Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Buhari Is Not About Buhari

Buhari Is Not About Buhari
Written Paul I. Adujie Esq.

Presidential Elections have been over since April 2015 and Muhamadu Buhari prevailed over Goodluck  Jonathan, or put differently, APC surpassed the PDP at the polls, and consequently, presidential inauguration was celebrated on May 29, 2015.
But since then, however, there have been commentaries by so many, commentaries which may have led even reasonable persons, to conclude that political campaigns of the presidential type, for 2015 have not ceased!
The fact of the matter is that, the next presidential elections in Nigeria is not until 2019.
Why then are so many politicians, and even some members of the Nigerian public appearing to have been suckered into this seeming endless presidential campaigns?
There seem to be a vigorous national clamor for the failure Buhari, but why?
All these, are happening, even before he has had a chance to govern and make legitimate mistakes as president!
Nigerians must realize that Democracy is about governance and the dividends of democracy should , positively impact all citizens directly, regardless of political party affiliations, and to that extent, at the end of every political campaign season, elections completed and inauguration takes place, all citizens are entitled to expect the benefits of democracy.
In order for democracy to have meaningful benefits to citizens of our nation, there ought to be a recognition of the fact that any given president of Nigeria is a fleeting symbol of our collective national aspirations.
Nigeria appears to currently practice a meaningless or banal democracy, in which self-interest is put over and above national  interests, it must be said that such a democracy is almost comparable to or even identical with  how criminal enterprises or the mafia operates, and such democracy is indeed banal.
After 16 years of continuous elections of public officials or democracy nationwide, a majority of Nigerians have no smidgen or modicum of benefit or dividend from democratic processes.
The Nigerian public, particularly the professional politicians, should realize that democracy and politics are about the citizens, the people, and so, the current clamor for Buhari’s failure is against the very essence of our national aspirations, our national best interests, and democracy dividends for the people
No reasonable persons should be opposed to vigorous political debate, I am not against partisan politicking and even aggressive partisan competition, but, I am surely against clamoring for the failure of any president of Nigeria…. as I am against efforts seemingly geared towards torpedoing the current president, as those engineering his failure apparently see only what might become an opportunity for some elites.
A vibrant opposition or criticism is healthy for democracy to succeed. But legitimate criticisms may not be confused with efforts to stampede and intimidate, a particular political leader, without logical or rational basis,
The success of any given Nigerian president is the success of all Nigerians and even non-Nigerians who wish Nigerians well. Reasonable Nigerians must not clamor for failure of PMB.
It is assuredly the case that, if and when the current president of Nigeria tackles major national issues well, it will be in the best interests of Nigerians and Nigeria, Buhari’s success is not about Buhari, because if Buhari wins, Nigeria wins!
The success of any president of Nigeria at any given time period, is the success of Nigeria, it is rather parochial and shortsighted, to clamor for the failure of any president of Nigeria; because of personal ill-will or animosity towards him or her.
Buhari presents an immediate opportunity for all Nigerians and Nigeria!
Buhari has so much riding on his presidency for Nigeria. He represents missed opportunities , civil, military and then civil. He, at once represents all that has ailed Nigeria and all that will heal Nigeria.
President Obama of the United States of America appears to recognize this in Buhari, when he described Buhari as a man of integrity and a clear thinker, while Buhari visited him in the White House.
My generation of Nigerians are in trepidation of a possible failure of Buhari or a failed Buhari presidency!  The worthlessness of our the Naira, our national currency, the extremely high rate of unemployment nationwide, the dearth of public infrastructures and an economy without requisite industrial capacity are national emergencies which frightens me and should concern every Nigerian at home or abroad!
Buhari represent a fresh start, a clean slate and wonderful new golden opportunity for Nigeria’s development, progress, advancement and national greatness with his  avowed integrity and incorruptibility.
Imagine if Buhari, antecedents precedents and all, decimates or even eliminate corruption? Imagine that Buhari tackles unemployment? Imagine Buhari focuses on public infrastructures, roads, bridges and housing? Imagine if Buhari kills Boko Haram? Imagine if Buhari solves Nigeria’s perennial poor electricity generation, transmission and distribution problems? Imagine if Buhari  can create a more robust national transportation networks?
Clearly, Buhari’s success is not about Buhari, it is, instead the success of our collective aspirations as a nation! I urge Nigerians to become cognizant of these fact and become singularly focused on Buhari’s success! Let all Nigerians of every political persuasions fathom how to make a success of the Nigerian Nation, let’s give Buhari a breathing space to get on with it!