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30,000 Mexicans Killed In Drug War, Violence, Made in the USA!

30,000 Mexicans Killed In Drug War, Violence, Made in the USA!

Written by Paul I. Adujie

This is a story about American appetite for drugs and narcotics which has and is still ruining many lives in America and many neighboring nations, particularly, America’s southern neighbor, the nation of Mexico.

30,000 persons, Mexicans, fellow human beings are dead in a short time period in Mexico, America’s neighbor to the south, as result and consequence of Americans’ insatiable appetite for drugs or narcotics.

30,000 persons are dead in a couple of years in Mexico even though Mexico, quite unlike Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya, Mexico is not officially engaged in armed conflicts or wars with another nation, as America is with so-called terrorists in so-called global war on terrorism and against terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq etc, and yet, 30, 000 Mexicans are dead!

This cannot and it is not an acceptable cost of doing any business, legal or illegal, particularly, illegal business! This is an unacceptable overhead cost of doing any business and it too high a price to pay or to be termed and dismissed as mere collateral damage

No human being, particularly the Americans would accept the death of 30,000 persons, Mexicans or Americans, as necessary cost associated costs for, say, shrimping, whaling, or salmon fishing for any purpose, whether domestic, and or, industrial consumptions.

Americans through Endangered Species Protections rules in America strives mightily to preserve bald eagles, and bison and strives mightily to put poachers of elephants for their tusks out of business. But why are Americans not up in arms in reaction to the needless deaths of 30,000 Mexicans in the demand and supply of illicit drugs or narcotics to satisfy Americans humongous appetite for harmful substances?

It cannot be stressed enough that the average American is a good and decent human being, who would have been known to do everything, move the government and corporate behemoths to prevent needless deaths in America and in far-away lands, whether in opposition to wars etc and more so, in neighboring Mexico where 30,000 are killed in a mere 24 months as a result of the conflicts, struggle and competition, vicious competition, to supply illegal drugs to meet the endless demands by Americans and yet, not a murmur of protests are heard in America about 30,000 lives cut short in their prime in Mexico to please Americans!

I have known the average American to be more decent and more caring than most. I have known the average American to protect complete strangers and to go all out or go to bat in defense of human rights, but why is it different regarding these 30,000 needless deaths which are directly connected to American consumption of drugs and or narcotics? Americans care about strangers and even animals, whether domesticated animals or farm animals, so, why are Americans not animated and concerned about the 30, 000 dead Mexican neighbors, killed so that drugs and narcotics can flow to America?

Demand and supply for drugs or narcotics by Americans is what fuels the drug trade in Mexico and much of North, South and Latin America. American guns and the easy access to guns in America facilitates and accelerates-exacerbates drug violence or wars in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Panama etc.

America has spent or squandered billions of dollars in a so-called drug war, for several decades, and drug trade as a consequence of drug or narcotics abuse continues unabated, unfettered and unhindered in America. The United States has collaborated with Colombia, Afghanistan and Mexico etc, in efforts to stem drugs and narcotics trade and consumption.

These American efforts have been direct and indirect, in which there are efforts to persuade growers-farmers of poppies to revert to the less profitable but traditional farm crops. America has also in Afghanistan and Colombia, actively engaged in military intervention through seizures and destruction of farms where raw materials for narcotics are grown and this has not changed much of the habits, whether from the demand or the supply standpoints. Americans demand drugs or narcotics is huge and there are extraordinary profits which acts as magnets for growers and traders in drugs and narcotics

The drug violence in Mexico has reached a crescendo of violence, full scale violence, but, the appetite for the consumption of drugs or narcotics remains high in the United States and the profits which is the incentive for the suppliers, remain equally seductive for would be narcotics-traffickers in Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador etc

Mexico particularly, has in recent years bore the brunt of these cycles of violence sprung by illicit drugs and narcotics consumption which in turn, feeds the drug trade and attendant violence which is the nature of the beast.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico declared a national war on drugs and narcotics trade and the gang warfare which is often associated with drug trade, as drugs and narcotics traffickers compete for turfs in the illicit trade in profitable markets for mind altering substances.

The focus of efforts of President of Mexico, has led to an escalation of violence between the narcotics traffickers on the one hand, and the government forces battling all the crime gangs on the other.

It has been extremely brutal, with decapitation or beheadings and most gory violent killings of private citizens, drug dealers, bystanders, police and soldiers and sundry government officials of the Mexican government

Recently, a kindergarten teacher in Monterrey Mexico received a national award and recognition in her heroic efforts to shield toddlers in their classroom which became a battle zone in which barrages of gun shot rang out like Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. The kindergarten teacher tried to diffuse the surreal moments for the toddlers, by engaging them in singsong of chocolate rain and chocolate raining from the skies, a far cry from what was actually happening right then in the general vicinity of her kindergarten class.

It is public knowledge, and an indisputable, incontrovertible fact, that drugs and narcotics trade requires a great degree of violent intimidation and brutality. It is also, similarly beyond dispute, that drugs and narcotics trade violence is inflicted with dangerous weapons, mostly with firearms or guns.

Stemming the tide of murders, maiming and extreme mayhem in Mexico drug trade, which has claimed 30,000 lives in 2 years, will require Americans to act. Multiple pronged courses of actions will have to be pursued most aggressively and simultaneously. Curb the demand and or consumption of drugs and narcotics. Demands and consumptions fuels suppliers or traders who are in for the extraordinary profits

It is urgent, important, and crucial that America impose strict, strong and robust gun control laws. Guns are not some sorts of farm implements or equipment needed for productive economic activities. American fascination with guns, the warmth, fuzzy feelings and excitements too many Americans feel for guns defies my understanding, given that gun deaths in America annually is in the tens of thousands! America is not a hunter-gatherer medieval society.

Access to guns should be exceedingly rare for a majority of American citizens, notwithstanding the antics of Second Amendment agitators.

America should support Mexico, a neighbor and a democracy, to stimulate the Mexican economy, which will in turn lessen the temptation for Mexican citizens who are lured into to drug trade due to poverty. A buoyant Mexican economy will also act as bulwark against mass migration from Mexico to the United States and the perennial complaints against Mexicans immigrants who migrate north to seek prosperity in America. I have always wondered why Mexico, an American neighbor and a democracy, can be so poor, even despite her proximity to America, and in this twenty-first century!

There is no controversy at all, the fact is even agreed by both the American and Mexican governments that the bulk of guns used in Mexican drugs and narcotics trade, have their origins in the United States, in fact, Mexican authorities have repeated stated that 90% or more, of the guns used in drugs and narcotics trade in Mexico, are from the United States!

This situation is dire, precarious and quite honestly unacceptable. Americans familiar with the statistics and trend in regarding drug trade flow from Mexico to the United States, and the flow of guns from the United States to Mexico, are all agreed on this point. This drug trade and violent epidemic are a combined misfortune for Mexico; it is double whamming. The inflow of guns into Mexico from the United States and the violent deaths of over 30,000 Mexicans within two years, as direct result of drugs and narcotics consumption in the United States, sans Uzis, and AK47s etc

Americans in all probabilities care for Mexican families affected directly and indirectly, by the drug violence which have claimed 30, 000 Mexicans, in needless and untimely violence induced by consumption of drugs and narcotics and the horrible brutality which is part and parcel or associated with trafficking in drugs, narcotics or controlled substances.

Americans surely care more about 30,000 Mexicans than American dogs, cats and other family pets!

Americans spend over $3billion dollars a year for pet care, pet medicines and pet burials etc, Americans are that sentimental, kindhearted and generous with emotions, feelings and care for domestic animals, and even farm animals. Americans go all out and to the end of the earth literally, to ensure that farm animals are treated “humanely” before such animals are slaughtered and readied for dinner tables

Americans are often heard to spend and invest emotions, time and money to ensure there are no child labors involved in the production of products consumed in America. Americans have been known to be critical about labor practices at home and abroad.

Americans have been known to worry about labor practices in China for instance, in which prisoners and prison labor are said to be involved in manufacturing or production of goods and services in China for export to the United States

Americans are known to worry about sustainable agricultural and farm production practices. There are these frequent concerns expressed by Americans about the lives of farmers. And even the new attitude towards sustainable harvests and organically grown and harvested foods with less chemicals and mindless automation etc

Americans frequently express concerns for how farmlands, farmers and farm labor are treated. Americans are known for demonstrating and indicating keen interests in sustainable farming and harvesting of legitimate crops and food production for human needs.

Imagine the contrasts and comparisons between such genuine concerns for legitimate agriculture and food productions, with the completely illegal and illegitimate planting, harvesting of poppy and the manufacture of cocaine, heroin and other narcotics in which there is complete detachments as to the death of more than 30,000 persons within 24 months in Mexico alone! 30,000 deaths in one nations, more than the number of American military personnel killed in real and actual wars declared and ongoing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan since 2001, in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2011!

It is hoped that Americans will not want to be directly or indirectly connected with the deaths more than the 30,000 Mexicans who have already been killed in drugs and narcotics trafficking and its consequences.

This has to be a national emergency for Mexico, and it is in fact, a global emergency, a humanitarian catastrophe and disaster! The death of 30,000 persons and counting, all within a short time period of a couple of years! It is indeed, worse than most wars, civil wars or international wars between two or more nations.

Americans are good people, and therefore, Americans will not accept and tolerate further needless murders of Mexicans under any circumstances, and particularly, in relation to illegal drug trafficking to satiate the appetite of some Americans, who are addicted to drugs, narcotics and controlled substances.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Western Nations Are Bankers For Gadahafi, Dictators, & Tyrants, The Pope As Bankers For Mafia?

Western Nations Are Bankers For Gadahafi, Dictators, & Tyrants, The Pope As Bankers For Mafia?

Written by Paul I. Adujie

$80 Billion Dollars Libyan money is hidden by Gadahaffi in America and Europe, it has now been revealed that western nations and their institutions have been acting as Gadahafi’s bankers.

It is as if, and quite similar to what a revelation of the Pope acting as banker and consultant for the Mafia would sound and feel like? It is the moral equivalents! And the world thinks nothing of it?

Western nations, meaning, America and her western European allies, have always labeled Gadahafi a mad man! Gadahafi has been persona non grata in the views of western nations and this label and appellations for Gadafi has been the same, since my childhood and during the lifetimes of most living adults in the world today!

But how is it then, that the same Gadahafi, the mad man of Tripoli, Libya, the notorious dictator, tyrant, authoritarian, totalitarian, antidemocratic and antichrist, at least, as far as western nations are concerned, is also a client and a customer and source of immense incomes for western nations?

How come that same Gadaafi is the same one, who is the most favored customer and client of American and European Banks and financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Hong Kong Singapore Banking Corporation or HSBC as well as Societe General Bank of France!

Banks and financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC Holdings and Société Générale are among the major banks that have helped Col. Mummar Gadahafi to “invest” Libya’s oil money, money which is treated as personal money and personal estate and personal wealth by Gadahafi, his sons and his coterie and retinue of hangers and western nations and their banks are keenly aware of these salient facts!

Multitudes of questions therefore arise which western governments and western banks and financial institutions must answered honestly, sincerely and thoroughly; amongst which are, why knowingly act as bankers, conduit, funnel through which Libya treasury is pillaged and plundered?

Why would western governments and their institutions act as accessory to looting of Libya’s patrimony?

Why act as bankers to a mad man, a dictator and tyrant? Why act as bankers and consultant to a man who western nations have repeatedly labeled as terrorist and sponsor of terrorism?

Why is it logical and reasonable to frequently, publicly and loudly accuse Gadahafi and his dictator, tyrant ilk of corruption and looting from their national treasuries, while simultaneously and contemporaneously acting as his financial safe haven enabling and facilitating the siphoning and secreting of money meant for the creation of health, wealth and happiness in Libya, for instance

How does and how would anyone explain this phenomena in which western nations are often badgering the entire world with the lofty ideals and tenets of democracy and democratization, free market economy and political and economic reforms as sacrosanct, as imperative for all the world.

Why is it, that western nations never have any qualms in helping dictators siphon national treasuries? It is public knowledge that Mobutu Sese Sekour of the Congo siphon money from his nation and stashed it in western banks and financial institutions.

Ditto Saddam Husein of Iraq and Shah of Iran, and Sulharto of Indonesia and Ferdinand Marcus of the Philippines and Gadahafi and many others now and in the past. Stolen foreign money seems to be the fuel oil and steady lubricants for economies of western nations?

Billions of dollars siphoned by dictators and secreted by western nations is deprivation meted out to developing nations, it is worse than the invasions and occupations of those nations so deprived, it is worse than the effects of terrorism and money laundering to which western nations guard their own nations against.

Looted and siphoned secreted by western nations and their banks and financial institutions is tantamount to indirect colonialism and an imperialistic tool which controls the world order.

It directly tax, stymies, stunt and retard developments of developing nations which are victims of these plunders and pillaging and looting and the provision of safe haven by sermonizing and sanctimonious western nations and their banks and financial institutions is the unkindest cut and extreme hypocrisy!

Western nations frequently engage in ostentatiously shaming dictators, tyrants and autocracies and theocracies and unsavory characters such as their whipping boy-demon, Gadahafi and secretly be his banker and the world would have been none the wiser, but for the extensive investigative reports which undertaken by Global Witness which has published in The New York Times and elsewhere;

A feature article by David Jolly of The New York Times reports that “ Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi has stashed billions of dollars of Libyan oil revenues with financial institutions on Wall Street and in Europe, according to a document made public Thursday by an international advocacy group”, Global Witness, a WikiLeaks type organization which releases useful information for public good and common good

David Jolly’s article further revealed that “The fund also invested billions of dollars in the stocks of well-known companies, including General Electric, Halliburton, BP and Nokia, and held a large portfolio of United States government bonds.” “Qaddafi makes no distinction between his personal assets and the resources of the country.”

What do we call those who act as bankers or provide safe haven for dictators and tyrants who plunder and pillage public treasuries? Why do western nations, governments and banks act as enablers, facilitators in cahoots with global criminals? It is like the Pope being bankers to the Mafia!

While America and Europeans act as bankers for persons such as Moammar Gadahafi and other tyrants, dictators and totalitarians of this world!

What could possibly be the Christian Bible basis or religious and ethical rationales for being bankers to a mad man, a sponsor of terrorism, a dictator, a tyrant and a compulsively irrational man, as western nation have him, Gadahafi?
What could possibly the altruistic and benevolent reasons why western nations and their morally outstanding and ethically upright institutions be bankers and consultants to an epitome of evil and vile?

Could it be that money and profits knows no bounds of Christian religiosity, morals, and ethics when profits beckon?

Are western nations, banks and financial institutions within them able to rationally, logically justify serving and acting as bankers and consultants for Gadahafi and his sons and clans? How do western nations excuse being the safe haven for stolen goods of which they are keenly aware, are goods with statuses of haven been stolen!

Similarly, it has since come to light, courtesy of Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, that globally famous London School of Economics or LSE accepted millions of dollars from the Gadahafi family in a “Pay-to-Play-Scheme” then awarded an advanced LSE degree to a Gadahafi son.

It is also true that an American who acted as a consultant, and those who aggressively promoted Gadahafi’s son as a reformer, were all paid consultant on the payroll of the Gadahafis

Western nations and their institutions apparently are blissfully oblivious and unaware of the contradictions, inappropriateness, inconsistencies and conflicts of interests in these incestuous relationship with unsavory characters with equally unsavory abysmal and dismal records on human rights, democratization and economic and political reforms. What does anyone say for someone who thinks a type of food poisonous, but, nevertheless keep putting the poisonous food in own mouth, because food is good for hunger?

Clearly, it is the case that western nations and western banks and financial institutions are playing the role of helping thieves and drug dealers secret proceeds from obviously criminal, illegal and illicit activities, while pretending no collusion, connivance and complicity in the criminal enterprise and the outcomes in the completed crimes and consequences to the nations looted, pillaged and plundered!

Western nations do not tolerate anyone who harbors, secrets and protects criminals and proceeds of their criminality. Western nations have advertised aversions to money laundering; whether such money is connected with organized crimes, drug and narcotics trade and most recently, terrorism.

So, why are western nations actively engaged in secreting and providing safe haven and harbors for monies stolen by those same persons labeled as mad men, dictators, tyrants, antidemocratic and persons deemed to be engaged in human rights abuses, and in the use and abuse of absolute and arbitrary powers?

Why be bankers to thieves and criminals of the worst types on earth? Why be bankers to those who kill and maim “their-own- people”?

Why is it that America and Europe would help Gadahafi to hide billions of dollars, money which rightly belong to Libya and the people of Libya and for Libya's development?

Why is America and Europe now just telling the world that they were helping Gadhaffi to stash $80 Billion dollars?

Does the Pope also help the Mafia to stash Mafia money, money from criminal activities? And the world thinks nothing of it?

Qaddafi Reportedly Stashes Billions in Western Institutions http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/27/world/africa/27qaddafi.html

Swiss Banks: Demands By America and Nigeria

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900 Africans Drown As NATO Ignores Humanitarian Catastrophes In & Near Libya

900 Africans Drown As NATO Ignores Humanitarian Catastrophes In & Near Libya!
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Horrific and horrendous, is the news emanating from inside Libya, waters around Libya and on the Mediterranean Sea!
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization with absolute military command, control and occupation of the area, continues to ignore and neglect the dire humanitarian disaster in and around Libya and its environs.

Humanitarian catastrophes and disasters are occurring under the nose of NATO, even though NATO had in fact used preventing humanitarian catastrophe as the pretext, excuse, cover and camouflage for its direct military intervention in Libya’s political crisis.

NATO continues to pursue its vindictive and vengeful core mission against Gaddahafi, a revenge policy against Ghadafi for his affront against western nations in daring to challenge them and compete with them on sundry geopolitical issues over the years. The political crisis in Libya finally provided an excuse and an opening for western nations to settle a score with Gadahafi who has been a thorn in their flesh!

It is getting clearer by the minute that NATO had no such thing as resembling efforts to avoid humanitarian catastrophes in and around Libya. Whether on land or at sea

More than 900 persons have drowned in the sea while fleeing the conflicts in Libya. Internal conflicts which is compounded by the barrages of bombardments and air sorties by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization‘s military.

It is public knowledge that France, Italy and most of Europe have persistently denied refugee status and entry to those fleeing from the revolts and ensuing violence in Libya.
It is public knowledge as well, that western nations through NATO have directly intervened with bombardments in Libya which continues as Libya remains under foreign siege by western militaries.
Libya is being manacled by western nations through NATO, while NATO or western nations have parsed words and arguments in pretense that the political crisis in Libya is somehow different and distinct, in comparison to Syria, Yemen and Bahrain where thousands of peaceful protesters have been mauled and mowed down and murdered by their governments.
In the lead up to NATO intervention in Libya and even now, western nations made specious and spurious distinctions between Gadahafi action is violently crushing and brutally repressing armed rebels opposed to him;

Compared with identical extra-judicial murders and daily killings which continues to take place in Daraa and Homs in Syria, with videos of these carnage-rampage by the government of Bashar Al Assad which have left more than 1,300 civilians dead in Syria

In Yemen, the government there has violently repressed peaceful protesters killing over 1,000 with little murmur by way of tepid public remarks from western nations regarding importance of democracy and economic reforms, and the risks dictator face which may amount to sanctions of some sorts.

Saudi Arabia marched into Bahrain with troops in a stampede to crush peaceful protests and support Bahrain and facilitate her violent political repression efforts

The only difference is really actually that the dictators, the tyrants and totalitarians in Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc, are puppets of western nations and so, they are insured and protected by western nations which looks the other way, while their puppets murder their own citizens to maintain power, and then “stability” to protect western “vital” interests.

Thousands of persons have been displaced and dislocated, among them Libyans, but, primarily, and mostly comprised of continental African migrant workers, who have died at sea in the past week under NATO’s watch.

Various news sources, Democracy Now, The Guardian Newspapers of London etc, have been reporting that boats filled with African Migrants Fleeing Libya Left to Die by NATO, European Units.

Hundreds of African migrants “were left to die in the Mediterranean Sea after a number of European and NATO military units apparently ignored their cries for help“. “The boat had left Libya bound for Italy” and other European nations.

The drowned African migrants, including women, young children and many others seeking refuge from the violent conflict which continues in Libya

There are, now multitudes of reports of several drowning of vast number of these hapless Africans were waters patrolled by NATO forces by air and by sea.

It has become public knowledge that so many Africans fleeing from NATO’s bombardments of Gadhafi forces, have died of hunger, thirst after their boats were left adrift for an extended period of time; news reports have these Africans as drifting over open waters for 16 days or more! These poor Africans were left to drown and die lonely deaths in the bowels of the Mediterranean Sea

Clearly there were calculated decisions by NATO to the effect that the lives of these multitudes of Africans are expendable. NATO ignored endangered Africans to perish at sea.

African migrants fleeing Libya were ignored and neglected by NATO, while all NATO efforts is concentrated on regime change through the killing or overthrow of Gaddahafi. NATO’s direct intervention stands with very tenuous legal foot and NATO has indeed exceeded that very tenuous mandate which it procured and arm twisted from a United Nations always willing to do NATO and western nations’ bidding at every beck and call.

In all of these, NATO pretends to give some coloration of International Law to NATO’s direct intervention in Libya, using the auspices and toga of the United Nations. While simultaneously, NATO is using Qatar and the flimsy Arab League as proxies and straw men, with useless appellations and labels of partner and coalitions members! Anyone with a minimum understanding or discernment can see that NATO is engaged in deceits.

NATO argued and defended its intervention in Libya as purely humanitarian efforts. NATO pretended that it was engaged in altruistic and benevolent rescues of persons in Libya, as NATO argued that there were risks of certain-death from Gadahafi onslaught as the political uprising in Benghazi progressed.

NATO loudly and ostentatiously announced to the world that it directly intervened and continue to bomb Gadahafi forces and Libya’s infrastructures to smithereens and to stone age, because NATO is intent on avoiding mass extermination of civilians in the hands of Gadahafi forces.

There are now humanitarian catastrophes and humanitarian disasters galore in and around Libya! What is the purpose of NATO’s intervention and continued bombardments of Libyan structures? Reconstruction contracts for western nations perhaps? And what follows will be awards and reallocation of Libyan petroleum between western nations?

NATO have ignored and neglected to protect African migrants despite calls from a religious leader in Italy who had contacted NATO with details of the Save-Our-Souls or SOS message which the religious leader relayed to NATO from the African migrants while they were in dire straits.

These African migrants were said to have been adrift in their boats for several weeks on the Mediterranean Sea traveled frequently by ocean going vessels and NATO’s armada.

It is noteworthy that NATO has had control of the entire airspace for months now. NATO has the entire area saturated and constantly patrolled. It has been reported during the past several hours that NATO intercepted a small booby-trapped boat with mannequins and rigged to kill, maim or injure on contact with persons or vessels in the area

How possible is it then, that NATO can spot such improvised boat-craft, while the same NATO have been arguing vigorously that it missed the drowning and perishing ships carrying African migrants. We know that this is a lie. If it were true, it means that Gadhafi or anyone else could have deployed military materiel troops, arms, ammunition with ships in an area now dominated and saturated by NATO and NATO would not have noticed such ships, even after such ships with 900 African migrants drifted in the waters for over 16 days!

Even though NATO has overwhelming military presence in the air, on land and at sea, particularly at sea which NATO have been using to supply Libyan rebels

Hundreds and thousands of African migrants have been left in limbo in the aftermath of the Libyan violent uprising. Thousands of African migrants fleeing from the violent conflict in Libya have been caught in the crossfire between NATO, Ghadafi and Libyan rebel forces. Extreme hardships, sufferings and desperation have become pervasive in and around Libya.

These hapless African migrants in attempts to escape these violence conflicts have led to avoidable deaths. NATO has refused to provide humanitarian assistance which is mandated by International Maritime Law. It is the rule to the effect that it is incumbent upon vessels within the general area or vicinity of ships in distress to rescue or call for rescue of ships and persons in peril.

This is the rule, whether or not, the ships required to engage in such rescue efforts are commercial mercantile ships or military ships. And here, we have the full presence of NATO armada with the advertised pretense of efforts at avoiding humanitarian catastrophe, as the predicate or foundational basis of NATO’s direct intervention in Libya internal political crisis in the first place!

The legitimate question which arises therefore is, why did NATO look the other way, ignored and neglected to provide humanitarian needs and protection for these 900 perished or drowned African migrants or what exactly is NATO’s purpose and intent for intervening directly in Libya?

NATO forces obviously consider these hapless poor African migrants as expendable collateral damage in NATO’s more important mission of regime change in Libya, to dislodge Gadahafi, an old foe of western nations, in order to settle old grudges and then allocate Libyan resources to themselves, and none else!
Clearly, NATO’s deceitful pretexts for directly intervening in Libya is now exposed for what it is a ruse!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Professor Attahiru Jega; A Vote of Thanks & Thunderous Applause From A Grateful Nation

Professor Attahiru Jega; A Vote of Thanks & Thunderous Applause From A Grateful Nation

Written by Paul I. Adujie

Elections are over and inaugurations are scheduled to take place nationwide in a matter of days, and nobody is asking for Professor Jega’s head, what could the secret be?

Local and international elections observers and monitors have all adjudged and pronounced the elections as free and fair. Even, President Obama of the United States in his congratulatory message to President Jonathan, made pointed reference and mention of how remarkably good this election season was in Nigeria!

There is no one complaining and condemning Professor Jega and his effective and efficient management and staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission, So, why is no commending him?

We Nigerians are always generous with complaints, condemnations and scathing criticisms, but how about when it comes to praises, accolades and encomiums for the deserving amongst us?

It is quite curious to be witness of this deafening loud silence in the face of the remarkably outstanding performance by Professor Jega at the end of Nigeria’ general elections, it is quite shocking!

We Nigerians should be quick with commendation as we are always quick with our takes no prisoners criticisms.

Why the sudden conspiracy of silence in the face of Professor Attahiru Jega’s superb performance? Nigeria just had a nearly flawless general elections courtesy, our indomitable and indefatigable son!

A widely acclaimed electoral process was just husbanded and mid-wifed by Professor Jega, but where are the accolades, encomiums and standing ovations of thunderous applause? Nigerians do no mince words in criticisms of government officials, but how about praises for superb completion of a monumental national assignment?

On behalf of all Nigerians and all those who wish Nigeria well, I doff my hat to Professor Jega!

It is the case that a widely acclaimed successful election under his belt and days to his inauguration; the Nigerian voters and public are satisfied and have not expressed any uproars or rancor with the usual vehemence and stridency as is customary, historically, after general elections. All is quiet, in satisfaction, with regard to Professor Jega’s INEC’s extraordinary performance

Professor Attahiru Jega is one of Nigeria’s best. Professor Jega has delivered against all odds. Jega and his INEC carried out a monumental national assignment effectively and most efficiently, shaming cynics and skeptics. Professor conquered the logistical challenges after the technical glitches which occurred on the first day of voting in the series of scheduled general elections nationwide.

He started off, by tackling nightmarish voters’ registrations of millions of Nigerians of voting age, working against stringent time constraint, manpower, money and sundry resources. He succeeded at that, which in turn, became the predicate or foundation, for his overall success at the general election proper.

Professor Jega infused new ideas into our electoral and political process. He involved capable hands across the spectrum and across sectors.

Professor Jega is among Nigeria’s best, he is a gem; an astute manager of human and material resources. We have always known that he is a great thinker and a man of great courage while at the helms of ASUU. He boldly, heroically and courageously stood firm for what is right, even during a military government which brooked no opposition or difference of opinions.

Professor Jega has now also proven that he is a doer! He has actualized and practicalized political theories and brought it all to reality for our national benefits.

His electoral feat brought benefits and progress which will endure for generations to come. Professor Jega has helped Nigeria to entrench and stabilize democracy, and I am left to wonder if this remarkable accomplishment is left unnoticed by millions of Nigerians?

Professor Jega has broken the jinx and the spell which has forever bedeviled our electoral processes. Professor Jega is at once an epitome of fierce nationalism and patriotism, and all that is best in, and about Nigeria!

He is an exemplification of our superb intellects; and he illustrates and demonstrates everything Nigerian and Nigeria at the very best, bar none! He brought his fierce nationalism and patriotism to INEC, to managing the INEC persons and resources with positive zeal which brought us a successful electoral season.

This electoral season it will be recalled, is the season which was predicted as the harbinger of anarchy and disintegration of Nigeria. The nay sayers, the pessimists and the doom and gloom forecast have been shamed courtesy of Jega ‘s INEC diligence

Professor Jega’s stewardship at the helms of the Independent National Electoral Commission or INEC, has just completed a monumental national assignment; a task which was daunting logistically in every material particular and from every perspectives or angles

A tough and tedious national assignment in scope, size and complexities, made even more complex and complicated by the sundry multiple variables of our nation and the political dynamics, not to mention the vagaries of the political characters and gladiators, who seem to only contemplate winning and never the possibility of defeat at the polls!

I will concede that I was a little rattled by INEC false-start on what was supposed to be first day in the series of elections during this general election season. I had wondered why there were no plans at multiple layer upon layers, so that when plan A failed, plan B should have been implemented or then plan C etc

But, Professor Jega and his INEC rebounded and operated smoothly thereafter, haven learned from the false starts or logistical challenges. It is the case, that INEC operated remarkably and by all measures and from all accounts, Nigerians were suitably impressed by Professor Jega and his INEC, from the fact that INEC officials were on time, to efficient accreditation process to the actual casting of ballots!

There were Nigerians who called my radio show here in the United States live, to comment on how efficient and effective Professor Jega and his indomitable and indefatigable officials were with the humongous assignment which was thrust upon them!

It is no easy task, given our extensive and expansive terrain, geographically speaking; And it is no small task to staff, supply and manage humans and materials for polling units or stations in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria to the tune of 130,000 simultaneously!

This is particularly challenging, in our national political environment which is fractious, tense and with frictions bordering on the rancorous.

The preceding electioneering season was particularly full and loaded with political gladiators who were animated not about our national interest, national unity and doing the ultimate public good for our common good, but instead, some of these political gladiators were only intend on bringing the house down violently, in the event of their loss!

There were, as a consequence, reasons for well meaning Nigerians at home and abroad to be concerned with the outcomes and ramifications for Nigeria during and after this election season.

In effect, a difficult and weighty national assignment for Professor Jega and his INEC was made even more pregnant with existential implications for Nigeria.

Our continued corporate existence as a nation were put to the test, as it were and thanks to this intelligent, smart, savvy great manager of humans and material, Professor Jega, I can now report that Nigerians and Nigeria can now heave a sigh of relief!

We should, in all of these, not forget to applaud the wisdom, the foresight and vision of those who sought to select this Nigerian gem of a man Professor Jega, for this all important national assignment in the first place!

Through this just concluded elections, it should be clear to Nigerians, and the entire world, that Nigerians are possess capable persons equally capable, ready, willing and able to carry out and complete successfully, monumental assignments or tasks, no matter how delicate, intricate and complex!

Our resolve, our reach, our capacity were amply demonstrated in the just concluded general elections, and we deserve and have earned the right to celebrate and feel triumphal about the almost genteel outcomes.

Professor Jega’s exemplary performance as the helmsman at INEC is resounding victory for all Nigerians and Nigeria. And it is a vote of confidence in our ability to manage anything and everything, when the right persons, materials and excellent can-do attitude are deployed by Nigerians.

In all of this, there is a little something to be said, of that guy, the Goodluck Jonathan guy, who had the foresight and infinite wisdom of selecting the right person for this all-important national assignment! Thank Mr. President for selecting a Nigerian who is not compromised, mortgaged or beholden to anyone!

President Jonathan it will be recalled, hired Professor Jega upon being told that the professor is a seasoned, competent and outstanding citizen with excellent track record and retinue of achievement. President Jonathan got the right and great citizen for the job! There you have it, Nigeria’s bests!

A grateful nation now offers 150 million thunderous applause and standing ovation to Professor Attahiru Jega for doing Nigeria proud!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Palestine Nationhood Imperative; As Israel Meets The World!

Palestine Nationhood Imperative; As Israel Meets The World!
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Palestine nationhood should be declared and the skies and heavens will not fall.

Let America and Israel deal with Palestine nation state as an imperative and fact of life.

Let Palestinians table their self determination, independence and freedom at the United Nations in September 2011 which will put America in a tough spot.

America will have to either support Palestine nationhood, independence, freedom, liberty and democracy or America will be seen again as displaying biases in favor of Israel to “protect” Israel in the usual lopsided perennial way for the world to see.

America and Israel are behind the curve and lagging, regarding the yearnings and aspirations of Palestine, the Arabs, Persians and the Islamic world’s political awakening, the so-called Arab Spring or Arab Awakening. The International Community is on the side of Palestine nationhood!

America at every step have supported and facilitated Israel’s ability to remain complacent and refused to move the Palestine-Israel peace talks forward and the world is now tired of the subterfuge, chicaneries and shenanigans in which ostentatious plans to talk about peace has not led to actual peace talks

Israel have argued for several years that Mahmud Abbas is isolated and does not represent all Palestinians, and cannot move peace forward, because Palestinians are divided along the lines of HAMAS supporters and FATAH supporters.

Why does peace between HAMAS and FATAH worry America and Israel so much? Why does the reconciliation between the different groups in Palestine offend America and Israel? Why should the division between Palestinians bring some twisted comforts, complacency and warped satisfaction to anyone?

Israel has always protested that it had no one to negotiate peace with, because of the internal division within Palestine, even though, America and Israel actually in fact, engineered and orchestrated the splinting inside Palestine when HAMAS was denied the fruits of electoral wins or victory in 2006

Now, that HAMAS and FATAH have reconciled and there is political unity between Palestinians of all political spectrum, Israel and Israel’s Godfather now argues that there will be no peace talks because HAMAS is not a peaceful organization.

Israel military is not a peaceful organization and it has killed more than 2,500 Palestinians in the preceding 20 months!

Palestinian-Israel Peace Talks stalemate –impasse began with the American led delegitimizing of elections won, fair and square by HAMAS in January 2006 with a majority in Palestinian parliament.

HAMAS electoral victory undermined, relegated and disregarded undermining electoral democratic process

Palestine and Israel intractable conflict is 100 year headache to America, the Middle East and the entire world.

Netanyahu lectured Obama… even Jeffrey Goldberg a supporter of Israel, said he was surprised to see Netanyahu lecture Obama.

The fact is, Mr. Ehud Olmert, Benyamin Netanyahu’s immediate predecessor as prime minister of Israel, said the same things about boundaries between Palestine and Israel as neighboring nations, which is what President Obama has said about pre-1967 borders, and land swaps based on mutually agreed exchange.

And yet, Netanyahu is mad at Obama lecturing him on nationally and globally televised meeting as Netanyahu says, we can’t go back to those indefensible lines

A frosty Benjamin Netanyahu with unconcealed angry-belligerent mien, met with President Obama at the White House on Friday May 20, 2011, a day after the latter made new pronouncements as America’s aspirations for peace and security in the Middle East.

Netanyahu lectured President Obama in condescending patronizing manner, it was clear that they were making nice in public even as deep seated differences exists and are seeping out despite a closed door meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel and her supporters continue to seek American cover and protective shield while retaining an unflinching and unyielding insistence on doing things which are opposed by the United States, the United Nations and in fact, doing things which are opposed by the whole world

Astonishingly, Israel is digging in, despite the changing tides in the Middle East in the aftermath of the cataclysmic Arab Spring and the aftermath of the demise of Osama bin Laden

How is it that Netanyahu of Israeli heckles President Obama despite the obvious tsunami which continues to unfold in the Middle East in the so-called Arab Awakening or Arab Spring? And how is it that not much mention is made of the absence of political and economic reforms in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and in other Arab nations which are friendly to America, but using arbitrary and brutal state power to squelch peaceful protesters and killing hundreds of them?

Nothing is said about Saudi Arabia, because gas price at pumps in America might go up if America insists on what is right, and thereby make Saudi Arabian monarchy angry?

America’s policy inconsistencies and hypocritical stances for the region is the source of all the trouble in Middle East.

America constantly deals with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain favorably, while being tough and harsh with Iran, Syria, Libya etc and this is keenly and acutely observed globally!

Israel and others are pretending that the reconciliation between FATAH and HAMAS is the reason why Israel has continued to rapidly expand constructions of Jewish Settlements on Palestine territory.

HAMAS is not the reason why Israel have not negotiated peace with Mahmud Abbas of the Palestine Authority for several years since the George W. Bush concocted so-called “Road Map”

HAMAS and FATAH organizations represent Palestinians’ worldview; therefore, unity through reconciliation within Palestine should not be demonized. Reconciliations between Palestine actually demonstrate political and democratic maturity and such political compromises for the common good should not be demonized by America and Israel

On the contrary, we should applaud Palestinians for agreeing to work together for peace in the region. When did compromise fo the sake of peace become such a bad thing, bad idea? Or is it simply because America and Israel believes that a splintered Palestinians suits American and Israeli purpose of divide and conquer?

A divided Palestinian political leadership has guaranteed Israel’s domination and occupation of Palestine. The undermining and marginalization of HAMAS since their electoral victory in 2006 proves this point abundantly!

There is a preponderance of evidence in favor of robust negotiations between the parties for the sake of true and lasting peace and there is overwhelming evidence of Israel and Netanyahu's intransigence.... laid bare even today as he scarcely could contain and restrain his arrogant body language as he spoke with President of the United States. Netanyahu goes out of his way to alienate President Obama and America

The question may be asked, what other person and nation deals with the president of the United States, the way and manner in which Netanyahu did on Friday, with such contempt and undiluted disdain

Were it not for the United States, what is the population of Israel and what are Israel resources which could be the predicate and which buoys her confrontation with the USA?

Why does, the nation of Israel and her supporters have aversion to Palestinians desire to table self-determination, independence and nationhood in September 2011 at the United Nations?

The world should ask why the Palestinians are frustrated and impatience?

It is the urgency of now, which every reasonable person can see regarding Middle East conflict which motivates President Obama’s response and policy speech on Middle East; as Israel continues to expand Jewish Settlements on Palestine territory, Jewish Settlements which were formerly deemed illegal by America and the United Nations, but now, America and Israel now refer to these settlements as the new reality on ground in the Peace Talks.

Netanyahu now proudly says that, leaving those territories to Palestinians, the rightful owners, is not going to happen or that it is indefensible to even ask Israel to give up on Palestine lands which Israel have been grabbing and continuing to engage in this land grabs.

Netanyahu only this week, and before embarking on his trip to America to meet President Obama, address AIPAC and address a joint session of the US Congress, Netanyahu actually approved more land grabs for the expansion of Jewish Settlements on Palestine land for more than 1,500 new houses!

Why does, the nation of Israel and her supporters oppose the so-called two states solutions?

Netanyahu coldly and icily lectured President Obama as to why what the president believes is different from and inconsistent with the reality. This, even though, everyone knows that President Obama is thoroughly attuned to the details, the specifics, historical evidence of Palestine and Israel contests

Why is Israel acting and insisting on continuing to act as a colonial and imperial collecting Customs, Excise fees and taxes which rightly belong to Palestine, and withholding them?

It abundantly clear now and quite glaring, that our position is not a fringe position or some isolated idea as to what must be done for the realization of true peace between Palestine and Israel, and in effect, the attainment of peace in all of the Middle East.

Netanyahu and superior arguments, arguments which are better than the current ones, so long as they are logical, reasonable and supported by the evidence as they may exist on each particular issue regarding true and lasting peace in the Middle East, and offensive body language and sour tone of voice and blazing eyes etc by Netanyahu would not do.

Everyone who has observed Mr. Netanyahu over time knows that e is Mr. Intransigence extraordinaire!

Everyone who has observed the endless conflicts and the loud talk about Peace Talks have become tire, weary and frustrated with unproductive tactics. All reasonable persons are now calling a spade a spade and most are now ready and able to state forthrightly, their assessment of the Palestine -Israel impasse.

It is not an isolated view, fringe view or lonely view limited to Palestinians who are critical of Israel tactics... there are Jews and Gentiles etc who now frequently say, that Israel is overbearing arrogant and that Israel built an Apartheid Wall against Palestinians and other Arabs

It is the case that Israel's and America's best interests are served and will be served and protected through Peace Accords with Israel's Arab and Persian neighbors. Palestine nationhood which will bring peace, security and stability is not some sorts of favor for the long suffering people of Palestine.

Peace between Palestine and Israel will bring peace, security and stability to the Middle East and this will be good not just for the region, but for the whole world!

Peace between Palestine and Israel is the only way to true, everlasting peace, security and stability in the Middle Easter and Persian Gulf region.

America and Israel must jettison the expedient, myopic and parochial policy in which monarchies, tyrants, dictators are propped to act as puppets for Israel and the US have always brought gargantuan unpleasantness... it is time to recalibrate and change all that... change is good and possible in the circumstances. Dictators and tyrants only offer fleeting-fluid “stability”

And this is the big picture which can be garnered from the multiple variables which have been repeatedly marshaled robustly, in arguments this writer’s essays on the Middle East conflicts

George Mitchell the erstwhile special envoy, appointed by President Obama on Peace Talks between Palestine and Israel resigned a few days before Mr. Obama’s Middle East Policy Statement on Middle East.

The world should be asking why Senator George Mitchell resigned. It is the case that he resigned as Mideast Envoy because the process was going nowhere and has gone nowhere for over two years since his appointment

Oslo Accord which was to lead to further Peace Talks and more peacemaking were similarly abandoned. The much touted and loudly proclaimed Road Map to peace which was promoted and advocated as Middle East panacea by former President George W. Bush also was lackluster and it met willful neglect and untimely death.

Why then, should Palestinians continue to allow themselves to be deceived, in the face of all these planned obsolescence or planned failures? Definition of insanity, is, doing same thing over and over expecting different results.

A majority of Middle East policy observers now realize that Israel is the obstacle to peace. Israel’s known or advertised unwillingness and deliberate refusal to negotiate peace with Mr. Abbas of Palestine Authority.

Israel’s adamant insistence on rapidly expanding Jewish Settlements on Palestine lands and Israel’s frequent resort to violence against Palestinians as Israel did in January 2009 when Israel killed 1,400 Palestinians or When Israel attacked and killed a dozen peaceful persons on a Flotilla in 2010 and again, when Israel only last week killed 15 Palestinians who were merely marking an important anniversary peacefully.

America has historically supported Israel blindly. America therefore, through actions and pronouncements, has not been an honest peace broker.

America has instead portrayed itself as a tied a mountain climber and which will rise or fall and crash together.

Israel is about to be isolated and Israel might crashed metaphorically and literally, if Netanyahu’s current attitude is pursued to their logical conclusions!

The time and tides are changing in the Middle East. There are scheduled elections in Egypt and political reforms across the Middle East. Supporting dictators, tyrants and totalitarians is not the way to stability and it is falling out of favor with a majority of Middle Eastern citizens!

Middle Eastern eyes are now wide open as they demand democratization and economic reforms and reject dictators, tyrants and those who act as puppets and local enforcers for America and Israel. America and Israel will need to support the building blocks and super structures of democratization in the Middle East

Netanyahu and his American supporters often give the impression that it is Israel which seeks negotiations and peace, while the Palestinians merely want Israel wiped out of the earth or driven into the sea. It is portrayed again and again that Palestine is epicenter of warmongering lot who would never recognize the right of Israel to exist.

But the fact and the truth is that Israel have killed more than 2,000 Palestinians in the past couple of years and Palestine does not have the army, military assets and coordinate to inflict similar or identical death toll on Israel as Israel frequently inflict on Palestine, including the incident of last Sunday May 16, 2011 when 15 peaceful Palestinian protesters were murdered by Israel military

Netanyahu will address AIPAC on Monday 24, 2011 and thereafter address a joint session of the US Congress and it remains to be seen, what never and workable ideas Netanyahu has to offer.

It is the case that a majority of the ordinary Israelis want peace through a two state solution of Palestine and Israel nations living side by side, in true, enduring and lasting peace and security

President Obama addressed American Israel Public Affairs Committee the nation’s foremost pro-Israel lobbying group body and President Obama informed AIPAC that failure to negotiate is not an option.

Mr. Obama further stated that this is no time for procrastinations and he made the point that friends talk honestly and openly. It is a new day, the world is moving too fast. He reminded those gathered that it takes hard headed recognition that genuine lasting peace requires mutuality

There will be elections in Egypt in September and all the surrounding nations in the Middle East are shifting and Netanyahu needs to be more forward leaning towards peace.

Let there be a clear path to Palestine nation-statehood before September 2011, and then, Palestinians would have no need to table any requests at the United Nations, in the absence of meaningful Peace Talks or in the face of comatose, dormant and moribund Peace Talks since 2006, why should Palestinians reward Israel’s complacency and arrogance?

Let there be meaningful negotiations now, let there be real peace talk now, it is still May 2011, or let Palestine nationhood and independence be declared with global aplomb, support, encouragement and recognition by all, including the United Nations!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Market, Subsidies Removal And Privatization: The Examples In Nigeria, America and Europe

Free Market, Subsidies Removal And Privatization: The Examples In Nigeria, America and Europe

There are opposing arguments, in favor and against Free Market, Subsidies and Privatization; The merits or lack of merits can be effectively and even forcefully advanced in connection with these concepts. These positions are at times opposites, conflicting or contradictory and at other times, quite to the contrary, complementary of one another! These propositions are by no means mutually exclusive, these are arguments however, must be delicately balanced, in order to attain a reasonable objective conclusion on either side, hence reaching a desirable compromise or confluence and convergence in the interests of all.

As I have said in the past, that care must be taken, always, in applying foreign theories and concepts to Nigerian nay African challenges, a neglect on the part of most, to take cognizance of these local situations, varied circumstances that necessitate modifications, variations of methods and procedures have led to woeful failures in policy formulation and implementations by all and sundry, including the IMF, the World Bank etc.

Economic theories that were conceived for the Western world have met with instant brick wall landings and premature deaths in South America, Latin America, most of Asia and Africa, it is therefore urgent, to re-examine the formulation and implementation of these foreign concepts, theories and policies to enhance their efficacies and success in the target environments; There is an urgent need to bridge the gap between policy initiators and the societies whose development benefit concepts and policies are intended.

The Past failure arises from a combination of a series of factors, the superior attitude of certain officials charged with the implementation, an attitude that seem to say “Look, do what we say, we are from the first world! We have the money; We know what is good for you; We know what works!” and this leads to unnecessary antagonism and friction between the agents of implantation and those at the receiving end.

Another factor is, a complete ignorance on the part of the agents implementation, regarding what obtains in the local environment for which the policies are intended, there is an adage in my place of birth that says in its English interpretation, visitors have eyes, but they figuratively and also quite literally do not see, it means that, there is never adequate compensation or substitute for a lack of or the absence of thorough familiarity with a terrain, and this universally applies to drivers, warriors or farmers! If you do not know the terrain, it matters a little, how good you are!

A local fisherman is more adept at the intricacies of fishing and will most often than not, excel over and above anyone with multiple PHDs in fishery and oceanography, a practical knowledge of any environment or terrain can be more valuable and practical in many circumstances.

Recently, the Breton Woos Institutions have failed in their policies in Argentina, Brazil and in several countries in Asia, if history is any guide, these avoidable failures are likely to persist, unless these institutions revamp their policies and have an attitude adjustments!

The argument for Free Market, Subsidies Removal And Privatization etc are very complicated and they are usually much more than meets the eye! Every country seem to be saying one thing and doing the other (usually the exact opposite!) Nigeria is being told again and again to remove subsidies and privatize and open up to free market economy, the vexed question is whether that is the right thing to do? Is that what others are actually doing? On April 27th 2003, The New York Times published an article, here are excerpts “European Union companies received €86bn ($95bn) in subsidies in 2001, the highest level since 1998, despite repeated pledges by governments to reduce state aid, according to the latest figures” (More than Nigeria’s annual budget!?)

“It is understood the scoreboard will show that state aid across the EU rose to €86.1bn in 2001, just under 1 per cent of EU GDP, from €85.2bn in 2000. The increase came in the year EU leaders pledged at their Stockholm summit to reduce state aid as a percentage of EU GDP by the end of 2003. The UK was the biggest contributor to the increase among the EU’s 15 members, with a 70 per cent rise in the amount of subsidies granted to €10.5bn.” (This is completely different from what Africans are being told to do!)

“The overall increase in the EU in 2001 is modest but runs counter to several promises by EU leaders to reduce state aid, which is seen as anti-competitive and protectionist by many companies and regulators”.

“If the subsidies for 2001 were spread evenly, every EU citizen would have received €232 from their governments. Grants were concentrated in a small number of sectors, led by agriculture, transport and manufacturing”.

”State subsidies almost always distort competition and if the company being aided is not viable in the long term they can also represent a waste of taxpayers’ money,” he said. The Commission has powers to police state aid but lack of resources and resistance from member states have limited its action. Mr Monti is to present plans to streamline state aid procedures and make them more effective” (A case of, do what I say, not what I do!)

For Nigeria to compete effectively and efficiently in the global market place, the government should create an enabling environment, inject monies and resources, assist encourage and protect some of our essential local industries as America and Europe frequently do, the huge tariffs the American government recently placed on imported steel is a case in point; Another recent example is the approval of $100 billion to aid American Farmers in the next ten years!

Well meaning Nigerians should continue to thoroughly examine the way the world works and activities of other countries, particularly those countries that are quick to make all kinds of prescription for Nigeria and other Africans, such examination would reveal, what many Nigerians already know and say, the concept known as free market is a myth.

The concern of well meaning Nigerians is that America and their counterparts in Europe find the need to have state run enterprises as indicated by the excerpts from The New York Times story above and America and Europe equally find the need to heavily subsidize food, housing, transportation, manufacturing and major research etc: Even at this stage of their development? This, despite their higher per capita incomes and more robust economies!

These are in their efforts to cushion their citizens who are mostly, already comfortable compared to Nigerians or other Africans; They have a right to cushion their citizens; African governments should have the luxury of cushioning her citizens, without the pressure from America and Europe and foreign creditors of the Africans!

It becomes necessary then, for well meaning Nigerians/Africans to question, at least question, the pressure on Nigeria to succumb to the rigmaroles of free market, to imbibe the rules of demand and supply, to remove subsidies completely and to indiscriminately and blindly privatize, this pressure by America and Europe and their institutions, on Nigeria should be questioned, in view of their cushioning of their citizens with higher incomes compared with Africans who already experience scathing and scorching poverty

This, even though, American and European citizens have comparative economic advantage over the average Nigerian/African and their per capita incomes make subsidies for them even more implausible to comprehend.

All these bring to question, whether the acceptance by Nigeria of free market, removal of subsidies etc as demanded by America and Europe ought to be seen as the same thing as an a seller of umbrellas and rain coats, acting as our weather forecaster; Is it likely that the weather forecast is influenced by the desire to sell the umbrellas and rain coats? Are his forecasts simply objective and dispassionate? These are similar to the concerns that are already being expressed in connection with competing arguments for and against globalization! Do we want to be condemned to an eternal inferior partner position or role?

Should Nigeria inhale the seemingly overpowering vapors of the free market, privatization and the complete removal of subsidies as being advocated? Will these be in the best interests of the average citizen in your hometown and mine? In the end, will these be in the best interests of Nigeria?

Especially considering the present day circumstances in Nigeria, vide the economy that has been battered for couple of decades, current high level of unemployment, the paltry income per capita and the other indices of poverty in our nation and continent?
How can Nigerian/African citizens absorb the multitude of economic shocks to their bodies and souls, they have it rough-going with the present barrages of economic misfortunes!

We are being told that it will be easier for Nigerians/Africans who are already making do with less, to make further sacrifices that are inevitable or are imperative when and if free market and subsidies removal are accepted wholesale by Nigerians/Africans (This, in the face of our knowledge, that America and Europe actually are not bulwarks or grand mothers of these concepts, must Nigerians/Africans accept these policies roughshod?) What are the Nigerians’ and Africans’ best interests? Who determines them?

Free market is good! But who practices it? Subsidies are bad, but why are trains and buses cheap in New York compared to taxis, a bus or train ride is $1.50 and for the same distance by taxi, it is $40.00 or more! Why is section eight housing rule practiced to make housing affordable for the poor? There are many other cushioning and social safety nets in America and Europe that their government use in protecting the poor from the economic realities of free market, privatization and subsidies removal; We in Nigeria/Africa do not as yet have these cushions and shock absorbers!

Nigeria and other Africans must pursue these policies delicately and cautiously, to avoid further suffering, to avoid social friction and disaffection or a complete disconnect; Even as we concede that governments the world over, are not good in business, not efficient in business, nor are they the best in business, government it is said, has no business doing business! However, the implementation of the triad or tripartite policies of free market, privatization and the complete removal of subsidies must be pursued with a human face ala President Obasanjo advise to former President Babangida some twenty years ago, remains relevant.

God and Allah have always blessed Nigeria and will continue to do so, even more abundantly!

Paul I. Adujie is a Nigeria Lawyer and Information Technology Professional

Monday, May 16, 2011

America Must Break With Israel; As Good & Just Middle East Policy

America Must Break With Israel; As Good & Just Middle East Policy

Written by Paul I. Adujie

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled, or expected, to meet with President Obama in the White House this week, in fact, in a matter of days.

Even before the expected meeting, Mr. Netanyahu has already arrogated to himself and set out broad outlines or layouts of what amounts to preconditions.

In his view, there are a broad swat of non-negotiable, non-discussable items. It does take some temerity, nerve and overconfidence on his part, as always!

Mr. Netanyahu’s attitude and pronouncements does raise the question as to which other nation or political leader would set preconditions for America this way?

The world will be watching to see if the rules of engagement would be the same, despite the so-called Arab Spring and despite the demise of Osama Bin Laden

It is hoped that, at minimum, the government of the United States will have the courage to inform Mr. Netanyahu that there is a new era, and a new day in the world, particularly in the Middle East.

And that it is crucial to formulate and fashion new relationships with Israel’s neighbors predicated upon negotiated peace, real and lasting peace.

Israel has for far too long been complacent and relied wholly or partly on her military might and or her safety insured and guaranteed by the United States of America

President Obama must inform Prime Minister Netanyahu that peace with Israel’s neighbors is in Israel’s best interests, and as a consequence, it will no longer be business as usual, in which there is so much loud talks about Peace-Talks, when in fact there are no peace-making between Israel and Palestine

It is hoped that the United States will have the backbone to pointedly inform Mr. Netanyahu of a paradigm shift in the aftermath of the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the unfolding Arab Spring

The United States of America is a democracy. A government of the people by the people for the people! It is often said that a nation deserves a form government it deserves, all things being equal, even though things are hardly ever equal anywhere!

The people of the United States therefore, can be said to deserve the governments or various administrations which are chosen by the people of the United States. The domestic and foreign policies of any American administration are pursued in the name of the people and for the benefit of the people

It is the case that Americans are for the most part, fair minded and just people. It is also the case however, that a majority of the American people have very short attention span, particularly in the foreign policy arena.

Consequently, many unreasonable, unjust and even counterproductive foreign policies are pursued in the name of the American people, by various administrations, through lies and deliberate obfuscations intended to confuse the American public.

It is strongly believed that were the American public truly aware and conversant with certain policies and their effects, impacts and implications, say in the Middle East, fair minded Americans will opposed such policies vehemently, vigorously and in the most robust manner.

Myriad group and corporate interests, through lobby and campaign contributions to political parties and candidates, ensure that issues are narrowly defined and nuanced, which in the end protect such narrow group or corporate interests, at the expense of the American people.

Too often, wrong headed domestic and or foreign policies are shaped not by the American people, but rather by parochial groups and or corporate interests. And too often, these wrong headed policies require sacrifices, by way of blood and treasure, on the part of the American people in whose name these policies are ostensibly supposed to be please or benefit; And too often, the contrary is the case, the Americans are not pleased or benefited.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq and lax regulations which led to economic debacle are cases in in point. And the continuing lopsided and unreasoned support of Israel by each and every government of the United States is the best example in this regard

American Middle Eastern policy is modulated by an unflinching and unyielding support for Israel under any and every circumstances. And this has lead to no love lost between America, Arabs, Persians and for that matter, the so-called Muslim world.

As a matter of fact, one does not have to be a Muslim or an adherent of the Islamic faith, to observe and discern the regularity with which the United States protects and defends Israel at every turn and at every forum, particularly, at the United Nations, regardless of how egregious the government of Israel behaves!

America’s wrongheaded policies in the Middle East and her relationship with sundry dictators, tyrants, authoritarian and archaic monarchies in the region is dictated by her relationship with Israel, desire for Middle East oil flow and to some extent, geopolitical strategic interests

In view of the foregoing, it rather shocking that Mr. Netanyahu and his government have not realized that times-are-a-changing? And instead of being amenable to peace in light of new dynamics and reality in the Middle East, he is setting preconditions out of arrogance or overconfidence?

How Come? And How be it, that Prime Minister Netanyahu is able to set preconditions for the United States perennially and every time, why

1. Why does Binyamin Netanyahu pretend to have veto power over whether or not there are reconciliations between HAMAS & FATAH?

2. Why does Mr. Netanyahu pretend to have veto power over the right of self determination of the people of Palestine?

3. Why does Mr. Netanyahu pretend that he can tell the United Nations what to do?

4. Why does Mr. Netanyahu want to perpetuate occupation or colonialism against Palestine?

The answers to all four questions above is found in American lopsided support for Israel... which is the source and major factor in the animosity towards the United States from Arabs, Middle Easterners and the so-called Muslim World.

When there are reactions or anger towards the United States as a consequence of her myopic-parochial Middle East policy, some wonder why the anger or animosity towards America.

But here we go again!

Mr. Netanyahu is about to literally dictate the pace and tenor of American Middle East policy and if this happens, the anger, the disdain and ire of those negatively impacted by it, would be directed at America of course!

All through this so-called Arab Spring, statements and public pronouncements by public officials in Israel gave the impression that Israel leaders have preference for dictators and tyrants or puppets in the Middle East who are not accountable to their own people.

Israel, instead of supporting the Arab Spring for democratization, Israel made statements which portrayed it as being only self interested in the false security, false stability imbued in dictatorships in the Middle East for far too long. This is laid bare, after decades of the now seeming farce, that the reason to support Israel, is because she is the only democracy in the region.

But why the reluctance or even aversion now for democratization of the Middle East?

America continues to act as an enabler, facilitator and an unthinking supporter of Israel... even when Israel flouts numerous resolutions passed by the United Nations!

In the face of the so-called Arab Spring and in light of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, it is hoped that the United States will foist a paradigm shift on matters Middle Eastern...

The United States must demand and insist that Israel behaves itself regarding Jewish Settlement expansions in Palestinian territories which have been occupied for far too long by Israel, and above all this, America must demand that Israel stops or get over own unnecessary intransigence and learn to live with an independent nation-state of Palestine

Mr. Netanyahu currently, as in the past, merely repeating a regurgitation of "No One to Negotiate Peace With in Palestine" when it is the case that his intransigence and untenable preconditions have made meaningful negotiations impossible. After all, it the late Prime Minister Rabin of Israel, who once said that you do not negotiate peace with your friends, but, with those whom you disagree.

America should stop giving winks and nods to Israel... or be seen as a dishonest peace-broker with biases. America must discourage Mr. Netanyahu's arrogance, otherwise, onlookers will conclude that America is in connivance, collusion and complicity with Israel.

America cannot be seen as an honest broker if unable to be fair and just between the parties. America is seen as duplicitous for continuing to support Israel no matter how unreasonable or illogical the circumstances!

Only this week, The New York Times reported that “Sunday’s protests, involving thousands of Palestinians who live in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank” took place simultaneously against Israel to bemoan the occupation of Palestine by Israel and their long sufferings in the hands of Israel. Israel reacted by mowing down 12 Palestinians!

Why should Palestinians who are peacefully protesting be killed by Israel and nobody raises an eyebrow or bat a lid? These protests were televised for the whole world to see, they were peaceful protests and it was not as if these protesters were armed or threatening or had Rifle Propelled Grenades, why kill them, then?

Palestinians who demonstrated on Sunday were peaceful and unarmed, nonetheless, 12 of them were killed needlessly as if Israel was engaged in swathing desert flies.

Israel knows that there would be no criticisms from anywhere, not even at the United Nations, the United States guarantees Israel protection from the prying eyes, ears and pronouncements of the United Nations. As far as the UN is concerned, regarding Israel, it is, see-no-evil, hear-no-evil and mouth-no-criticism

In January 2009, Israel military actions led to the deaths of over 1400 Palestinians in one full swoop. And on Sunday May 15, 2011 12 Palestinians peacefully protesting against Israel, met their untimely death in the hands of Israeli troops.

And in all of this, no one is talking about war crimes. Where is José Luis Moreno Ocampo Esq. of the International Criminal Court, ICC, when you need him? ICC seems quite selective in it’s cherry pickings!

And where is a NATO No Fly Zone for Palestine?

Or is it just me? Or everyone can see these exceedingly glaring hypocrisies and double standards?

There is a new opportunity for lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. There is a brand new opportunity for American leadership in this regard. America must act as an honest peace broker

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Befitting Nigerian National Honors, As NYSC Members Die On National Duty

Befitting Nigerian National Honors, As NYSC Members Die On National Duty
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Nigeria’s human refinements index must be measured and re-calibrated by how Nigerians and Nigeria takes care of the poor, the most under-privileged and how we honor our dead.

It is the case that the extents of human refinements, quality of life, dignity and decency in any society can be measured in how such society protect the rights, interests and lives of it’s poor, under-privileged and it’s dead.

This is even more so, when for selfless reasons, death is brought about as a consequence of being on national duty, on behalf of the rest of us as citizens of united, and indivisible one Nigeria.

This point about treatment, respect, dignity for the dead, is made more profoundly so, when such deaths occur during wars, national duty or national assignment, identical or similar to NYSC, INEC assignments

In the unwarranted violence in Nigeria, in the aftermath of the April 16, 2011 presidential election, there arises a need to examine these pertinent issues of life’s value and worth in Nigeria, particularly, when lives are lost during and in the course performance a monumentally crucial national task, assignment and duty.

Elections violence which targeted Nigerians from particular regions and particular religious affiliation, also revives the urgency of according full faith and credit or worthiness to Nigerian Citizenship nationwide, Nigerians should enjoy equal protection, equal rights and life’s dignity and value, irrespective such Nigerian’s place of birth, state of origin, regional, religious or linguistic heritage or affiliations!

Some Nigerians selectively hacking other Nigerians to death, based on some arbitrary negative multiple variables, is inhuman and egregiously criminal. This attitudes and behaviors animated and motivated by base-animal instinct, must be rejected by all Nigerians.

It is quite a delight to learn that President Jonathan of Nigeria has done the right thing for families or next of kin, of serving members of the National Youth Service Corps who were needlessly murdered during this just concluded general elections in Nigeria.

President Jonathan’s actions in this regard are exceedingly great, extraordinarily innovative and quite frankly, a breathe of fresh air!

It is now public knowledge that the federal government of Nigeria has announced and undertaken to compensate families of members of the National Youth Service Corps who were murdered during the general elections conducted in April 2011 nationwide in Nigeria.

It is also the case, that good news has been received with offers of automatic employment to wounded NYSC members, even as the federal government is vowing to bring the murderers to justice through the enforcements of Nigerian laws the fullest extent possible

Monetary compensation cannot and can never be adequate for the losses under review... but, monetary compensation is nevertheless-nonetheless a wonderful idea... and this is a start, only a start.

It is sincerely hoped and believed that examples can be made of those who inflicted these murderously heinous crimes on the families and our nation in general... There should be no sparing of efforts to investigate, arrest ALL those who play ANY role in these unwarranted murders by mobs of lunatics

ABOVE all that, everything should be done to ensure that our nation never, ever have to be affronted with these sorts on bigotry and hate crimes... or ethnic cleaning in which Nigerians are beaten, harassed or killed because of their ethnic, regional, religious or linguistic affiliation or heritage

Nigeria's National Assembly, in conjunction with the Federal Executive Council with our president presiding should hold a special plenary session to honor these slain members of the National Youth Service Corp who were murder in the course and during their participation in monumental national task, duty and assignment on all our behaves ... I personally recommend that this special-plenary session, be the first order of business after inauguration day

These recommended action will send an important message to all Nigerians that we treasure our heroes, heroines and that national duty is important... and supreme sacrifice when it is an outcome, will not be in vain and will not be forgotten.

We will, in fact, use this national catastrophe to inspire all Nigerians and we would have turned this national misfortunes to our national benefit... We should award national honors to these departed patriots, nationalist heroes and celebrate their lives and times ... thereby making a historical and timeless point about Nigeria honor of national duty and service to our nation

An additional symbolism could have been simultaneous burial for all those NYSC members who were murdered during the general elections in Nigeria... a simultaneous burial at our national cemetery in Abuja, witnessed by families with entire political leaders present and possibly with a live coverage on television.

On April 2003Wednesday, April 7, 2003, I wrote an article titled:
Honor, Dignity, And Respect For Nigerian Dead On National Duty Or Service

In which the points sought to be made were the importance of respect, honor, dignity for Nigerians who die in the course of national duty-assignments at home or abroad, be they civilians or members of the armed forces.

“Our service personnel must be given befitting burials with coffins or caskets or mats, draped with our national colors and flag, and the full honors, this will, in essence, be a demonstration of our love for our country and those who serve Nigeria’s purpose or national interests.

“Nigeria must accord Nigerians who die in national-service duty all honorable appellations, honor, respect, dignity with all the nationalism and patriotism that we can muster because Nigerians who serve gallantly, excellently, honorably, and selflessly, deserve the most honors possible, and there are multitudes of rewards imbued in doing these, among which are the very probable fact, that we will inspire and motivate other Nigerians to follow the good examples of those honored’

“We will be motivating Nigerians alive and generations yet unborn, and the family of the dear departed, to feel proud, and take pride in the contributions in selfless service, by those who served Nigeria eminently in exemplary manners, even when they are no longer with us, as when they have paid the ultimate price or made supreme sacrifice with their lives, as a consequence of national duty and national service.”

These above points in the 2003 article remains relevant today, even more significantly so, particularly prescient and more profound, in the face of the needless killings of some members of the National Youth Service Corps or NYSC, deployed to work with the Independent National Electoral Commission or INEC

I take the view that our analyses, evaluation, upon having thoroughly examined the facts concerning our recent election violence, it is, and remains in our best national interests to focus on the big picture and our long term interests as one indivisible nation, even in the face of the killings by murderous senseless mobs whose dastardly act were spurred by bigotry and hatred in their selection of victims of the recent rampage

It is the case that the mob actions were spontaneous and that security agencies were taken by surprise and unawares, and left with little wiggle room for reinforcing or calls for backups.

But perhaps mistakes were made in the planning and strategic allocation of our security agencies and apparatuses. Well, it should by pointed out here, that nobody is always right.

We humans are liable to mistakes, errors, hence pencils have erasers!

But in the future, there should multiple layers upon layers of security arrangements, particularly so, given the contentious nature of elections and other political processes can be in Nigeria.

Our armed forces, police, state security service, Nigeria’s intelligence community, most henceforth, coordinate and choreograph important national assignments such as the just concluded national elections.

Our law enforcement agencies and their ancillaries, should be impenetrable. We should learn to anticipate challenges and think ahead and make plans ahead of such challenges, multiple plans in fact, such as plan A, plan B and plan C etc

All Nigerians, and well wishers of Nigeria, need and deserve a strong, virile, dynamic, progressive, developed, advanced and great Nigeria. Our interest in Nigeria, as patriots and nationalist should no longer be in fits and starts or episodic.

We should love our nation unconditionally, whether at peace or most tranquil time or at challenging times similar to what our nation just witnessed.

Nigerians need to love fellow Nigerians more and we should accord each other, common humanity, respect, love and dignity and henceforth, see national issues or challenges as something we have in common.

The idea of North versus South, or us against them, should be rejected in public discuss, in rhetoric and or in political contestation, before, during and after elections!

All Nigerians must from now onward, realize that when Nigeria wins, we all win as Nigerians. All Nigerians must realize and appreciate the fact, that there immense and enormous benefits imbued in a Nigeria where all citizens are accorded equal humanity, rights and protections.

A Nigeria, where no one is marginalized, relegated and devalued.

This is what we should all aspire to and for, as Nigerians, at home or in the Diaspora, we should work tirelessly for our nation, even when we have philosophical or conceptual, logical order, and intellectual disagreements as to processes and methods through which we arrive at outcomes, which makes Nigeria the great nation Nigeria deserves to be and should be!

It is now time to make the best of our national circumstances, in the aftermath of the post-presidential election carnage in which some members of NYSC were murdered.

We should honor them and ensure that their untimely deaths is a wake up call. Honoring them will be therapeutic and inspiring, as we rededicate ourselves to the worthy causes of Nigeria.

Honoring those who die on national duty will be the beginning of true healing and reconciliation, our respect and honor for those killed during the course, and in the performance of an all-important national duty-assignment will accomplish one or two and even more things. It will heal, motivate and inspire us all

Honoring, showing respect and glorifying our citizens killed while on national duty, speaks of us all as citizens of a nation, which places high value and great premium on the value and worthiness of our citizens.

It also inspires survivors and all of us to do more and duty better and to value national service, as the labors of our heroes past will never be in vain.

This is in essence appealing to our best nature, our patriotism and nationalism, harvested and harnessed for our national unity in diversity, for our national purpose.

The attainment of our national aspirations for progress, development, advancement and greatness of our nation, Nigeria; all hands must be on deck, we must participate actively to create great nation, Nigeria!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

America's Afghanistan Withdrawal Should Be Accelerated?

America’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Should Be Accelerated?
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Osama was a Frankenstein of America‘s creation some thirty years ago; A vicious dog created by America, for her purposes and for her benefits and so-called geopolitical vital and strategic interests

The point or one of the points made in an article titled "Dead At Last, Dead At Last" was that Osama Was A Vicious Dog Trained by the Americans for their fight with the former Soviet Union, then the dog turned it's ferocity and violence on it's trainers and trainers children.

We should wrestle with lions because of the obvious risks that we may end up in the lion's stomach as lunch, routine lunch,lions are ferocious and dangerous by nature!

And now, in less than a week after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the dins of cries of “Obama, Bring American Troops Home, We Need The Money!” is rising to higher and higher decibels! Conservatives and Liberals seem agreed and almost unanimously in sync on this point.

The argument is that Osama Bin Laden is the linchpin and was at the command and control of Al Qaeda, now that the head of the hydra headed snake has been cut.

Many now say, that the hierarchy, or other heads of Al Qaeda are running for their dear lives and engaged in self-preservation or that they are now essentially, in survival mode, and further that they no longer have taste for deathly confrontations and nocturnal noisy helicopters and boisterous visits from US Navy Seals Team 6.

Osama Bin Laden the head coach is dead and the team is a leadership-leaderless quandary and demoralized, it is time to bring the troops home, is a legitimate and valid argument. 150,000 American troops pursuing 100 Al Qaeda operatives is not cost-efficient or cost-effective!

Particularly so, as this has gone on for so long in Afghanistan, while Osama was actually sauntering Abbottabad in Pakistan in an open secret plain sight sorts of way, and not in some caves!

Since September 11, 2001, the United States has deployed it’s military assets and coordinates in Afghanistan in pursuit of the Taliban and Al Qaeda and then, subsequently engaged in the needless invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Former President George W. Bush’s administration argued adamantly that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were acting in cahoots, hand-in-hand and or acting in conspiracy and in concert in coordinated, orchestrated and choreographed manners to inflict terrorism and extremist Islam on the world.

The world has since learned that these spurious assertions by President Bush and the suggested tenuous connections between Osama, Saddam and Al Qaeda were lies and unfounded falsehoods; but these wars which ensued, the wars were based on these lies, continues, with foreseeable unintended consequences for all

The American government in these military endeavors or so-called global wars on terror, have overextended American resources, financially, militarily and strategically!

We believe now, as we stated at the onset of the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, that it was a war of choice and a self-destructive quagmire and debacle. It was and it still is, a self-serving needless war, in which trillions of dollars have been squandered. A clear case of poverty of ideas! A squander of blood and treasures! Trillions of dollars squandered over these years, and trillions enough to end and banish poverty globally!

There remains no verifiable evidence of democratization of Iraq as such. Another 100 years perhaps?

Iraq has instead, become more fractious politically and deeply divided along ethnic and religious affiliations, without a wellspring of democracy as promised by the invaders and occupiers over ten years ago, as predicated and factored, and notably, there were no dirty-bombs or Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD to be found in Iraq

The only semblance of hopes for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, Arabia and Persia, is the so-called Arab Spring which is ongoing.

Arab Spring is a conglomeration of peaceful demonstrations or protests in many Middle Easter nations demanding democratization, political and economic reforms and more individual civil liberties and freedoms across the board

Expedient and myopic imperialistic policies have unintended consequences... with the guilty and innocents suffering ... Palestine is waiting for a No Fly Zone or political independence and nationhood and freedoms! That is the next item or should be, on President Obama's agenda; we hope at least!

It is thought that a combination of factors should cause for positive seismic shift in the intractable and internecine conflicts in the Middle East. The death of Osama Bin Laden combined with political uprising or the so-called Arab Spring or the call for democratization, appears to be the foundation of a new era, or a paradigm shift.

A new dawn may be upon the world, and this new dawn should be harnessed to broker lasting peace and security in the world, particularly in the Middle East and or Islamic nations of Arabia, Persia, North Africa and South East Asia etc.

And, the ground zero or the epicenter of such new dawn, is Palestine! Nationhood for Palestine territories is job one, should be job one!

This will afford dignity and restoration of humanity to Palestinians. It is the case, that Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other extremists and even moderates, have justified, and explained angst and violence through the prisms of the plights and predicaments of Palestine and Palestinians.

The Americans and Israelis have for the most part insisted on a zero sum game in which they adamantly persist in stating and restating unyielding rejections of they the Americans and Israelis see as attempt justifications, explanations or excuses for terrorism.

Well reasoned, well thought out or articulated policies, could finally steal the thunder and take the wind out of the sails, of these justifications, explanations or excuses for terrorism!

In direct contrasts and as opposed to the usual, perennial or age-old worn out policies based on expediencies. Expediencies as policies have become antiquated and archaic.

Expediencies have become lunacy, which in effect encourages the repeated practice of policies which offend others and have elicited undesirable outcomes for us;

Even as we persist in these expediencies unchallenged, but expecting different reactions or hoping to use our military might to beat others in conformity or compliance with our desires, without a care for their own aspirations!

There are multitudes and plethora of evidence and arguments which seeks establish, or actually establishes the amorphous nature of terrorists and so-called enemy combatants, the are fleeting, fluid and at times even flimsy.

There are no defined enemies or battle fronts.

What then, if there were a change of outlook and mindsets or perspectives, to the effect that the contentious issues, the so-called justifications, explanations and excuses are successfully tackled, dismantled solved or resolved? What if the world seizes this new opportunity to have fair and balanced policy informed by equity and justice, as opposed to lopsided policies which favor one group over others?

It is the case that seasoned military experts have argued strenuously and repeatedly, that military victory over terrorism will be impossible or at the minimum, it would be long drawn-out.

And there have been admixtures of military operations and a combination of nation-building coupled with the so-called wining-hearts-and-minds campaign.

It seems to me, that military operations which employs solely military assets and coordinates, with the sole expectation of uproarious military victories through Shock-and-Awe is forlorn, a blond-ambition.

It would remain an endless global war on terror which will dissipate and deplete American power globally.

The endless war on terror has distracted, if not derailed American economic and developmental priorities and national sense.

Empires, have historically self-destruct, immolate and implode-explode economically-financially-militarily, when such empires overextends itself and in overreaches, America nears and dangles precariously in that precipice.

There are 15 million Americans who are still unemployed and there have 4 million mortgaged homes in America foreclosed upon by banks in the past couple of years. In plain English many Americans are stranded and in dire circumstances on the home-front, while trillions of dollars have been frittered away in foreign battle fronts!

America’s involvements in three foreign wars, with a domestic economic debacle and distress to boot!

It is hoped that the death of Osama Bin Laden should initiate an attitude shift or change. But, I worry that the death of Osama Bin Laden does cause a resort to triumphal, bashful, boastful, gloating and gleeful complacency.

Such attitude may be perceived as arrogance which will in turn animate others and may lead them to resort vengeful actions warranting more reactions and the cycle of violence would continue, the situation will sorts of feed off, of each other endlessly.

Upon the revelation of the news of Osama Bin Laden’s assassination, Americans have been jubilant and celebratory, but, I think there should be every efforts to avoid the three Gs gloating, giddy and gleeful as these could lead to further unpleasantness for everyone, such as retaliations, reprisals and revenge which would just ensure that the cycle of violence continues!

And some have argued that the possibility of reprisals as reasons to maintain the current troops levels in Afghanistan

Happily, President Obama has set the right tone and poise in the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden demise. President Obama struck a cord with his somber circumspection and reflections during his visits to New York City, no gloating, no “Mission Accomplished” and no victory laps!

Attacks on September 11, 2001 killed 2,976 persons on American soil; meanwhile, the wars which were lunched in retaliations, reprisals and revenge against those suspected of inflicting those attack on September 11, 2001, the United States military has lost 6002, which is twice the number of those killed on September 11, 2001 and the United States has similarly spent or squandered over $5trillion dollars on the so-called global war on terror.

Thousands are dead, maimed, deformed, displaced and dislocated, many families are ruined by these conflicts and returning soldiers suffer brain injuries and PTSD etc; with long lasting effects and agonizing consequences for America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc

There are allegedly 100 full time, active core members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and conversely, there are about 150, 000 United States military personnel in Afghanistan, exclusive of civilians contractors doing military work, and this;

Also this is exclusive and does not include, operatives of Central Intelligence Agency, and other members of the American Intelligence Community. Similarly, there have been over 200,000 Americans troops serving in the invasion and occupation of Iraq

Here we are, one week after the death or killing of Osama Been Hiding, it can be revealed that he was hiding in plain sight. And that there were massive intelligence failures. Mammoth intelligence failures of the highest magnitudes!

There were no ultramodern caves in the tribal areas or Waziristan mountains with formations fortified by sophisticated elite units of Al Qaeda Republican Guards!

Osama Been Hiding, has in fact not lived in Afghanistan since his sightings while doing a duet with Elvis in Tora-Bora on the way to Helmand

Pakistan is the highest foreign aid recipient from the United States outside Israel or apart from Israel. The bulk of American aid to Pakistan is hinged on Pakistan’s cooperation and partnership with America on her so-called global war on terror.

And yet, events of the past week has revealed Pakistan as either completely incompetent, inept, duplicitous and grossly inefficient or a combination of all these!

Many American officials, public affairs commentators and sundry analysts are wondering loudly and publicly, how it was possible for Osama Bin Laden to have lived in Abbottabad, hiding in plain sight in a Garrison town comparable to West Point or Camp LeJeune and Pendleton, and so, complicity or incompetence, duplicity or ineptitude, double dealing and double crossing have been leveled against Pakistan. Is it probable that Pakistan was in connivance and collusion with Osama and Al Qaeda?

Osama Is Dead, Al Qaeda is in disarray, and other extremist groups are probably fearful, bring the troops home, save money, and save the long suffering and now harried American troops in hostile environments