Thursday, August 28, 2014

Palestinian Lives Are Meaningless And Valueless?

Written by Paul I. Adujie Esq.

Lawless Israel has since July and August bombed and killed thousands
of Palestinians in genocidal massacres as the world watches with
unpatrolled indifference

One has to wonder how many dead Palestinians will get the world's
attention and requisite or appropriate reaction, critical of Israel,
with demand that Israel stops these genocidal massacres?

Israel has with impunity bombarded Ambulances, UN Refugee Camps,
Mosques, Markets, University and schools... even schools designated by
the UN as refugee centers and made known to Israel repeatedly. Israel
bombs areas, institutions and deploy methods for which other nations
on earth would have been severely condemned and sanctioned, including
War Crimes charges against the political leadership of such nation,
but, there is permanent difference and exceptions for Israel

A majority of Jews and other supporters of Israel across the world
continue to argue adamantly, and insistently, that Israel has a right
to exterminate and depopulate Palestine for "security" of Israel and
Israelis. And as a consequence, Israel has massacred nearly three
thousand Palestinians in less than 50 days and there is no righteous
indignation from those who are contemplating the invasion of Russian
as Russia is accused of providing and facilitating pro-Russia
separatists in Ukraine with weapons, including surface to air missiles
which allegedly shot Malaysian passenger plane out of the skies over
eastern Ukraine, killing 298 persons...

Obviously, Western nations are willing to inflict Third World War on
the rest of the world over the death of 298 mostly European citizens
and yet Westerners think nothing of the livers of nearly 3,000
Palestinians massacred, sans War Crimes by Israel in less than sixty

I am opposed to anti-Semitic attacks against Jews and Jewish
institutions or establishments as happened in Belgium, France etc, as
I am opposed to the genocidal massacres of Palestinians by Israel. All
reasonable persons across the world must be opposed to Israel's
indiscriminate bombing of Mosques, Islamic institutions, Islamic
centers and Islamic establishments

Israel in the last month bombed Palestine public infrastructures,
including electric power stations, water supply systems or waterworks,
and refugee centers which is known to Israel as such.

And yet, Israel is continually supported by a majority of Jews
worldwide, and by non-Jews as well. it is therefore comes as no news
that those critical of Israel's genocidal massacres of Palestinians do
not make fine distinctions between the hawkish rightists such as
Benjamin Netanyahu with almost 100% approval rating for his
scorched-earth military policy against Palestinians as well as his
unrelenting expansions of illegal Jewish Settlements on Palestine
lands which Israel continue to occupy illegally as a colonial power.

A majority of Jews and non-Jews across the world are unthinking
supporters of Israel's occupation of Palestine. Israel runs a brutal
colonial power administration in Palestine based on Apartheid. Israel
runs an Apartheid based oppressive segregationist occupation of
Palestine, which devalues, demean and dehumanizes Palestinians.

In reaction to this unparalleled occupation of Palestine by Israel,
Palestinians throw rocks and in response, Israel deploys F-16 fighter
jets, Riffle Propelled Grenades, Mortars, Missiles and drones, then,
HAMAS fires hodge-podge kitchen sink rockets which are just rocks when
compared to Israel's 22nd Century state-of-the-art weapons of mass

 Benjamin Netanyahu unfurls plans to massacre thousands of
Palestinians so that Israel can enjoy some 'quiet' from the
aimless-harmless stone-rocks throwing Palestinians besieged by
illegally occupied by Israel. Countless UN Resolutions are disregarded
and discounted by Israel without consequence.

The world has been indoctrinated, brainwashed and thoroughly schooled
to perceive HAMAS as the ultimate evil, despite HAMAS modest weapons
compared with Israel's ultra-sophisticated weapons. There is a
worldwide financial support and military armament for Israel, and
notably the United States has military hardware warehouse located in
Israel and the US flung that military supply store open for Israel to
further pummel and pulverized hapless Palestinians in Gaza, and the
world merely shrugged?

The nation of Israel, has in less than sixty days have murdered almost
3000 Palestinians "defensively" and HAMAS is labeled a terrorist
organization with blood thirty leaders without purpose, while Israel
is the purposeful and dovish peace-loving peace and quiet loving nice
guys? The world must ask, how it does feel to be victim of Israel
occupation, humiliating dehumanizing apartheid regime!

Israel should be required to lift the economically strangulating and
stifling blockade, end settlement constructions expansions and
occupation by Israel. Israel during the preceding 60 has inflicted
extraordinary hardships on Gazans, ruined Palestinians lives, and
shattered and left in tatters, Palestinian economy and

It is extremely baffling that almost 3000 Palestinians are massacred,
and this rather significant and substantial death of Palestinians
civilians, caused by Israel in gross violations of international law.
Israel has committed War Crimes under Benjamin Netanyahu as did Israel
in Sabra and Shatilla by Ariel Sharon.  And where is the moral
outrage? Where is the United Nations? Where are men and women of

Where is proportionality by Israel and in Israel's indiscriminate and
genocidal massacres of Palestinians in Gaza? Israel bombs hospitals,
markets, refugees centers and places known to Israel to be designated,
a particular school was bombed 6 times despite notice and knowledge by
Israel that these schools are occupied by refugees, women and

One Palestinian is said to have been dying every hour. Israel asks
Palestinians to move to known shelters, and proceeds to bomb same
previously designated shelters. Israel gives a few minutes to
civilians to evacuate their homes after a so-called
"knock-on-the-roof" how so friendly?

America is complicit in the genocidal massacres atrocity inflicted on
Palestinians by Israel by opening weaponry warehouse owned and
operated by America in Israel for Israel's resupply for Israel
indiscriminate murderous military campaign in Gaza, even as US
Congress approved more financial aid to Israel during these Israel
indiscriminate bombing of targets in Gaza... and America continues to
pretend to be an unbiased, objective and fair peace broker for
Palestine and Israel!

Israel continues to cause and inflict miseries, destitution and
imprisonment and prison-like-life in Gaza Palestine. Deprivations
which Palestinians are compelled to endure by Israel, are grossly

Western diplomats and even journalists from America and Europe are
shamelessly lopsided in their reporting of the pummeling and
pulverizing of Gaza by Israel, everyone of the diplomats and
journalists tend to bend-over-backwards in explaining, defending and
justifying Israel's genocidal massacres of Palestinians and the
continuing atrocities by Israel in Gaza

In all of these, seeds of everlasting hatreds are being sown; imagine
children in Palestine whose only childhood memory would be Israel
punishing military actions which killed parents, uncles and other
children, imagine the mental or psychiatric states, and their sense
multiplicities of losses. Why is it not predictable that there will be
revenge and even vendetta by children made victims of Israel's
genocidal massacres of Palestinian during 2014 summer?

Supporters of Israel obviously expect Palestinian children of today to
be oblivious and never recover from some sort of amnesia, and be
mindless to the hardships, sufferings and deaths this summer brought
upon Palestine by Israel. Palestinian children who are right now
witness to their neighborhoods being flattened, pulverized and
depopulated by Israel's missiles, mortars and carpet-bombing from the
air. On Saturday August 23rd 2014 Israel demolished a 14 floor
apartment building in Gaza which housed 400 families and one only have
to multiplied that by the several thousands of Palestinians,
extrapolating the numbers of persons in those 400 families or
households. This is like demanding that Jews forget Hitler and the
pogrom which was inflicted on Jews by Nazi Germany!

Israel in less than 60 days flattened Gaza, with Palestinian homes
gone and personal effects evaporated as occupants only had three
minutes to evacuate from even the highest floors of buildings or been
decimated and mangled in the ensuing rubble.

There is no minute to take prized possessions. And even as I write
this, the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel continues unabated, all
14 floors of a said apartment building leveled by Israel, death and
destruction and creating orphans continue in Palestine occupied by

Despite the obvious, Western journalists, wittingly or unwittingly,
have become advocates of every Israeli position or aggressive policy
of apartheid-like separation walls and unreasonable indiscriminate
military actions against the hapless and world most helpless people of

Israel manufactures excuses to cover her War Crimes as Israel
randomly, regularly and indiscriminately bombs and shell schools,
refugee centers, ambulances and mosques, while insisting that
terrorists are lurking in all of every crevices in Gaza.

The world should ask Israel if it would bombard so indiscriminately, a
part of Israel, this same way, Israel has of Gaza during this last 50
days, if HAMAS was in an Israeli neighborhood?

Israel and her supporters continues to spread disinformation,
implausible, most improbable and unsupportable wild allegations
against Palestinians, and that you would think that there are ten
million Palestinians in Gaza, and all of them terrorists, hence Israel
sees and bombs Palestinian terrorists in refugee camps, in hospitals,
in markets, on university campus, in mosques and in 14 floor apartment
building etc. Anyone who believes this is so thoroughly brainwashed
with propaganda fostered by Israel and her plentiful supporters.

And indeed, all reasonable persons should now be asking, how many
Palestinians would Israel have to kill, in this, unparalleled
genocidal massacres to warrant the UN and the entire community of the
human race to assign some semblance of value to lives in Palestine?