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Do Female Suicide Bombers Also Want Virgins?

Do Female Suicide Bombers Also Want Virgins?


Paul I. Adujie

New York, United States

Every right thinking person should abhor violence, any form of violence, especially, where such violence is visited upon innocent persons; But violence must be examined closely, to discern root causes and actions that could be taken, to prevent recurrence or repeat of such violence. The crises between Palestine and Israel, resurged again, with the suicide bombing undertaken by a Palestinian woman, who was said to be a mother of two children; The newswires proclaimed that "Mother of Two Kills 4 in Israel and that "Arabs were screaming, Jews were screaming," said a Palestinian witness.

But what is her "poor excuse?" Male suicide bombers, are supposed to be seeking seventy female virgin maidens as reward for suicide bombing? Perhaps now, that illusion or fallacy will be put to rest, at the advent female suicide bombers? The past efforts to ridicule or minimized the circumstances that lead to suicide and bombing must be re-examined.

Perhaps the real crux of the matter is land? Self-determination being sought by Palestinians from Israeli occupation and military, that continues to put Palestinians under the manacles of industrial-strength anvil? And as Mr. Yassin put it, "Resistance will escalate against this enemy until they leave our land," Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin; Is it helpful, to continue to pretend that suicide bombing is motivated by the magnet and lure of seventy virgin maidens, by amorously sedated male bombers? What now explains the increased participation, in suicide bombing by females? Seventy or eighty virgins? Or land?/dignity?

Unlike in the past, when Palestinian leaders would rush to condemn suicide bombings by Palestinians persons against Israelis, this bombing did not received such condemnations, this time, "Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie did not condemn the bombing as he has, after attacks in Israel. Instead he said Israel's military crackdown "does not help to achieve quiet" and called for a mutual cease-fire" The continued targeted killings and demolitions actions in Palestine by Israel, must have informed the Palestine leader's reactions. The bloodshed continues on both the Palestine and Israel sides, there is abundant pain waiting for both participants, unless peace is vigorously pursued and attained by Palestine and Israel; the female suicide bomber, was a very young woman, Reem Al-Reyashi, 22, professed love for her children, a 3-1/2-year-old boy and a girl of 1-1/2 years It was reported that "Reyashi, from a middle-class merchant family in Gaza, said in a farewell video she had dreamed since she was 13 of "becoming a martyr" Is this not very instructive? Better to die, than compelled living under excruciating and perpetual bondage?

She planned to be a suicide bomber, not a doctor, lawyer or engineer, what grievance did she have? Or was she just an unthinking and unreasonable Arab and hater of freedoms and liberty? A child from a middle-class family, would have reasons to expect more from life, what then could be the circumstances of her life, that at age 13, she thought of suicide? And how come the world is not in a hurry to find out her reasons? At such a tender age? She concluded by saying: "God gave me two children and I loved them so much. Only God knew how much I loved them." According to press reports, Israel has accused Palestinians of glorifying suicide bombers and international human rights organizations have called the bombings crimes against humanity. Palestinians say Israel's military crackdown provokes such violence. Charge, counter charge, recriminations? When will it end? who will yield? When will a compromise materialize?

Why would a woman, the giver of life, a mother of two children, want to kill herself? Or, want to kill other persons, in the first place? These are the questions, important questions, that I believe must be answered by the United Nations and many others, who want to promote peace in the world; Suicide bombing by females has taken an upsurge in Palestine and Chechnya, this phenomenon, defies the previous explanations, derisive explanations, as it were, that male suicide bombers were in search of seventy virgins promised and in wait, in the heavens, suicide bombers, we are told, are therefore motivated by the endless heavenly bliss, with seventy virgins.

These over-simplistic and derisive explanations, have sought to portray, suicide bombers as less than humans, without moral value and without a will or desire to live and let others live; But those who would commit suicide, in what they believe is a fight for their own land, a fight to end occupation, a fight for dignity and respect for their people, are people who have endured indescribable humiliation, those who have endured the overwhelming power of the military might of their adversary or opponents.

It is confounding, that the world appears to think very little of the fate of Palestinians, there is palpable frustration in Palestine, there is unbearable hopelessness, what is routine travel to work or trips to perform daily chores, are turned into insurmountable obstacle courses for the average Palestinian, families are routinely separated, homes are routinely demolished and there are targeted killings and arbitrary arrests of Palestinians by Israeli forces, there is the continued construction of the fence, wall and barrier by agent provocateur, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Mr. Sharon with winks and nods from Mr. Bush, have been acting arrogantly, particularly, since the Middle East power equation balance, has been abruptly tilted in Israel's favor, this has been made possible, by the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

All entreaties to Israel, to cease and desist from the land grab and apartheid separations, which the fence or wall/barrier has created, has failed and so, the spate of violent actions, causing reactions, on the part of Palestine and Israel continues... Vicious cycle? When is the human race going to wake up to the unending scourge of abbreviated lives in Palestine? To the unimaginable sufferings and hardships that culminate into decisions to die by suicide, while taking others along? Suicide is made possible by existing circumstances of hopelessness and the conclusion that there is nothing to lose, just dying or that there is no prospect of a better life in Palestine, hence the perceived futility of continued existence?

Feb 2004

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