more egregious in these manipulations of the United Nations, a world body that ought to serve global interests.

Mr. Koffi Annan, the current Secretary General of the United Nations, has become a perfect illustration of the severe powerlessness and paralysis of this world body or organization, the UN has become emphatically ineffective; And examples of this UN ineffectiveness abounds, and it has been exemplified by the pre-invasion and occupation of Iraq, the associated rhetoric, accompanying action by America.

America bamboozled and cajoled the UN with manipulated intelligence, and then, denigrated the UN in bellicose language, America threatened the UN, while dangling the threat of making the UN a complete irrelevance, all these, while America sexed up and souped-up spurious information to drum up war against Iraq, America informed the world, that the only saving grace for the UN then touted by the US, will be UN’s willingness to demur and defer to the US planned invasion and occupation of Iraq and the US invaded and occupied Iraq without a UN made and legitimacy.

The United Nations feebly and reluctantly, or rather glibly, resisted America’s agenda for Iraq and by extension, America overall agenda for the entire Middle East region, it has since become glaringly clear, that the president Bush, with the so-called neoconservative agenda, agenda driven wrong headed policies geared to attain a "new world order" which is being pursued with Bush Doctrine of preemption, this so-called Bush Doctrine, has nothing significant, to do with whether Saddam Hussein misconduct or whether Saddam was undemocratic, or had horrible human rights record and every conceivable misconduct or whether Saddam actually possessed the ever elusive and ever shifting quicksand Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD.

The false pretense used by America invade and occupy Iraq, was based on the worst case scenario, that was extrapolated by the Bush administration to the nth degree, to the effect that, Iraq possessed WMD and mobile chemical laboratories, with assorted weapons launchers that Iraq could launch against the US or Iraq’s neighbor in 45 minutes. All these, of course have turned out to be what the are only vivid imagination by the Bush administration officials, imaginations not based on facts or the truth or reality. America has always demonstrated complete disregard and contempt for the United Nations, for starters, America has neglected, failed and or refused to pay its dues and or meet its financial obligations to the United Nations, and yet, the UN continues to be firmly tied to apron strings of America, instead of America being suspended for non-payment of dues.

Ordinarily, one would have logically expected America to be sanctioned or censured for neglecting, failing and or refusing to pay UN dues and financial obligations, but instead, America simultaneously dominate and undermine the UN, when America pleases, the only time that the UN is considered relevant, is when the UN sheepishly do America’s bidding, it either that, or the US engages in undermining the UN and wishing the UN obsolescence or extinction and significant powerlessness and irrelevance. Here now comes, America, that loudly proclaimed the UN irrelevant, the US proceeded to give the UN a bad name, like the proverbial bad dog, in order to hang it! Now, America needs the UN to inherit the mess and quagmire, that the same America created in complete disregard for the UN and the entire world, in complete disregard for a good number of American citizen.

America does not want democracy or freedom for Iraq and Iraqi citizens, at least, not in any altruistic sense, America has stated categorically, an opposition to one person-one-vote or direct elections in Iraq, and this, notwithstanding the insistence by a majority of Iraqis led by Ayatollah Sistani, Who would have thought it possible? That America, a country that claim freedoms, liberties and democracies as prerogatives, would argue against direct elections in Iraq or anywhere else in the world for that matter?

Here we have Middle Eastern Moslems, demanding democracy, while the "civilized" westerly cultured Americans, are opposed to true democracy? America is insisting adamantly, on "elections" through caucuses or indirect selections of political leaders that would do America’s bidding, Iraqi political leaders that would be in obeisance to America’s whims and caprices! Simply put, America is looking for a puppet government in Iraq! A puppet government possibly led headed by the American token, Ahmed Chalabi or some other Iraqi who have cozy up to America.

Clearly, America is looking for an abridged, abbreviated and adulterated democracy, America is seeking a pseudo democracy and it will prefer a government in Iraq, that it can manipulate and control. The United States, in the face of the starkly naked reality and consequences of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, now, seeks UN’s endorsement, the US now seek to foist the reconstruction responsibilities, so that the ongoing nefarious activities by the US, the sour undertaking by America in Iraq will become the responsibility of the international community, the UN will now provide cover and legitimacy to a planned exit strategy by the US, that would look almost respectable.

Secretary General Koffi Annan of the United Nations, is conferring that legitimacy and respectability on America’s exit strategy and America’s unilateral cowboy and bully policies, that led to the debacle in Iraq, in the first place! These America policies, defied the United Nations, defied a majority of American citizens, it defied the entire world, it defied multilateral institutions and conventions, and worse, it defied international law! But now, Koffi Annan has agreed, with the America’s bad policies, by promptly endorsing or echoing the America election schedule for Iraq, by endorsing an American preferred type caucuses or indirect elections in Iraq, this indirect rule by American puppets in Iraq is for American benefit.

Koffi Annan’s agreement with the Americans’ position is really not a surprise, he has simply regurgitated America’s famously acclaimed impracticality of direct elections of the one person one vote type, Mr. Annan perhaps in doing this, hopes to avert the probability of facing the Boutrous Boutrous Ghali treatment, as it is the case, that any UN Secretary General who confronts America with its UN bills and dues or with the truth, is soon to find the carpet pulled from under his feet, as it happened to Mr. Ghali.

Anyone who needed proof to the effect, that the United Nations and the United States is one and the same thing, should look no further for succinct examples. These occurrences emphasizes why the United Nations would remain a toothless bulldog, or toothless lion and an American puppet for the foreseeable future, I hope that a civil war can be avoided in Iraq.

Feb 2004

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