Sunday, September 18, 2011

Palestinian Nationhood, Israeli & American Hypocrisies; Having It Both Ways?

Palestinian Nationhood, Israeli & American Hypocrisies; Having It Both Ways?
Written by Paul I. Adujie

There are no good, logical or legitimate reasons to oppose Palestinian nationhood. But after years of unproductive negotiations and Talks to hold more Talks about a “Two Nation-State Solution” with Palestine and Israel coexisting side-by-side, America and Israel are now showing their true colors, as they are both adamantly opposing a United Nation recognition of Palestine as an independent nation-state!

It is the height of arrogance, extreme injustice and egregious oppression which motivates all those opposed to nationhood for Palestine

Why should the United States continue to enable those who are intent on usurping freedom, independence and self determination for Palestinians?

How can the United States stand with Israel in opposition to Palestinians' Human Rights and then mouth platitudes about Human Rights anywhere?

Israel has continued to be intransigent and unwilling to engage in meaningful negotiations with Palestinians. Israel has illegally continued to expand Jewish Settlements on Israel illegally occupied Palestinian territories

Israel has continued to shoot and humiliate Palestinians at every turn.

America in the meantime, continues to support Israel unflinchingly as if in auto response and afflicted with automatism disease?

America and Israel pretend to support democracy in Arab and Persian Middle East as America and Israel have “supported” the so-called Arab Spring with platitudinous pronouncements

Meanwhile, neither America nor Israel seem to think twice, flinch or bate an eye in inflicting oppression and colonialism upon Palestinians by denying the Palestinians right to self determination, political independence and freedom. Where is the Human Rights in enabling and facilitating Israeli intransigence and inscrutability?

The people of Palestine are making legitimate and peaceful demands at the United Nations, and America, the mother and grandmother of democracy stand in opposition, at the behest and on behalf of Israel, to Palestine independence, independence, democracy and freedom!

How can and why should America be taken seriously henceforth, when she talks about these ideals about Human Rights, human dignity, political independence, democracy, freedoms etc? What credibility will America bring to such debate next time, after stridently and vehemently opposing freedoms and self determination for Palestine?

It should now be clear to the whole world, why America and Israel have always preferred dictators and despots in the Middle East of Arab-Persian world. Autocratic, despotic and dictatorial political figures such as Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and others in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain etc have, for far too long provided pyrrhic victories and flimsy stability for America and Israel, through brute force and extreme political repression.

The so-called Arab Spring may put an end to this floozy stability and produce unintended consequences for America and Israel, even as America and Israel have tried mightily to dictate, choreograph and orchestrate the final outcome of the unfolding so-called Arab Spring!

Why is America acceding to Israel desire to continue to colonize Palestine through occupation and economic cum political strangulation of Palestine? Israeli occupation of Palestine, Israel’s continued expansion of Jewish Settlements in Palestine and Israel’s Blockade of Palestine are adjudged illegal by the United Nations and a majority of nations on earth!

Why should America enable and facilitate the oppression and subjugation of Palestine? Why would Palestinians, Arabs and Persians etc rejoice over American complicity in their dehumanization? And then we ask, Why Do They Hate Us?

Palestinians are right to seek nationhood-statehood at the United Nations! It is in fact long overdue. Israel itself was part a creation of the United Nations by acts and pronouncements in 1948. And in this instance, we must stipulate and agree that, what was good for Israel in 1948 is in fact great for Palestine, now, in 2011! It is an idea whose time has come, overdue!

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