Thursday, September 25, 2008

John McCain: Presidential Debates are no entertainment or comedy!

Presidential Debates are for serious national issues, such as the economic mess and the Financial Markets being in a tailspin.

Note to John McCain: Presidential Debates are not entertainment or comedy!

Presidential Debate on Friday is not inappropriate... it is not like comedy or entertainment which might be considered inappropriate at times like these.... in a national economic emergency or, say, in a time of national mourning.

Times like these make presidential debate crucially relevant!

AND, what about that John McCain campaign manager being in the same bed with Bankers and Mortgage companies for $15,000.00 a month while the mortgage meltdown was going on?

How about that Mr. McCain? It is not time to hide or spin the usual Republicans spin on serious issues

Let us have a national debate and let us have a presidential debate and let the Republicans "claim" full "credit" for the bungling of the American economy!

Mr. McCain has always been Siamese and Symbiotic with Bush and Bush policies for the preceding 8 years

And Bush is the epitome of DEREGULATION and deregulation is what has brought the conflagration on Wall Street Financial Markets upon us!

Republicans allowed Bookies to write the "rules" and encourage observance in the breach of the "rules"

NOW? Bush seek unfettered powers again, in the name of regulations and reforms for Wall Street!

The Republicans only know how to campaign, but certainly do not know or care about governance!

Mr. McCain is attempting to spin this national economic emergency for his political advantage... I predict that his spin and Republican spins will spin out of control soon enough, unless Mr. McCain does a rethink and shows up dramatically... in the last minute to debate Mr. Obama on Friday!

Republicans created this mess....just like the mess in Iraq and they can put all the perfumes on their pungent pig, it will still smell from Washington to New Orleans and to Baghdad! And oh! They can put lipstick on the pig too! It remains their self-inflicted PIG!

Most sincerely,
Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States