Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Republican Party Infighting Deepens

Republican Party Infighting Deepens
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Tea Party fringes of the Republican Party have now won elections in Alaska, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York etc. The ultra right conservatives in the Republican Party are pressuring and pushing the party into a corner!

The extremists amongst conservatives, are pushing mainstream Republicans to adopt extreme positions on many public issues. In New York for instance, the governorship candidate, Carl Paladino who advocates an extremely irresponsible fiscal policies, such as a $20 billion cut in Medicaid, cut tax by as much as 10% among other outlandish claims and public policy position adopted by Palladino.

It will be recalled that Carl Palladino, it was, who stated that he would have used Eminent Domain to seize and confiscate Park51 property of the developers of the now controversial so-called Ground Zero mosque, in order to frustrate the developer from completing the project.

The electorate will find these outrageous positions on public policies unacceptable and vote against them, come midterm elections in November.

Carl Palladino has found himself in awkward positions more than once, he is vulnerable on many counts. He has been known to peddle racist jokes and redistribute tasteless pornographic materials through emails.

Carl Palladino is an upstate billionaire developer, who is very unconventional in his campaign style, public policy proposals and positions, as well as even matters of personal comportment and political finesse. He has already made gaffes and goofs, before and during the run up to the election primaries.

Rick Lazio on the other hand, was sidetracked by his own fixation on the so-called Ground Zero Islamic Cultural Center controversy. He cloned the issue and sought to make it his sole campaign issue, apart for occasional scurrilous references to Mr. Andrew Cuomo and how dysfunctional Albany, the state capital has become. Rick Lazio, was, clearly, not served by his choice to be fixated on one issue, the building of a mosque, blocks from Ground Zero. An area in lower Manhattan bustling with trade and commerce, including strip clubs, gaming and gambling halls and pizza parlors etc.

The wins in New York, Delaware etc by the Tea Party fringe elements in the Republican Party, could spell relief for Democrats in November. A factional and splintered Republican party, should enable the Democrats to successfully wrest the positions from the Republicans

In both Delaware and New York, two ultra conservative Republicans political neophytes have in effect bruised mainstream of the party, by upturning electoral order in Delaware and New York respectively.

It does however remains to be seen, whether these little known Republican newcomers could prevail against well established Democrats on November 2, 2010 at the midterm elections.

Karl Rowe, a Republican operative, has dismissed Christine O’Donnell as a nonstarter who will not fare well against the Democratic nominee in Delaware. Apart from Karl Rowe, there are many in the Republican Party, who are seething and licking their wounds from the fights with ultra conservatives and fringes of the Republican Party with the Tea Partiers and Birthers as the arrow heads. Many Delaware Republicans are moderates, and had worked against Christine O’Donnell who they thought extreme, unethical and unelectable. Christine O’Donnell, may therefore face and uphill task in the November elections, as mainstream Republicans may not rally around her, when it will count the most.

These deepening infighting and acrimony between mainstream Republicans and the extreme fringes of the party is rapidly whittling down what have, all through the spring and summer, as resurgence by the Republicans. Tea Party victories this September could quite likely turn Pyrrhic in November as there are no symmetries between Tea Party and mainstream Republican Party, as they in fact tend to cannibalize and polarize each other with endorsements and retaliatory endorsements and dueling campaigns replete with mean attacks.

After this primaries in the various states, there were reports of celebrations and jubilation in Delaware by the Democrats who are obviously of the belief that a defeat of Congressman Michael N. Castle by O’Donnell is a favor to the Democrats as they will coast to victory, come November.

There are now Democrats who would tell you that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Tea Party phenomenon could be a blessing in disguise. Tea Party has accomplished a major feat, successfully splintering the usually disciplined Republican Party conservatives.

There are reports of angers and disgusts, in both Delaware and New York, reports of anger within the Republican Party leadership, rank and file, over what is seen as opportunities handed over to the Democrats by the Tea Party wins in Delaware and New York.

There will be Wednesday morning second-guessing. Why did Rick Lazio refuse to actively engage Carl Palladino?

But could Tea Party candidates produce victories in November 2010 similar to Senator Scott Brown type victory in Massachusetts? Will Tea Party enthusiasm, support and energy levels be sustained or produce election victories in November? Or will it be the case the Tea Party fringe exuberance will evaporate without the support and coordinated efforts between the extremes of the Republican Party?

In other races in New York, Congressman Charlie Rangel easily won his nomination to continue to represent the Upper West Side Manhattan congressional district. This, despite the strident criticism from the press and media, and even suggestions by many, including President Obama that Charlie Rangel step aside, as consequence of pending ethical charges. Charlie Rangel, despite the ethical cloud, has won the nomination to continue to represent his district in congress.

Voters in Charlie Rangel’s constituency have expressed skepticism in connection with the ethical charges against him. Some say that the congressman is merely being singled out from a congress with ethical reputation which most do not find beguiling or worthy of emulating.

Charlie Rangel easily defeated his five challengers or rivals, and this essentially assures his retention of his seat in congress. As his district is heavily Democratic, and ultimately, nominees from the district are virtual shoo ins.

At the governorship of New York contest in November, will be between Andrew Cuomo and Carl Palladino. Andrew Cuomo, the current Attorney General Andrew Cuomo of the state of New York, he is the son of political scion, Mario Cuomo, himself, a lawyer, and former three terms governor of the state of New York. Andrew Cuomo won easy nomination for the governorship as Democratic candidate.

Andrew Cuomo will face an amalgam of Carl Palladino and Rick Lazio, who apparently are configuring a working political relationship, which will make the almost limitless self-funding of Carl Palladino available in conjunction with mainstream Republican Party funding, tagged with the support of New York Conservative Party.

This sorts of coalition could give Andrew Cuomo a good fight, it is in fight the only fighting chance Palladino nad Razio etc could have against a robustly funded and supported Andrew Cuomo who on primary night laid low, even as Palladino referred to him as Andrew Status Quo Cuomo!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ambassador John Campbell Is An Undiplomatic Loud Mouth!

Ambassador John Campbell Is An Undiplomatic Loud Mouth!
Written by Paul I. Adujie

There is nothing to know or learn about and from Ambassador John Campbell, if there is at all, it must be that, he is not a friend of Nigeria! If he were, he would not so frequently and in most offensive regularity, engage in writing scripts for would be coup plotters, political opportunists, anarchist which might lurk within and outside Nigeria.

John Campbell is no expert on anything Nigerian. If he is an expert at all, it has to be on one thing and one thing alone, which is, his undiplomatic and uncharitable willingness to paint worse case scenarios regarding Nigeria, at every turn.

It will be recalled that some Americans, while debating policy on Nigeria have, during the past several years announced that Nigeria will disintegrate in about fifteen years. This latest salvo by John Campbell fits those preconceived notions and predilections often exhibited to often by some, towards everything Nigerian, nay, African, where everything is without redemption and nothing good is possible or is sustainable.

We should ask, what and who made John Campbell an expert on Nigeria anyway, his stint as a United States representative in Nigeria for a few years?. John Campbell’s predictions about Nigeria stemmed from wrong predicates and premises and his conclusions are clearly wrong, and should be dismissed.

Nigerians will do well to compare Martin Indyk the former American ambassador to Israel for several years with John Campbell’s very damning public comments, articles and now, an unflattering book about Nigeria. Ambassador Martin Indyk does not exaggerate or engage in hyperbole against, despite all that is known by the public regarding the contentious relations between America on the one hand, and Israel and her neighbors on the other. Ambassador Martin Indyk does not engage in slash and burn against Israel as John Campbell obviously enjoys doing against Nigeria.

Nigerians should ask why John Campbell regularly announces to the world, that the sky in Nigeria is falling? His latest diatribe on Nigeria followed his pattern of demonstrated pessimism about Nigeria as illustrated by most recent article, titled, “Nigeria On The Brink, What Happens If 2011 Elections Fail”

Well meaning Nigerians should demand to know why, if John Campbell has any viable connections with either the political establishment in America and Nigeria respectively, why then, is he not using such connections for the benefit of the historically cordial relationships between the United States and Nigeria? Why does he need to frequently shout fire, fire, and conflagrations ever so often?

John Campbell has instead resorted regularly, to pedestrian rumor mongering at frequent intervals.

It is quite possibly the case, that some Nigerian pessimists, upon reading John Campbell's latest dire predictions and extremely ominous forecasts, regarding Nigeria, these Nigerian pessimists would jump up and down with shouts of Aha! We knew it, we knew it, and the Americans have confirmed it!

It can be imagined that these Nigerian pessimists think of John Campbell as having the requisite pedigree or qualifications on matters Nigeria. All westerners to always claim possession and or to have exclusive preserve, of this “superior” knowledge about Nigeria, Africa, and in fact, about the whole world!

The only notable exceptions being, perhaps, the whereabouts on earth, of raggedly Osama Bin Ladin. Or the massive American intelligence failures in the run up to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and American Defense headquarters, Pentagon. And the massive American intelligence failures which neglected to anticipate the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR.

The wrong-headed American invasion and occupation of Iraq and the silly expectations, by some American officials, who predicted that Iraqis will dance in the streets, while throwing flower petals at the feet of Americans troops, whom Iraqis would hail as liberators, indicates this trends in public policy failures on the part of the American political establishment.

The failure to anticipate the magic of China’s double digit economic growth and ascendancy as a dominant superpower ranks up there as well, in public policy ineptitude on the part of the Americans. And yet, John Campbell, a part role player in this American establishment is an “expert” on Nigeria?

John Campbell comes across as busily writing scripts for disasters and miseries for Nigeria, when there so much happening here on the home front in America. The Chinese economy is in audacious upsurge and unprecedented growth, the American economy is quite in the opposite trend with high rates of unemployment and in free fall. There is mounting public debt as deficits in the trillions stares America in the face. America and other western nations are in clear trepidations over China emergence, particularly, China’s ability to fund America’s public debts as well as compete with western nations for resources on the African continent. There is an economic meltdown in America, there is mass discontent and disenchantment in America.

In the face of all this, John Campbell, seeks to lecture Nigerians and Nigeria on public policy failures? The sad thing is that, some Nigerians may actually listen to John Campbell, take him seriously and even allow themselves to be guided by the nuisance value of John Campbell’s preachment to us!

All Nigerians will do well, to ensure the success of the forthcoming scheduled general elections in January 2011. Ensuring smooth elections is in Nigeria’s best national interests, and in doing so, we will be doing no favors to interlopers and inter-meddlers such as John Campbell. Nigerians and Nigeria do not need outsiders with pretensions to what is best for Nigeria. Nigerians and friends of Nigeria must ensure that the precipitous predictions by persons and entities such as we have in John Campbell does not come to pass.

Nigerians will do well, in pronouncements and actions, so that we do not fall victims sinister rumors and into John Campbell's worst case scenarios. There is no time like now, to redouble our efforts, just so, we do not fulfill John Campbell's false prophecies and fatalistic fantasies.

It should be clear to all Nigerians by now, that John Campbell should not be seen as just a messenger or some sorts of teller of “bitter truths”. He instead, has repeatedly portrayed Nigeria as always chaotic, and at the brink of total collapse or as if always at the precipice of catastrophes. We should not take his word for it, that we are dancing at brinks of extinction. We should do nothing to play into his abominable and obnoxious scripts.

Nigerians should see through John Campbell's very paternalistic preachment and condescending manner towards Nigeria. John Campbell's articles and now, his book which scandalizes Nigerians and Nigeria, his actions are indicative of the contempt he reserves for us Nigerians and Nigeria.

Nigerians ought to and should in fact, denounce John Campbell and others like him, for fanning the embers of our family squabbles. We should, for our own purposes, ensure that our diversities in regions, ethnicity, religions cultures and languages are seen always as attributes which services our national interests in mutually beneficial ways. Nigeria is a plural society and that is a wonderfully positive thing which we must emphasize often, instead of our minor and infinitesimal differences emphasized and exaggerated by John Campbell.

Nigerians and friends of Nigeria should boycott John Campbell’s forthcoming book. The book is a calculated insult to us Nigerians, for it scandalizes Nigerians and Nigeria most offensively.

John Campbell’s book is a crime against us. Our boycotting the book effectively is the best way to send a message to the writer that crime does not pay. And send a message to him, to the effect that his scandalous book about us and out nation will not be rewarded or made profitable for him, not by us, at least.

He must not be rewarded for his repeated crimes against Nigerians and Nigeria, with his notoriously reckless, irresponsible and yet, extremely toxic predictions about our very existence. John Campbell and persons like him, constitute existential threat to Nigeria continued corporate existence as a nation.

John Campbell’s latest article published recently, identical in title and subtext with his forthcoming book. It is scandalous and offensive. It is loaded with suggestions to those who might engage in opportunism,

John Campbell should be told to cease, desist and refrain from his persistent silliness about Nigeria. He should stop peddling anarchy, disasters and catastrophes with the hope of finding Nigerian buyers.

Nigerians are urged, in reaction to John Campbell's latest exercise in gloom and doom predictions, which he insists must be Nigeria's fate, the question reasonable persons should ask and answer, is; What Purpose Does John Campbell's Public shaming of Nigerians and Nigeria serve? What is the benefit to Nigerians and Nigeria in John Campbell’s portrayal of Nigeria as helpless sheep on the way to a destined doom in a slaughter house or abattoir? Nigeria is not the only plural and multicultural multi-religious and multi-ethnic and multilingual nation on earth. And Nigeria is not the only nation which may experience election impasses and deadlocks! Nigeria’s democracy is imperfect, but show me a perfect democracy!

After all, there have been several elections this year, worldwide, with inclusive results or outcomes, notably in Britain, Iraq and most recent amongst these, is the case of Australia. These other nations managed to have survived election deadlocks, without total collapse, anarchy, civil wars and disasters or catastrophes.

Even Iraq, made fragile by America's invasion and occupation, has not collapsed or disintegrated from her election impasse, why should John Campbell or any reasonable person suggest that Nigeria is much more fragile in comparison with the now war ravaged Iraq? Why is that Nigeria would not survive election impasse and deadlock ? Could this be because we are Africans?

Why is total collapse and military coup, wars, and disintegration the highlights and the only possible outcomes in John Campbell careless forecasts for Nigeria?

Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria will do well to discount and discountenance John Campbell's rabble rousing gloom and doom worst case scenarios.

Nigerians are a keenly aware of our national issues and challenges. Our national challenges are made more clear to us, in the run up to the general elections in January 2011 even without outsider meddling in our internal affairs.

Nigerians and Nigeria must engage in these forthcoming necessary political process and emerge triumphantly. We do not need John Campbell or anyone for that matter, predicting our national demise. The forthcoming elections too, will come to pass without disasters and all the negative outcomes from John Campbell’s uselessly fuzzy crystal balls.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Democrats, Timid, Timorous & Tentative; But Why?

Democrats, Timid, Timorous & Tentative; But Why?
Written by Paul I. Adujie

President Obama is famous for his delicate balancing acts and his suave Olympian neutrality. President Obama’s unflinching and unyielding dreams of bipartisanship is legendary and Olympian in proportions.

These are some of the attributes which Richard Stengent, Editor in chief of Time Magazine, described recently, as Mr. Obama’s sweet reasonableness, a politesse and reasonableness, which does no good for Mr. Obama. This above the fray intellectually suave decorum of Mr. Obama, as it is, remains a wedge between the Democrats’ proper rendition of current American narrative in the lead to midterm elections in the fall of 2010; And there could be repercussions in November.

Obama as candidate, always appeared to be ahead of his opponents in ideas and responded to counter everything the opponents conjured up, or hurled at him, but now, President Obama and his Democratic team have been on the defensive since inauguration. Obama seem not to be able to say the right thing anymore or when he does speak his mind, he tends to prevaricate, soon after.

Why can’t Obama and the Democrats find the audacity to mock Republicans’ wrongheaded prescriptions for the economy? Tax Cuts for the rich, the rich who currently, are not investing now and not hiring. Republicans prescribe, on the other hand, Freezes on Spending, and both prescriptions are silly, and are contrary to what most American economist recommend, particularly so, in view of the fact that the economic dire strait in America, was brought about by the Republican Party, with George W. Bush in the White House, the time Americans were plunged America this economic recession-depression.

All through the preceding 15 months, Obama allowed and the Democrats were sleepily complacent, and in that vacuum default position by the Democrats, Republicans and their surrogates and proxies in Tea Party , adversaries, to frame the issues or hijacked American national issues and narratives; And as a consequence, the American electorate have been indoctrinated to see Obama Care as profanities and expletives and Grandma Death Panels became the ultimate obscenity core pornographic voyeuristic expression. Senator John Kerry, similarly allowed the Bush Campaign to define him in 2004, Senator Kerry, a war hero was given a downward definition, and Mr. Bush who actually evaded or dodged the Draft or conscription for war in Vietnam, came out smelling like roses and strong on national security.

And now, in eerie resemblance-recurrence, and with roughly 50 days to midterm elections, some Democrats are campaigning against their party policies, in trepidation of seething electorate, enraged and made dangerous and potent weapons against the Democrats by the Republicans, who have put Americans, as Mr. Obama rightly put it, in the ditch, through recklessness. Democrats are now even afraid of the S word also known as Stimulus! But why? Just because Republicans are now against everything the Democrats stand for and the Republicans even use to stand for? Are the Democrats spineless? We know that the American economy can use another stimulus package, to help generate jobs in this jobless recovery. Another stimulus package geared toward public infrastructures renewals, expansions and rehabilitation. Why are Democrats now afraid to even mention Stimulus Package now? Oh, yes, Republicans spendthrifts during the last 8 years, are suddenly self advertised as deficit hawks and Democrats are suckered?

This silly ambivalence on the part of Democrats in the past, was what led Vice President Al Gore to distance himself from President Bill Clinton as Gore ran against Governor George W. Bush, this was how Bush was inflicted upon America, winning against Gore, a better qualified presidential candidate and an incumbent vice president who served with Mr. Clinton, Clinton who produced surplus and whose administration fostered a robust economic growth!

The silly symbolism of redecorating the Oval Office smack in the middle of this jobless recession, and the additional double fault of having Michelle Obama the first lady go on vacation in Spain and shaking hands with the king of Spain a gesture which would have drawn snares from the surviving passenger of Amistad slave ship, just as it has with many American voters who thought the American first lady entitled to vacations but then asked, why in Spain instead of somewhere in New Orleans or Hawaii for frequent flier miles.

The facts and evidences are on the side of President Obama and the Democrats. But, there does appear to be spinelessness, timidity, timorousness and tentativeness as if dictated by the Republicans and their surrogates or proxies Tea Party extremists.

Or how else does anyone explain and even pretend to justify the firing of Shirley Sherrod? An African American woman was fired unfairly, by a United States president of African descent or his agent. She was fired in a preemptive overreaction and overcompensation, to support the fact that Mr. Obama and his administration is post racial and would hack an African American down, if and when accused of anything, even before the details, the facts and evidence are available? And to be fair, we know and we will mention that Mr. Obama has personally assuaged the feelings of Ms. Sherrod. But the blunder remains a dent and stain on Mr. Obama as an over-doer in his sanguine intellectual impartiality when issues concern peoples of African descent.

There is this overdrive and over-extension and overtime work, not to appear to favor African Americans. As a consequence, three African Americans and counting have left the Obama administration under pressures, in less than two years of the Obama administration.

Delicious irony in all of this, is, it is sadly the case that the overconfident Republican Party opponents of Mr. Obama, have happily achieved a snatching of the narrative from the Democrats. But the truth is, it was the Republican Party administration of President George W. Bush which led America to the two foreign wars and the requisite deficit spending. Republicans are adept at manipulating the emotions of the American electorate. Republicans see politics as war, Republicans know how to cynically manipulate the electorate on every issue, national security, war, religion, the deficit, unemployment etc. Very calculatingly and cold in their executions of such ploys. But the Democrats are incapable of fighting dirty? Or at minimum, the Democrats should wake the electorate up from short attention spans or willful amnesia. After all, the Republicans are the root causes of all American current challenges and crises, other than the multiple variables of normal or usual economic cycles.

It was the Republicans who awarded tax cuts and tax relief to the super wealthy in America, the super rich who are less than 1% of the American population. And yet, it is the Republicans who are happily announcing their relentless efforts to block and be a blockade to every efforts by Mr. Obama and his Democratic Congress to repair and unravel the funk in which the Republicans have led Americans into. Republicans are not tentative, timid, timorous or measured! It was the Republicans who engaged in multiple foreign wars and thereby overextended the American empire financially and militarily. It was the Republicans whose era of lax or dearth of regulatory regimen, led to the breaches of financial levees and dams on the road to financial implosion and continuing imbroglios.

The Republicans are audaciously and arrogantly engaging in revisionism, and announcing to short-attention span Americans that the current double deep recession and jobless recovery is the fault of Mr. Obama and the Democrats!

The Republicans are with a straight face, also badgering the American electorate with hoodwinks silly platitudes that they the Republicans are the fiscally prudent conservative hawks, while the Democrats are the spindrifts who are splendidly unconcerned with American burgeoning and bludgeoning deficits spending. Republicans and their Tea Party surrogates and proxies, are overconfident, Democrats and fixated in ambivalence and second-guessing themselves and their own liberal agenda!

The Republicans are the financially fiscally disciplined political party which is angling loudly to offer tax cuts to the wealthy while America pursue two foreign wars and tackles double dip recession? Republicans are the deficit hawks who initiated bailouts for too big to fail companies, a policy which Mr. Obama and the Democrats had to adopt? The Republicans often act and make pronouncements, locked step and barrel, the Democrats on the other hand, never seem capable of acting in unison, or stay on the message or have, maintain and sustain party discipline and cohesion! The Democrats risks squandering the November 2008 great mandate given Democrats, as the electorate repudiated the Republicans resoundingly.

Politics and political competition in a democracy is like war or military action. The unwritten rule of war is kill or be killed. Similarly, the rules of engagement in political interactions, electioneering campaigns etc, require the candidates or leaders to be proponents of the issues. A talented and creative political leader must define, assert and persistently promote core ideas, ideology and be issues driven.

The reality of current American politics is such that the Republican Party, and its leaders are often the ones who define the issues and in effect, American national narrative. But, the Democratic Party members are seemingly always playing catch-up

Neoconservatives asserted themselves and defined the issues, foreign and domestic, in all respects, with regard to American public policies, including wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, including of course the deregulation regime, which led the American economy, by extrapolation, the world economy to its current comatose state. The parlous state of the job market, or the so-called jobless-recovery, is a direct relationship with Republican Party public policies for the preceding 8 years prior to the ascension of the Democrats to the control of the US Congress and the White House.

But despite these glaringly clear incontrovertible antecedents of the Republican Party and their cronies, it turns out that the Democrats are always the ones on the defensive and apologetic hot-seat, when in fact, the Democrats are the ones who are just now doing the heavy lifting of cleaning up the messes which was created by the wrongheaded policies of the Republicans

President Barack Obama finally seem to have gotten the point of the forthcoming elections in November 2010 or the so-called midterm elections, as referendum on Mr. Obama himself. He has started to realized that his entrenchment in unavailable bipartisanship is unhelpful to him and the Democratic Party. Republicans have confessed to their unreasonable desire to obstruct and derail Mr. Obama’s agenda, and worse, Democrats seems timid, timorous and tentative in articulating to the American people, how we got the in the mess in the first place, through these same unapologetic Republicans. And so, I chuckled elatedly, when Mr. Obama started to sound, finally, as a wounded lion or a snake with an injured tail!

Mr. Obama implored Americans to put America on Drive and not in Reverse. D for Democrats of course, and R for Republicans; and in the contexts, a vote for Republicans would be to return American public policies in Reverse and Return to the sordid 8 years of the Republicans at the helms of American affairs, while a resounding vote for the Democrats this November midterms votes, would be votes of confidence in what the Democrats have been trying to accomplish in the preceding couple of years since Mr. Obama’s inauguration on January 20, 2009.

Democrats need to remind voters why the Republicans were voted and booted out in November 2008 general elections. American voters must be reminded precisely how we got to the funk in which we are now. American voters must have their mind refreshed to the effect that, Republicans got us all into the monumental mess and the Democrats are merely doing the clean up of the huge mess created by the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz crew, hence the American voters themselves resoundingly repudiated the Republicans and their ineffectual wrongheaded policies. And, the question should be asked of the voters, who wants return to those terrible days?

The economy is still in a jobless recovery, the foreign wars are still debacles and quagmires of controlled chaos. But do we really want to return to the days of Bush-Cheney unilateralism? The voters must be told that the economy is still is in “the day after a nuclear meltdown” and we do not want to return to another firing of another atom nuclear weapon, even as we try to clean up the 8 years which lead up to the meltdown mess which we now confront.

Democrats should let the Republican and Republican lackeys, Tea Party etc, latch unto joblessness refrain, the Democrats should explain to the voters how the joblessness came about and took root at the cusp of Mr. Obama’s ascension to the White House. In essence, Democrat should tire of making the case that the Democrats inherited three wars, two foreign, Afghanistan and Iraq, and then, the global economic meltdown and necessary corporate bailouts of banks, financial institutions and American automobile industry, with the exception of Ford Motors

The midterm elections are for the Democrats. Democrats should define the issues and let Republicans retain their infighting within the Republican Party as to who is more extreme on wedge and fringe issues such as the construction of mosques in New York City, California, Tennessee and Wisconsin etc. Let the Republicans duke it out with the Tea Party interlopers and gofers

If President Obama and the Democrats stick to enunciating concisely, how we got to where we are in Afghanistan, Iraq and the domestic economy which Republicans left in autopilot, corporate laize affaire and of self-regulations and self-policing hence the current foreclosures, joblessness with PSTD in from Afghanistan, Iraq, New Orleans and PTSD from joblessness, PTSD from joblessness etc, Democrats, sticking precisely to the refrain of efforts which the Democratic Congress and White House have made, contrasted with the Republican Party of No, the Republican Party of obstructions and deliberate thwarts of Democrats agenda for the electorate, Democrats will prevail in November 2010. But being timid, timorous, tentative, and or apologetic will not help the Democrats, it will make them look like part of the problems created by the Republican Party, which the Democrats have been trying to unravel, tackle or solve.

Recent election primaries have clearly indicated positive outcomes for the Democrats, where they engaged in vigorous explaining of President Obama’s legislative accomplishment within the Democratic Party arrangement and entire legislative agenda as achieved since January 20, 2009. President Obama accomplishments in the first two years have been very impressive and only comparable to the New Deal Era legislative agenda outcome of the Roosevelt age.

President Obama and the Democrats will do well to run on the exemplary record of legislative and policy accomplishments. Explain, claim it, own it, and bask in it! Let the electorate know that Health Care Reform is good for everyone. Let the electorate know that regulatory reforms for banks and financial institutions is an imperative. Let the electorate know that the Republicans dug a huge precipice pit and crevices, from which the Democrats are working day and night to dig us all out of! This is the way to victory for the Democrats.

There is nothing that the Republicans and for that matter, their surrogates and proxies in the Tea Party have that I want. But, I do hope that it is not too late for President Obama and the Democrats to articulate the American narratives, where the nation is and how we got there and all the efforts made so far by President Obama and the Democratic Congress. President Obama’s Press Conference at the White House, his first in many months, is a good start, before that, his appearances in Milwaukee and in Cleveland, respectively, were impressive. President Obama should remind the voters of the losses he inherited, and now that he owns the inheritance of humongous blunders by Republicans, explain all the bold and audacious actions taken so far and other actions contemplated and the obstacles which have been placed by the party of no!

President Obama seems to have found his voice again, he appears to have found his fighting spirit and now states the high stakes clearly, very clearly, at every opportunity. It is hoped that these efforts are sustained and are not too late. A positive outcome is sorely needed and it hinges on the Democrats’ ability to state the case again and again, and run on their impressive record of achievements since January 2009, many accomplishments, particularly legislatively, in the preceding 15 months or since President Obama’s administration.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Koran Burning Epitomizes Islamophobia In America?

Koran Burning Epitomizes Islamophobia In America?
Written by Paul I. Adujie

An obscure pastor of an equally obscure church in Florida is leading efforts to burn copies of the Koran throughout America and perhaps worldwide, on September 11, 2010. The charlatan who parades himself also as pastor of this tiny church of less than fifty members in Gainesville Florida, is the latest cannon fodder in latest upsurge in attacks, against Muslims in America.

Reverend Terry Jones, an evangelical, of Dove World Outreach center in Florida is reported by Gainesville Sun Newspapers to be a known rabble-rouser who has in the past erected a billboard pronouncing Islam as religion of the devil. He was required by the local council sundry religious leaders in Florida to take down the profane and offensive billboard; the billboard occurred well before Terry Jones latest egregious prank!

This errant pastor is notorious for obnoxious, outrageous and provocative behaviors, even though he is surrounded by a progressive and liberal college community in Gainesville Florida. The good thing is, there are redemption in all of these. Many Americans have, in public pronouncements condemned this flame throwing “man of god” this pastor’s bigotry and prejudice has not met with approval or assistance.
General David Paetreus the military overall commander of American military mission in Afghanistan, have publicly decried and rebuked the pastor, saying that the pastor’s silly pranks could inflame emotions and endanger American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Another renowned military man, Lt. Gen. Russell Honore rtd condemned the antics of pastor Terry Jones and described the pastor as stuck on stupid

This pastor Terry Jones claims to have direct links with God, but an American comedian Jay Leno actually joked that the pastor should actually be in God’s blacklist or no call list! He has been getting attention by being outrageous.... Islam is of the devil billboard and kids with T-shirt proclaiming same

Jackie Levine a reporter with Gainesville Sun Newspapers reported that pastor Terry Jones has refused to be swayed by consequences or even death threats; he has been denied permit and local religious organizations are against this... it is frustrating and appalling

"We believe that Islam is of the devil, that it's causing billions of people to go to hell, it is a deceptive religion, it is a violent religion and that is proven many, many times," Pastor Terry Jones told CNN's Rick Sanchez earlier this week.

“Jones wrote a book titled "Islam is of the Devil," and the church sells coffee mugs and shirts featuring the phrase.”

Would a pizza shop or porn shop near Ground Zero does that erode the sacred nature of the hallow ground? Or Why did the federal government build a federal building on African Burial Ground near City Hall and 26 Federal Plaza on Broadway some fifteen years ago, despite entreaties by African Americans against it?

More and more Americans have been very vocal in denouncing pastor Jones, a United States State Department spokesperson, P. J. Crowley aptly described pastor as insignificant and of no consequence and as such, the pastor’s views should not be mistaken as the stances of over 300 million Americans in the general populace. Another American, Professor Marc Lynch of George Washington University, commenting publicly, opined that the spate of Islamophobia in America is making things more difficult for America’s relationships with nations with Muslims populations. This is particularly so, as America is battling to win hearts and minds to stem anger toward America, anger which have been exacerbated by American presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and military activities in Pakistan as well.

Various acts of violence, arson, bigotries, prejudices and emotional invectives have been directed against American Muslims as the have fasted during this Ramadan month Rick Lazio, a governorship aspirant in New York, former Speaker of American House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich and other Republican conservatives, who are usually beneficiaries of Evangelicals and the religiously pious right-wingers, are surprisingly careless and reckless with religious freedoms for American Muslims.

These political opportunists, have insisted that Islam and Muslims in America are at the verge of imposing Sharia legal system on the United States. The fact and the truth is, American courts already incorporates certain elements of Islamic laws into matters of family law, estates and trust issues in adjudications.

Pronouncements by the ilk of Gingrich and Lazio etc now make it difficult for anyone to dismiss increasing Islamophobia in America as a matter in the fringes or isolated to the emotionally loaded debates about a proposed Islamic Cultural Center on the block and lot number also now known as Park51

We have written about this pattern attacks against Islam Muslims several times, reporting that Islam and Muslims are under attack, pressures and even siege in America, there have been attacks across Ameica against Muslims in California, in Tennessee and also in New York City beyond the issue of Park51. The campaign against an Islamic Center blocks from Ground Zero is snippet, a mere camouflage by those with hidden agenda to besiege Islam and Muslims and generalize offensively against both.
Islamphobia in America is not limited to the debate about the proposed Islamic cultural center blocks from Ground Zero, it is taking place in far flung places throughout America. There was a recent arson against a mosque project in Tennessee, construction equipment were set on fire, expansion in California and elsewhere, have been similarly opposed in the most vehement and violent ways, all these, far from New York City Ground Zero emotional bigoted debate about the so-called proximity or too close for comfort, for some, to have a mosque.

Attacks against Islam and Muslims have become the new xenophobia in America, and perhaps throughout the world. After all, this practice of constantly presenting Islam and all Muslims as dangerous have raged in Europe in many nations of Europe as well.

Islam, Muslims are the issues, Ground Zero is merely a pretentious cover and camouflage for those bigots who are too chicken, too sissy and too pussy cat to come out and just say they are against Muslims and Islam.

Islamophobia is in the upsurge in America, there is no doubt about it. Some Americans who are unhappy about having someone such as Mr. Obama as president of the United States, have continue to insist that he is a Muslim, even though, Mr. Obama is the same man accused of being a member and follower of Reverend Wright church in Chicago for over twenty years

Allegations and accusations have resurfaced against President Obama, to the effect that he is a Muslim and a defender of Islamic radicals. The otherness of Mr. Obama has the subtexts of race, color, and bitterness of Republican Party and their Tea Party surrogates. The “otherness” of Mr. Obama continues to bother a segment of the American population, some continue to insist it has nothing to do with race!

President Obama of the United States, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and President Jonathan of Nigeria, have made reassuring and comforting statements in defense of Islam and Muslims. President Jonathan made Nigeria proud, by taking a very public stand with a published statement in support of Islam and Muslims as he urged American authorities and the American people to ensure that Muslims and Islam have adequate protections and safeguards. In a statement also published on his Facebook page, President Jonathan of Nigeria, a multicultural, multi-religious plural nation, he said the following: It has been brought to my attention that Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach USA plans to burn copies of the Qur'an sometime in September this year.

I hereby urge authorities in the United States and men and women of goodwill around the world to prevail on Pastor Jones not to do anything that would assault the sensibilities ...of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

This action can not be justified at anytime and certainly is doubly unjustified coming at the holy month of Ramadan. I would urge Pastor Jones to be mindful of the Golden Rule taught by Jesus Christ: Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you. To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I urge you to show restraint while we deal with this issue as we continue to build and strengthen our fortress for religious tolerance and continuing peaceful co-existence.

A Reverend Richard Cizik is of the opinion that evangelicals, ultra conservatives are the principal drivers and that they are indeed, the ones pushing the spread of Islamophobia nationwide in America.
Our visit to Ground Zero and to the proposed and now controversial Islamic Cultural Center on Park51 revealed that many Americans are standing up to the bigots and those engaged in Islamophobia.

There were many Americans with placards proclaiming support for proposed project, while condemning the unfair and unreasonable critics of Islam and Muslims. All told, it is the case there are widespread irrational criticisms directed at Islam and Muslims throughout America. Expansions of existing mosques and the constructions of new mosques have been met with tidal waves of barrages of attack. Illogical and unreasonable attacks, motivated by political opportunism and bigotry.