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President Umaru YarAdua Of Nigeria Is Back Home To Presidential Duties?

President Umaru YarAdua Of Nigeria Is Back Home To Presidential Duties?
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

President Umaru Musa YarAdua’s departure from Saudi Arabia and arrival in Nigeria, is very dramatic and, quite possibly pregnant and loaded with intrigues and meanings, to say the least. It is, back to base, and what a great relief, a huge sigh of relief it must have felt for many, many must have breathed, exhaling, loudly, upon hearing the news.

And so it is, that, after 93 days absence, and being away from presidential duties, President Umaru Musa YarAdua has returned to Nigeria, but his health conditions remain unclear, and it is unknown, whether is able or wiling to return to work immediately. And speculations are rife about scenarios and intrigues, which have conspired and culminated into the clandestine nighttime arrival in Nigeria, a couple of hours before dawn and daybreak, by Mr. President.

It will be recalled that President Umaru Musa YarAdua left Nigeria three whole months ago, precisely on November 23rd 2009, until today, February 23rd, 2010; the president left in a medical emergency, to seek medical for his imperfect and rather precarious health condition which have persisted over these several years.

The fact of President YarAdua’s impaired health have been public knowledge any, but, the brouhahas which ensued, was not because Nigerians were unaware of his ill-health, but rather, it was because, upon departing Nigeria in a medical emergency, which was subsequent to the president experiencing palpitations and pains in his chest, there were terse public statements.

But there were no indications, in the terse statements, of how long, the medical vacation would be. Statements which were issued, at the time by presidential spokesperson Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi were very brief, worse, it is was the case, that thorough out Mr. YarAdua sojourn and hibernation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, there were very poor, uncoordinated, abysmal and dismal management of presidential information, it was, to say the least, always shrouded in utmost secrecy and this, in turn, led to the sprouting of a cottage industries of speculations and misinformation and rumors galore.

Even now again, the president’s departure from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and arrival into Abuja in Nigeria, was, once again, shrouded and sheathed in absolute-extreme secrecy and covered in the dark of night, but why? This singular act, once again, a squandered public relations opportunity! If the president is well, fully recovered, and fit, after all this long treatments, therapy and recuperation, his return home should have been celebratory and even triumphant, flags waving, flags hoisting and all. Nigerian citizens deserves this.

But no, again, the president returns like a thief, at two thirty Anti Meridian in the wee hours of the morning! And this leads me to wonder aloud, who is exactly, is calling all the shots? Why is the need for all these seeming immature management of our national symbol? The Nigerian Press and Media and by extension, all citizens were deprived of, even a fleeting glimpse of President YarAdua, after 93 days in Saudi Arabian hospital.

Well, all that preliminaries now taken care of, and out of the way, the real gist is the muck and the clouds still surrounding Mr. YarAdua health, is he well enough now? Is he able to return to work immediately? Is Acting President Goodluck Jonathan at liberty, constitutionally, to perform presidential functions until further notice and until Mr. YarAdua is fully recovered and bubbly? Or would he leave the presidency on health grounds? What will the Federal Executive meeting on February 24th, 2010 be like, will he attend with a triumphal entry, sans jet lag and groggy face from medicament?

And how about now, that President YarAdua is back to base? And presumably, at the helms of affairs for Nigeria, once again? Is he now in Aso Rock, our seat of power and presidential residence and would remain there? Some have speculated, that he is on life support? How do we proceed? After Mr. YarAdua’s prolonged absence presidential duties and all the high decibels debates? How about the noncompliance and or violations of section 145 of the constitution? And many other questions, such as, whether the president failure to have transmitted a letter, to trigger and active vice president acting in his stead, should necessitate a hearing. Then, alternatively, there are more questions, whether he should have voluntarily resigned and relinquished power? Or whether he should have been pushed out office, through impeachment, for being physical-mentally unfit and incapacitated and unavailable? Additional questions still persist, such as, his failure, neglect, and or refusal to comply with the constitution. Or shall we now, just let all these be bygone, and let all that debate now rest, if he is well and returns to working conscientiously?

There is arguably, no longer, a constitutionally sound reason or predicate upon which to impeach President YarAdua. And, now that he is back, if he is healthy and fit, there is no longer a reason for Vice President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to remain as the Acting President. The circumstances of the preceding 93 days, have changed and reverted to "normal" and so, Mr. Jonathan from now on, will only do duties assigned to him by Mr. YarAdua. We may now overlook the fact that Mr. YarAdaua for 93 days, abdicated his throne and was intransigent and recalcitrant, when he should just have complied with constitutionally mandated and stipulated procedure and processes.

However, there should be no mistake about it, that, now that Mr. YarAdua is back to presidential duties, all are reminded, that he remains our president and national symbol. And that he is, was always our substantive president, who was taken away, temporarily, by personal medical condition which had led to a national controversy, now he is back to work and that should end the brouhahas. Mr. Jonathan from now on, will only do, or carry out, duties assigned to him by Mr. YarAdua

President YarAdua swore to uphold and defend the constitution and now is the time to demonstrate that commitment. This is also time to act magnanimously and with malice towards none. Our servant leader, hopefully, is now found new energy from his medical vacation, should hunker down to do the presidential heavy lifting Mr. YarAdua, if he is now well and fit to resume work, he must refrain himself, put restraints on others, not to hound anyone on account of debates which surrounded his departure and long stay in Saudi Arabia, a stay which generated abundance controversy. If he is well enough to resume presidential duties, he must singularly focus on those duties and not waste valuable time seeking retributions and vengeful vendettas against anyone who became restive as a result of Mr. YarAdua long stay outside Nigeria, from work.

It is better that he is back home in full perfect health, imperfect, impaired or worse, than, remaining and sticking out like a sore thumb in Saudi Arabia, sticking out as monumental for embarrassment. There is now, no a constitutionally sound reason to impeach President YarAdua, unless there emerge an apparent reason or there is a subsequent affront against our constitution.

President Umaru Musa YarAdua is most probably returning to presidential duties which he had abandoned for 93 days. The time to have impeached him have passed. I was among those, who previously urged his impeachment because he abandoned presidential duties without compliance with section 145 of our constitution, so that his failure, neglect or refusal, could have been seen and or interpreted as "gross misconduct" and therefore impeachable . Now however, unless he voluntarily resigns, which is very doubtful, or that he is medically evaluated to be physically-mentally unfit and then removed from office, and this is also quite unlikely. He has returned to presidential duties and barring more clandestine actions and subterranean intrigues, Nigeria is back to normal, politically, constitutionally, starting now.

It is unfathomable, or impossible to imagine or expect the FEC and the National Assembly is suddenly hyperactive, when they were stymied and frozen in place during all these 93 days of inaction when Mr. YarAdua was absent. I cannot see them becoming suddenly active or aggressive now, against Mr. YarAdua who is now present with own defense.
The only far-fetched expectation is perhaps that, he will resign voluntarily, highly unlikely!
If he was quitting, he would have headed for Abuja. But to Katsina state instead, as the aircraft was reported route-charted Abuja, Kano and Katsina.
The window and door on his impeachment prospect is now foreclosed or more like, slammed in on faces of all those who may have still been expecting that today!

The only options now left is a voluntary resignation by President Umaru YarAdua based on his discretion, taking full cognizance of his precarious health condition, but what if he just received a brand new heart and kidneys transplants etc

Clearly, from the constitutional standpoint, Nigerians through the National Assembly are the employers of President YarAdua. He was absent from his duty station for almost a hundred days, we did not fire him... but now, he has recovered after a long treatment and recuperation. No reason to fire him.

President YarAdua and his supporters must realize however, that, so much transpired while his absence from presidential duties persisted. And millions of Nigerians, at home and abroad, and millions of people around the world, were aghast, some prayed, some were worried sick and some others, feared chaos, anarchy, war and disintegration, as a result of the power vacuum created by his absence, induced of course, by his ill health.

President YarAdua, his family and friends, must realize that, Nigerians and well wishers of Nigeria, did and said things, and fretted openly and often, because they worried for Nigeria during Mr. YarAdua prolonged absence. These persons, only wanted to avoid the power vacuum and void foisted upon Nigeria and which persisted for too long. A situation which came about due to actions and inactions of President YarAdua and his elongated absence from presidential duties, and particularly so, in view of President YarAdua willful neglect to comply with section 145 of the Constitution of Nigeria.

It is now hoped that there would be no vendetta and vindictiveness and or actions directed at ostracizing those worried privately and even publicly, those who sought the best to be done in the protection and preservation of Nigeria’s national interests.

President Umaru Musa YarAdua is back home, healthier and fit, physically and mentally. President Umaru Musa YarAdua, the substantive president of Nigeria, is back to presidential duties. It is time to show good leadership, encrusted in magnanimity. Mr. President now has all the cards and the aces as well. Nigeria will be worse or better, the preferably better, and the next move is by President Umaru Musa YarAdua of Nigeria.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Danjuma Thunderous Applause Or Scalding Scathing Scorching Rebukes

General Danjuma, A Thunderous Applause Or Scathing Rebukes?
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Shall we offer General Theo Danjuma thunderous applause or scalding, scathing, scorching rebukes?

A unique set of circumstances were presented in Nigeria very recently. General Theo Danjuma of Nigeria announced a hundred million dollars surplus with which he intended to do public good, for Nigerians’ common good. And the reception which he received was uproarious, in the most negative sense of the that term, this, even though he may have expected thunderous applause and ovations for his “philanthropy”

Many questions have therefore arisen, the most crucial, among them are whether Nigerians and the entire world should applaud General Danjuma or should he be bathed and drenched in scalding and scorching criticisms? Criticism predicated on the inappropriate means employed by Danjuma and others like him, in gaining wealth and opulence in the first place.

But are the means peculiar, unique and limited to General Danjuma? Have the rest of Nigerians who employed and continue to employ similar identical means come forward with surpluses and plans for public good?

There are quite likely 1000 Nigerians as rich as Theo Danjuma, and this is not because these Nigerians were making candles, matches or ice creams or engage in any beneficial productivity for our society, our nation, NO.

Danjuma, quite unlike the 999 other Nigerians similarly situated, Danjuma has come forward with remorse, contrition, Mea Culpa and confession with a pledge to make amends and give back... and we are excoriating him?

When will we spare a thought about the 999 other Nigerians who are remorseless, unapologetic... and are as we are speaking, still seeking to get richer at our national expense and do so with impunity still. When are those now shrill-shouting Danjuma down, going to arrest and stoned to death, the other 999 Nigerians who have offered no contrition or contribution or give backs because the got rich inappropriately or even illegally?

Danjuma dirties our street with litters without getting caught in the act or getting his just reward by way of punishment or penalty. He returns to our community to confess and wants now to contribute and participate in cleaning up... we abuse him... this, even though there were others just like Danjuma who dirties, littered our communities and continues to pollute with impunity and unapologetic and without remorse or contrition or contribution or give back and we as a community are currently doing zilch and nadir about the rest of the looters 999 of them

Why are we so hard on Danjuma, the one who came forward? We the most religious people on earth? same us? Why are we subjecting the seemingly repentant Danjuma to suffocating and withering criticisms

I am as good as the next person who pretends to know Danjuma’s mind, motives, ulterior or unsavory. We ought to be prepared to recognize that there are Robin Hoods, Robber Barons elsewhere in the world, historically, outside of Nigeria. Abiola and Okotieboh properties depreciated in Lagos and elsewhere as their families fought over shares of inheritances, monies saved in secret overseas accounts are frequently forfeited abroad by Nigerians and other African political office holders upon death, with monies in bank accounts and or houses, flats and apartments abroad which becomes the resources and wealth of other nations soon enough, secrecy and all

A lady married to one of Nigeria former president received $40 million dollars in bogus consultancy fees, and this clearly siphoning and capital flight from Nigeria to the ensuring continuing underdevelopment. Questions to be asked of these characters, should include, the source of funding for the American University in Nigeria. What is their annual budget? And how, within such budget could they afford $40 million dollars as “consultancy fees” within a very short period of time? And what exactly is the nature of such consultancy services? What other similar consultancies have the entities and character performed or undertaken for institutions similar in the same categories as American University? What is their track record of performance and revenue generation and tax payments etc?

There is a pattern in all of these, nods and winks are offered to those who siphon money out of Nigeria, nay Africa, then, we have a deprived education sector, as other sectors, without resources or adequate funding. I recently attended a forum or public event, facilitated by The New York Times Reuters, so-called Education initiatives, where begging to fund education in Tanzania was essentially the issue, that is, begging for funding in the midst of abundance in the case of Nigeria for instance

I quite clearly recognize the importance of best business practices, and how crucial accountability and transparency is, for growth and development in Africa, and worldwide. However, in this particular instance of Danjuma action or pronouncements, in comparison with others like him in the Nigerian environment, who are not atoning or repentant, I do have a clear understanding of the clear distinction, between “What is, and what ought to be. And the difference between utopia versus reality as reconciled

There should be no confusing my position here with defending those who do not play by the rules in Nigeria. Those who act inappropriately and do so frequently and with impunity. I have no respect or admiration for those who pillage and plunder our collective national wealth of resources and patrimony

My stance here, should not be mistaken for any suggestion that Danjuma and others, should have neglected to pay taxes, play by the rules and adhered to best business practices from the beginning and in the first place. But Danjuma’s public announcements have taken us quite beyond that initial point. We are therefore well past the issues of questionable methodologies of oil block or oil well allocations to private citizens who are well connected to those at the helms of government, instead of, say, allocations based on competitive bidding contracts which allocates oil wells to entities with the wherewithal and resources for oil exploration and exploitation, with kind regard to maintaining a balance in ecosystem and clean safe and unpolluted and without degrading our environment.

We are here addressing 500 million dollars steps beyond that infant stage. Money is declared as profit, “owner” of the money, offer a fraction, albeit, a tiny fraction, and others, similarly situated, are unwilling to offer identical tiny fractions of their loot from same identical source, why hang Danjuma for being a tad better than the rest of his constipated class Nigerians?

There is nothing here to suggest that there should be dancing in the streets by Nigerians in celebrating Danjuma as patron saint and angel, angel he is certainly not. But in comparison to other Nigerians in his class, he comes out of all of these smelling like fresh cut roses or basil!

There was this Nigerian cartoon which I saw last year, it portrayed a man, and an armed robber, the man being robbed of bags of money admonishes the robber for his robbery, and asks, how can you do this to a senator? The armed robbers now retorted, “in that case, give me what belongs to me, you senator, stole the peoples’ wealth” It is quite understandable therefore, that in this context, it can be successfully argued, that Danjuma is merely returning to us, what belonged to us, all along. But, the truth of the matter is that there many more like Danjuma, who are splendidly uninterested in returning to us, what belonged to us, or sharing or using part of it to “burnish or launder” their image, so what do we say to those others? What are we doing about those others, even as we subject Danjuma to these public damnations?

What all the above statements of criticisms directed at Danjuma omit and ignore, is the fact that in Nigeria, there are 500 or 1000 more persons as rich or richer than Danjuma and quite unlike Danjuma, they have impunity, continuing impunity, they offer no contrition, they are remorseless, and unrelenting in their pillage and plunder. Danjuma is a Robbin Hood or Robber Baron, but where are the others?
Give Danjuma a break already, especially when we consider him alongside the others, in comparative and analytical terms! So far, too many people seem merely satisfied to have an emotional reaction devoid of the cost benefit analysis of accepting the return of one hundred million dollars by Danjuma to the people of Nigeria, compared with rejecting the amount, in the face of the high rate of unemployment and abject poverty in our homeland.

What we should be debating here, in my view therefore, is how the $100 million dollars largess should be utilized for the maximum benefits of Nigeria's poor or might be better invested and managed for public good, adding value to Nigeria’s wealth and happiness and without opprobrium and penalty to Danjuma.

In this regard, there are examples to be had as to how other nations deal with matter such as these. Recently, President Obama of the United States of America, eschewed penalties and punishments in waivers for Americans who operated bank accounts outside the United States. There were about 55, 000 Americans engaged in offshore banking through the Swiss Banking System. President Obama eschewed punishments and penalties, when those engaged in these activities, came forward to disclose their offshore accounts and outstanding tax liabilities and obligations etc, during a moratorium and amnesty period.

Nigerians and Nigeria, can similarly, allow, Danjuma release the $100 million dollars, perhaps other millionaires, billionaires, Nigerians who got rich through similar-identical process, will get jealous of the admiration-adulation Danjuma gets for doing Nigerians the "favor" of returning the $100 million dollars... and then, this might just spur competition between the billionaires and millionaires to do public good for our common good? Who knows? Conversely, Nigerians can engage in endless tirades directed at Danjuma, and in essence, kill his initiative, in the act of giving back or returning our wealth for our use.

First of all, we must ask ourselves whether there are currently efficient and effective instruments or machinery to compelling Danjuma and other millionaires-billionaires, to pay tax and dislodge monies in recompense for their sordid rules averse pasts. We must also as pointedly state, when, for instance, we plan to hold others to account for their imperfect or greedy pasts. Are there immediate plans to compel good behavior from our rule averse decadent millionaires billionaires? Are we arresting or doing something about those other Nigerians and non-Nigerians who identically-similarly got rich inappropriately, unethically, at the expense of Nigerians and Nigeria, if not, why are we so emotional about Danjuma who is returning some money? Danjuma who is arguably atoning for his sins? His past?

Nigerians including myself, will be satisfied if General Theo. Danjuma should invest or use the $100 million dollars in Niger Delta where there are polluted rivers and streams and farmlands due to oil prospecting and exploration activities which have resulted to ruined farmlands and polluted rivers and streams, with consequent sufferings and hardships to Niger Delta locals, whose livelihood are deprived and denied, through unconscionable oil spillages and wanton environmental degradations, for decades

A majority of Nigerians and myself, will be satisfied, if Danjuma funds and build Low Cost Housing in the Niger Delta or award scholarships directed at Niger Delta citizens, and perhaps nationwide. After all, nations are only as developed, advanced and great relative to their investment in education and increase in her national knowledge base

In all of these therefore, the crucial point remains, which is that, Danjuma might not be a saint, but there are many incontrovertible Double-Devils in Nigeria, unrepentant devils, industrial strength devils. Why then, does it appear that those criticizing Danjuma so harshly, seemed to have lost sight of the environment in which Danjuma and the rest of us have been operating and still do? Why now, play holier than Holies? Why must a repentant Danjuma’s blood be the one with which some seek to exorcise Nigeria

Why the fixation on the guy with some contrition/remorse. The lopsided nature of our social-political structure has not changed. Rules regarding transparency and accountability enforcements or the lack thereof, is still same. Machinery and tools of enforcements are unchanged or nonexistent. We may add that, by the way, new oil blocks are about to be allocated, even as we debate these issues now.

The point is well taken about preferred emphasis on insisting on Best Business Practices, and the decent and morally outstanding idea, of not entrenching and or, encouraging a culture of Robber Barons and actors who frequently act impunity

Nigerians must judge Danjuma by a fair, reasonable and even, I dare say, an equitable standard. Let us see Danjuma as one of our debtors among hundreds of debtors. He is repentant and willing to atone for his debt, even if grudgingly and in bits and pieces. Comparatively, there are the others, who are equally or more indebted to us. But who are unwilling to atone or repent or return and repay us the debt they owe us, or return what the stole, looted, pillaged and plundered with impunity and immeasurable greed, how then do they stack up against the tearfully repentant Danjuma?

Instead of holding Danjuma‘s feet to the fires, and engaging in moral preachments, Nigerians ought to focus on how to invest the money which Danjuma plan to return. We know that $100 million dollars can build and equip state of the art hospital, in Katsina State of Nigeria, the home state of our President Umaru Musa YarAdua, a hospital which could be a replica of the Jeddah Hospital in Saudi Arabia, or any good hospital in the world, so that we can bring our president home, for treatment and recuperation, after all, having him abroad for almost a hundred days is poignant metaphorical indictment of the decadence in our health care system or medical infrastructure, and it is also a monument embarrassment to our prestige and national pride; our president the symbol of our nation! It is monumental embarrassment to have him in Saudi Arabia for another 100 days! Has anyone inquired how much President YarAdua's hospitalization is costing Nigerians?

Additionally, we Nigerians also know that $100 million dollars will fix Nigerian refineries or build new refinery and enhance regular petroleum supply throughout Nigeria, hence big relief and alleviation of sufferings and hardships in our homeland as a consequence of frequent petrol shortage or scarcities.

Furthermore, $100 million dollars can be donated to all medical schools in Nigeria for medical research and or, a good addition to the poor funding of the education sector in Nigeria, which is currently less than 5% of Nigeria’s annual budget and a far cry from the UNESCO recommended 30%, especially if Nigeria aspires to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals or MDGs

Our nation currently generate and transmit energy in inadequate megawatts, and as such, $100 million dollars could be devoted to energy research, so that in our life time. There will be steady supply of electricity in all the 774 Local Government Areas of Nigeria, all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja with such additional investment in energy research and development, preferably, new energy in these modern times of solar, nuclear, wind, hydro electric and varieties of energy sources.

Pipe borne water in Abuja, clean water anyone? $100 million dollars well targeted, would help and go a long way, to ensuring the provision of clean water for domestic use in Nigeria. It is public knowledge that many avoidable and preventable diseases arises from drinking and use of unsafe water supplies in Nigeria

There are many other Nigerian individuals similarly situated sans oil blocks and donations
Foreign Oil Companies have command and control of all the oil blocks originally awarded to individuals. And how many of these oil companies are good, responsible corporate citizens? How many of them have foundations established for promoting Nigerians and Nigeria‘s public interests? How many of them sponsor Nigeria’s Olympics Committee efforts or International sports fiestas, just as most of those same companies do in America and Europe in their home countries?

All these entities and persons are merely parasitic opportunists., but, perhaps Danjuma is arguably an opportunist with a human face/heart/conscience or remorse? Is having a human-face, heart, conscience and or remorse not better than unrepentant impunity?

Again, it must be remembered that Nigerians and Nigeria must not be discussed in vacuum, but in comparison with historical happenstances in other nations similar to ours. After all, proceeds-profits or blood-money from slavery is the foundation of the bulk of western industrialization. Proceeds-profits from slavery was used to establish the now world famous Harvard University veritas my veritas

There are many other Nigerian individuals similarly situated sans oil blocks and donations
Foreign Oil Companies have command and control of all the oil blocks originally awarded to individuals such as Danjuma. I quite understand any argument ideally, justice should be blind to the idiosyncratic peculiarities of citizen Ibori and citizen IBB. In my law enforcement mode, I take the view that if you do the crime you do the time etc. I also know about the essence of justice and when a plea bargain might just serve the end of justice. But, here is plea bargain or deal, a Nolle Prosecui, a half-way house for Danjuma

This is therefore about half-decent or extremely indecent or half-loaf versus no-loaf gesture on the part of a repentant and an atoning Danjuma, who is, in my view, deserving of our circumspect reconsideration and not deserving of being ostracized. The situation which we have in our hands is rather not ideal or perfect, we are not yet in utopia. It is what it is, we have to work with what we have and make do.

This situation we have is, as if a guy owes you a hundred dollars for a year, he eventually offer a bit of it, say thirty dollars, and as your lawyer, I will advise you to take it. But, your argument in favor of rejecting the payments in bits, is hinged on the fact that you do not want the money broken up, because that would make nonsense of the huge money your lent in bulk, t is devalued over time etc... But would you rather that you are not paid at all, forever?

In all of these, Nigerians must bear in mind that there are plenty other debtors of ours, who are not willing to pay anything shows no contrition or remorse. Important question remain, and they are whether half-decent or totally indecent persons are preferable. And whether half-loaf or no loaf is better?
We must strive to focus on the big picture, instead of appearing to completely missed the thrusts of the competing arguments, as to what constitutes Nigerians’ and Nigeria’s best interests.

It is almost trite to note here, that we are all aware of the impact of corruption on Nigeria. We are all also aware of the roles of persons such as Danjuma and others, and their various roles in specific exactitude! This knowledge of our society, our nation and the role of individuals, including unsavory characters, is reason why, I have publicly stated in published opinions, in the past, that the magnitude and pervasive-permeating impact of corruption on Nigeria, is worse than the impact of terrorism on America and her western allies.

All things considered, the ideal or perfect situation would have been to have all those responsible for Nigeria's poor state of affairs, already arrested, tried and detained in maximum security prison, and I am not here saying arrested, tried and jailed persons, should be let go without consequences for their criminal, antisocial and inappropriate enrichment. Instead, my stand is that laws on the books are only as good as their enforcements and bite. Laws and rules which are not enforced, are dead laws and rules.

If Nigeria had enforced existing rules and laws, the pillaging and plundering will not occur, but if they did, there would have been swift moves to hold those who break the rules and the laws to account. In that regard, I would have liked to be the prosecutor, I would have ensured the convictions and lock up of those avaricious and unconscionably greedy persons who have deprived Nigerians and Nigeria development, advancement and greatness and I would have been willing to swallow the keys to their prisons!

But, it is not the case that Nigeria is currently making looters face justice. Therefore, when the time comes and others like Danjuma are being punished, I will revise my current stance. However, what we currently have, is not quite a situation in which many looters have been compelled to account and to face justice and if a plethora of others are not facing penalties and punishment, why hold the atoning, and repentant Danjuma to a separate, and even, quite unreasonable standard? Why is it not okay for therefore to assert that Danjuma is better, a scintilla better than all the others, at a minimum? In all of this, we must recognize the difference between what ought to be, and what is real and what is. As the aphorism goes, if wishes were horses, even beggars would have horses on which to ride, but, we know they do not.

Many of those who have pillaged and plundered Nigeria are doubly evil, as they routinely stash their loot overseas. These looters, Nigerians and non-Nigerians among them, individuals and corporations included, have always deprived Nigeria twice, through stealing and then, not investing the stolen wealth within Nigeria. Some human beings they have a lot, they still want more. Is there a chance, that Danjuma’s act or mere pronouncement, may actually register something in the radar of Babangida, Ibori,, Cecilia Ibru, or Akingbola etc. Greed, avarice, unconscionable accumulation of wealth, at the expense of long term public interest should be discouraged in every society. Encouraging citizens to put public and private wealth and resources for the benefit of all members of our society and nation must be emphasized.

General Danjuma is apparently doing inelegantly, and imperfectly, what others haven not done, and are still unwilling to do, the truth is, there are still many others, who are quite unwilling to broach at all, what Danjuma is being scolded for. Danjuma openly does albeit inelegantly what others in Nigeria are unwilling to do, Danjuma may have opened a Pandora’s box or a new window into the Nigerian human soul, and this may well be a paradigm shift in national attitude, at the very minimum or at the very least, Danjuma act or surprise announcement, has opened a national dialogue or conversations about the “morality” of wealth. An oxymoron, and mutually exclusive terms?

Friday, February 19, 2010

American Terrorists Suicide Bombers Are Engaged In Terrorism Or Protests? Written by Paul I. Adujie Lawcareer@gmail.com New York, United States

American Terrorists Suicide Bombers Are Engaged In Terrorism Or Protests?
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Who Exactly Is A Terrorist? What Exactly Is A Terrorist Act? What Exactly Is Terrorism?

On Thursday February 18, 2010, a white man, an American citizen, Andrew Joseph Stack flew his plane into the Internal Revenue Service building in Texas. Prior to embarking on this heinous and dastardly act, the man also maliciously set his home ablaze in wanton destruction.

Andrew Joseph Stack went out in in a flame not of glory, but rather ingloriously. But his murderous terrorist act were under reported in very terse tenses, such as did The Wall Street Journal which reported the blood lust terrorist act as “Tax Protester Crashes Plane Into IRS Office” and then proceeded to caption the terrorist’s picture, as “An undated photo of Andrew Joseph Stack, the plane's pilot.”

I find the label or appellation which was appended by The Wall Street Journal rather revolting in the most egregiously offensive way. A bloodthirsty terrorist engaging in murderous and catastrophic bombing of human beings is a protester, a tax protester? Where was his placard? In the gas tank of his plane? Andrew Joseph Stack is just another Gandhi, King or Mandela? Why such so benign a description, almost endearing and affecting! Poor protester!


How frightened do people have to be or get? How many people have to have been murdered? How much in dollar terms would have to have been destroyed in arson, vandalism and maiming, for using an airplane as weapons of attack against a federal building, to earn its proper name, terrorism by terrorists who are suicide bombers as Andrew Joseph Stack clearly was? Or is he merely a protester and Montana Free Man? He is just a Libertarian with an aversion to paying his fair share of taxes? All brand new concepts of terrorism as protest? Does the offending person have to be White, Black, Brown, Christian, Muslim and from Western nations? Arab or Persian World or Afghan or Pakistani or Palestinian, Israeli or American to qualify as a terrorist engaged in terrorist acts also known as terrorism?

Who is a terrorist with a grudge and who is a protester with a grudge? What qualifies as legitimate grudge? Tax Policy or Foreign Policy?

We can now imagine that Khalid Sheik Mohammed at his eventual trial, arguing that September 11, 2001 attackers were merely using tools of civil aviation as instrument of protests against American Foreign Policy in the Middle East? The most brilliantly incandescent defense lawyers could not have come up with this brilliant masterstroke!

Does this not make every fair minded person wonder about this terrorism thing? As many questions now arise. Would an American citizen whose religion is Islam and with a name quite unlike Andrew Joseph Stack, who misbehaves in the same be similarly labeled as a tax protester?

Are definitions of terrorism and much of everything else in life, just about nationality and passport colors? Are some too quick to label others, while agonizing, pontificating and embellishing “appropriate” labels for themselves?

Is nationality and religion the determinant of who is labeled a terrorist and those who may not be so labeled? MOSSAD is suspected of murdering a Palestinian in a hotel in Dubai, the murderers-terrorists are not being condemned loudly, we have sedate diplomatic language used which emphasizes politesse!

So here were have two separate events occurring on both sides of the Atlantic, with nationals of Israel and America involved. And the world sees a very terse and tepid responses, without the usual or prefabricated righteous indignation against blood sucking Islamo-Fascists who are without logic or reason and merely guided by unreason and promised monopoly over 70 virgins! With nothing said of daily hardships and suffering and the innate desire in all humans, to be politically free from occupation, domination, marginalization and subjugation. Being occupied must be good for native peoples? No? Native peoples only care for religions and 100 virgins! We can do whatever we want, take whatever we want, sans lands and oil, but, just stay away from religion and the virgins? Ha!

Considering this MOSSAD efficiently executed assignment in Dubai, and the benign act of this tax protester in Texas, I have come to realize that I need a brand new definition for the term double standards as well as the definition for the word known as obfuscation

All of these also makes me wonder, what exactly, by way of heinous murders, violence, malicious destruction of property, private and public, can be determined to be terrorist acts?

If maiming of others, murders, and wanton destruction is not terrorism, perhaps we do need a definition, a new definition of … who is a terrorist, who is a terrorist and what the heck is terrorism?

A person with a grudge, flying a plane into a building with federal employees in it, is a terrorist, say McCall. Andrew Joseph Stack had a grudge, a murderous rage, flew his weapon into a federal building, killed someone in there and caused significant damage to the Internal Revenue Service building!

A terrorist is such person with violent murderous rage, with weapons and when such person undertakes substantial and significant steps, she is a terrorist engaged in terrorism, be he American, Saudi Arabian, Palestinian or Nigerian. In fighting terrorists and terrorism, we must recognize that there are virtues and vices worldwide. Fighting terrorists and terrorism, therefore requires a universal application of rules and terminologies to persons, White, Black, Arabian, or whether they are Mutallab, McVeigh, Mohammed or presciently, whether they are Andrew Joseph Stack, tax protester, engineer and pilot!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama Is Wrong On Nigeria, On Visit Snub, On Agents Meeting Babangida, & On Terrorist List

Obama Is Wrong On Nigeria, On Visit Snub, On Agents Meeting Babangida, & On Terrorist List
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

President Obama is wrong on Nigeria, wrong numerous times
Wrong on matter of snubbing Nigeria without the flying stop over “visit
Wrong on the matter of putting Nigeria on a so-called terrorist haven list
Wrong on meeting Ibrahim Babangida instead of pro-democracy groups, intelligentsia and professionals

President Obama’s administration does not have a policy on Nigeria, The only semblance of US policy toward Nigeria can be summarized as snubs and slaps and collusions with unsavory characters in Nigeria
Obama On Nigeria, Is Wrong Again And Again And Again In One Year

Snubs And Slaps As Substitute For Well Reasoned Long Term US Policy On Nigeria?

First, President Obama, in his infinite wisdom, decided to act and go contrary to traditions, as far as American African Policy is concerned. Mr. Obama ostentatiously ignored Nigeria in his maiden visit to the African continent, a “visit“ which should actually read as a stopover for a two hours, while on the way back to Washington DC from Italy, via Accra Ghana. Motivated by Nigeria’s stance on AFRICOM?

And the monumental mistake and error in judgment , on the part of the Obama administration, was explained and was justified by spin-doctors as an action necessitated by the imperfect elections which took place in Nigeria in April 2007, even though Mr. Obama did not become president of the United States until January 20, 2009 and this stopover in Ghana occurred in July 2009, more than two complete full years after the April 2007 elections in Nigeria. President Obama assumed the US presidency bearing grudges against Nigeria? It will be recalled that President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, visited Nigeria for more than a day in 2000 and ditto President George W. Bush a Republican, who of course, also visited Nigeria in 2003.

It is crucial to mention here that President Obama and his advisers actually visited Egypt, a nation which has had the same President Hosni Mubarak for several decades, and has run political oppositions underground in the most repressive and draconian ways. Similarly, President Obama and his advisers, apparently forgot to tell the world as Mr. Obama visited Saudi Arabia, the last time the Saudis had elections and when the next elections would be in that Kingdom? And of course, President Obama also visited China and spent days there… China, that industrial and military behemoth. But we must ask Mr. Obama whether China is an exemplification and epitome of democracy, elections and the rule of law or constitutionalism? Is America’s definition of democratic and constitutional idealism so fluid, fleeting and ephemeral, with vagaries of military, economic and strategic strength in different localities?

Ironically and quite paradoxically, Mr. Obama is an African American descent and a first generation American whose father was born in Kenya. Whereas, both President Clinton and President Bush are Caucasian Anglo Saxons. Brother Obama will not talk to us, because he thinks that we are going astray or not threading the right path?

Meanwhile, in sharp contrast, this same Obama, both as presidential candidate and actual president, made so much hay of what became his signature foreign policy thrusts, to the effect that he would negotiate and dialogue, even unconditionally with those hostile to American interests, or so-called American enemies, including North Korea, Iran and even the Taliban! The world knows that Nigeria has been friendly with the US, with excellent diplomatic and trade relations, even arguably against Nigeria’s best interests.

Listing Nigeria As If A Terrorist Haven, While Excluding Britain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar

Secondly, the American government under President Obama, barely five months after the blunder of neglecting Nigeria and loudly snubbing Nigeria, as an undemocratic nation due to imperfect elections, President Obama presided over the listing of Nigeria, among nations, within which terrorism or extremism is home grown cottage industry.

Again, President Osama’s listing of Nigeria as if some sorts of haven for terrorists, run counter to the facts, the evidences and good judgment based on the one-off failed-foiled amateurish acts of the underwear Christmas Day wannabe bomber, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab over the skies of Detroit, Michigan, in US

Again, it must be stated and restated, as it bears repeating for emphasis, that Mr. Obama is unduly and unfairly hostile to Nigerians and Nigeria. This stances by Mr. Obama, are quite unlike the historical cordial American-Nigerian diplomatic and trade relations.

Furthermore, it must be pointed out, that President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush had their fair share of terrorist attacks, events or activities during their combined 16 years in office. And apart from Mr. Bush’s so-called axis of evil, Mr. Bush, as gung-ho cowboy diplomacy expert as he was, never labeled Saudi Arabia a terrorist haven or country of interest regarding terrorism. This even though the Osama Bin Ladin is from Saudi Arabia by way of Yemen. And additionally, a majority of the September 11, 2001 hijackers who attacked locations within the United States, were Saudi Arabians.

Moreover, Britain is not on any country of interest list in connection with terrorism, even though Britain has a citizen in American jails, Richard Reid, the so-called shoe-bomber, tried and convicted for terrorism and besides, Britain has had several of her citizens detained and held without trial in Guantanamo Bay since 2001. And, it must be mentioned as well, that Britain is home to extremists who attacked the British trains or the Tube or Underground on July 7, 2007 and other such terrorist attacks at British airports and yet, Britain was never castigated and labeled by the then US president Mr. Bush as a terrorist haven, because Britain is a friend and ally of the US, just like Nigeria!

Clearly, Nigeria is not a haven for terrorists or terrorism and labeling and castigating Nigeria as such, simply flies in the face of good policy, common sense, logic and good judgment. This is particularly so, bearing in mind that Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab left Nigeria when he was ten years old. He thereafter variously schooled in Togo, Britain and then, lastly, in Yemen, he is therefore arguably a Nigerian almost only, in name. But the more profound point is that Umar Mutallab received his radicalization and training in extremism, outside of Nigeria, notably in Britain and then perfected in Yemen. Again, Britain does not enjoy the “privilege” of being on the list of 14 nations of interests to the Americans, regarding terrorism?

The nation of Qatar also had citizens who participated in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in USA, and Qatar is not on the infamous list on which Nigerians and Nigeria have been placed for special treatments of the disparaging and denigrating types. So, what is the rationale behind this disparity and double standards to which Nigerians and Nigeria are being subjected?

Obama Agents Are Reportedly Meeting And Cavorting The Evil Genius Ibrahim Babangida
But Why?

Since November 23rd 2009, President Umaru Musa YarAdua, Nigeria’s substantive president, has been hospitalized and remains incommunicado in a Jeddah Hospital in Saudi Arabia. As a consequence, there have been a seething anger and rage among a majority of Nigerians. This is mostly because Mr. YarAdua failed, neglected and refused to follow the provisions of the Constitution of Nigeria, in particular, section 145 which stipulates specifically and in a mandatory manner, that a Nigerian president desiring to be absent from presidential duty, must in writing inform and intimate the president of the Nigerian Senate with the National Assembly, such president’s intention to be absent from presidential duty. Such information when transmitted to the National Assembly, properly and promptly triggers the assumption of presidential duties by the vice president, who deputizes for such an absent president, until the substantive president returns and resumes her presidential duties, after, understandably, a short or medium duration.
As President Umaru Musa YarAdua inflicted his absence on Nigeria for an extended period of over 80 days, a political and constitutional crises collided and festered. Everyone, Nigerians at home and abroad, and others, even non-Nigerians who became aware of the power vacuum and power void, were alarmed, as it portended harbingers of violence, anarchy, coup or even war and disintegration. The deadlock and impasse were palpable.

Eventually, after much dithering by political actors in Nigeria, the America, Britain, France and the EEU, issued a terse public statement imploring, nudging and admonishing the Nigerian political class to follow Nigerian laws and the Constitution of Nigeria, and to act quickly to end what was then a frightening lacuna in the Nigeria political and constitutional space. The aforesaid statements was not meddling.

Not too long after that, the Nationally Assembly acted, by passing a resolution to empower Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President until President Umaru Musa YarAdua, the substantive president of Nigeria returns to presidential duties or until further notice, thereby, at least temporarily, staving disaster off and avoiding a fall of the cliff or precipice or head-on collusion with calamities. This action by the National Assembly were not in perfect compliance with the Constitution of Nigeria, which clearly states various specific procedures and methods for ascending and to and from, the presidency and vice presidency, in ideal circumstances. Or when all the stars are perfectly aligned, constitutionally speaking.

Since the action by the National Assembly, some have brilliantly argued, that necessity or exigent circumstances and political delicate balancing acts, made the National Assembly’s resolution an a necessity if not an imperative. This is because, Nigeria was in a half-loaf or no loaf situation, and the National Assembly offered a half-loaf, and everyone saw it as a respite and breathed relief.

Then came the shocking news that foreign elements, including agents of the United States government were sent as emissaries to Mr. Ibrahim Babangida, a man who is known and associated with all of Nigeria’s recent political, social-economic malaises. These ranging from the senseless devaluation of Nigeria’s national currency, the Naira, to the imposition of the IMF/World Bank fashioned bitter and economic growth arresting and stunting policy, formally known as the Structural Adjustment Program, imposed on Nigeria at the behest of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan of the Britain and US respectively.

A Pattern Of Undermining Democracy, While Publicly Pretending to Advocate and Promote It

On the heels of all these, comes an article, written by a two time former US ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador Campbell, in which, he generalized about Nigeria, made provocative and even inaccurate statements about Nigerians and Nigeria, and the current state of affairs on the ground in Nigeria. And this is compounded, by the very fact that the Americans are meeting with Mr. Ibrahim Babangida at this crucial time.

This cavorting, by the Americans, with a former military dictator, and a thug, Ibrahim Babangida, a man who wrought ruinations upon Nigeria, a man who is quite unpopular with the people of Nigeria, for his ineptitude and for perpetrating gross economic and political frauds is quite suspect. Meeting with Mr. Babangida, confers respectability, integrity and clout, which he does not have and does not deserve. And, it runs counter, to the loud proclamations regarding America’s well advertised desire to advocate, advance the exportation and promotion of democracy in Nigeria, and everywhere else worldwide. General Gowon is a former head of state, so is General Buhari etc, why are the Americans not meeting with them? Mr. Gowon is said to possess a PhD in political science too! How about meetings with Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka and Femi Falana or some members of the National Assembly who are progressive, how about the US meeting with middle class professionals in medicine, law and academia? Or the Nigerian Bar Association, the Nigerian Medical Association, the Nigerian Labor Congress etc?

The Ambassador Campbell's article is very vexing for several reasons, it is full of too many generalizations and oversimplifications about Nigerians and Nigeria. He asserted that Mr. Jonathan is weak, how could anyone determine Acting President Jonathan weak so soon? Why the rush to judge him? Why so fast? What was Mr. Jonathan expected to do or have done, before power "officially/formally" devolved? Besides, Mr. Campbell’s current article is reminiscent of another recent article of his, in which Ambassador Campbell engaged in doom and gloom about Nigeria, including his portrayal of Nigeria as now consigned to irrelevance, and of no significance to the Americans and to the world scheme of things. Ambassador Campbell is trenchant and pedantic, and I suspect that he has an audience for his pedagogy?

What could any reasonable person have expected Mr. Goodluck Jonathan to have done during these past 80 days? Mr. Jonathan was supposed to have been carrying placards? Or was he was expected to behave in an uncouth manner and engage in power grab? Other than give, at minimum, the outward appearance of neutrality? Lest he is accused of power mongering?

The National Assembly waited for 80 days as the power void and power vacuum subsisted. Necessity and exigent circumstances dictated their action... albeit, imperfect constitutionally. And is it better in the circumstances to throw the baby with bathwater?

Perhaps it is also now appropriate to ask, whatever happened to president Obama shrill-shouting talk about why Africa Does Not Need Strong Men But Strong Institution? I suppose for Ambassador Campbell and Mr. Obama, Ibrahim Babangida represent the strong institutions which they wish for Nigeria, encapsulated in one dictator?
Who exactly is advising Mr. Obama regarding Nigeria? Could it be Ambassador Campbell? Why is America current policy toward Nigeria merely limited to snubs and slabs? How did Nigeria leap unto terrorist haven? AND, why are diplomats giving the appearance that they are canvassing and advocating coups as solution to political and constitutional crises?

Could these provocative, and inflammatory actions and pronouncement be predicated on the unquenchable thirst for our nation’s black gold? Could have something to do with the idea that whomever can turn on a steady SPIGOT flow of crude oil is good enough for the American government? Aren’t some people tired of short term benefits at tremendous costs or great immeasurable price? Here they go again with the “standard” myopic, parochial and expedient policy... which will soon enough, blow up in their faces, while feigning surprise. How come the Americans are not interested in meeting with pro-democracy movements and non-government organizations? The Nigerian intelligentsia, professional organizations, opposition political parties, the real stake holders, instead of Ibrahim Babangida? Why the preference for him? A coup expert and consultant for the United States in that regard?

Why the preference to meet with thugs and enemies of the electorate? Are these in efforts to undermine the electorate and democracy? Nigerians should be very alert, and awake and if a coup does occur, as Nigerians now know, must know, on whose doorsteps we lay the consequences. I personally find the Christian/Muslim, North/South comments by Ambassador Campbell, provocative and inflammatory. And perhaps meant to stoke the fires and to incite segments of our national population in Nigeria, in an already volatile time such as Nigerians and Nigeria have been experiencing recently.

Are there subliminal messages in this article by Ambassador Campbell? And the alleged meetings taking place between agents and emissaries of the US and Mr. Babangida?

How can the US government, and Ambassador Campbell, convince Nigerians and Nigeria, that they mean well for us? How can they convince us that they are advocates of democracy, the rule of law and constitutionalism? How can they, particularly, in view of all these shenanigans which are public?

Nigeria Succession: Peaceful, But Illegal


Michael Aondoakaa Former Agf Should Be Investigated And Tried

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Option Of Military Attack On Iran by America And Or Israel

The Option Of Military Attack On Iran by America And Or Israel
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Upon listening to former US Vice President Dick Cheney’s countless lectures to the President Obama’s administration on matters of national security, and much else, lectures, in connection with American domestic and foreign policies, I am clearly tired of Mr. Cheney sanctimonious sermons, and my reaction to his Dick Cheney’s latest, in these series of lectures, is what can be described as an industrial strength irritation. And I have now concluded that someone ought to tell Mr. Cheney that he “Should Shut Up Already, And Just Go Away”! Mr. Cheney ought to stop rattling and rankling Mr. Obama’s administration, ever so frequently.

Mr. Cheney has been stoking the embers of American national anger fires, sans Tea Party, since leaving office on January 20, 2009. Mr. Cheney has been unrelenting, he has been strident and loudly critical Mr. Obama. Mr. Cheney has been vigorous and vociferous, in his steady and regular criticisms of the Obama’s administration.

In view of Mr. Cheney’s frequency of attacks on the current government led by the Democrats, anyone will be forgiven for wondering why Mr. Cheney chose not to run for president, as successor to former President George W. Bush to the White House! It is public knowledge that Mr. Cheney did more than drive Mr. Bush’s policies and administration. This idea was so pervasive, until Mr. Bush felt compelled to announce that he was the “decider” of his administration and nobody else. But the more one listens to Mr. Cheney, the more inclined one is, to believe that he regrets not contesting and that he misses his opportunity of operating from his famous undisclosed location near the White House.

Clearly, Mr. Cheney does not see any value in anything President Obama does. Mr. Cheney is on a weekly basis, on American television networks, badmouthing the current leaders of American government regarding domestic and foreign policies, even when it is clear to most of us, that Mr. Obama is in fact continuing , unaltered, a majority of the Bush-Cheney policies, foreign and domestic.

This is evident in the economic bailout and stimulus packages. This is also evident in the continuance of the two foreign was which were begun by the Bush-Cheney administration. Mr. Obama is unable to close Guantanamo Bay detention center, just as he is unable to put suspected terrorists on trial in civilian courts in the United States, even though, these were exactly close to the Bush-Cheney policy position, before the election in November 2008

Even on nuclear energy Mr. Obama is now far to the right of Republican position, as Mr. Obama has become a facilitator and an advocate of nuclear energy, as he has given the nuclear energy industry in America a ringing endorsement through an executive act guaranteeing $8 billion dollars loan for the construction of nuclear facilities or plants in Burke, Georgia. There are about 30 other applications pending in the United States for the construction of more nuclear energy plants. I can imagine that there is an overwhelming delight and jumping for joy and dancing in the street by sundry American environmentalists, including the Sierra Club. Whatever happened to nuclear wastes disposals concerns by Democrats and majority of left or progressives policy advocates and supporters?

Appropriately, some now wonder whether a great part of Mr. Obama’s policies are driven by the fear of what Mr. Cheney would think of any of his policy pursuits? Mr. Obama’s administration has over the preceding twelve months, appeared to have adopted and co-opted so many of the Bush-Cheney policy positions for which the Republicans were repudiated at the polls by the American electorate in the first place.

The Democrats, perhaps, not to be outdone by the Republicans, who seem to always manage to claim monopoly, trademark, and copyright, on matters of wars, terrorism and the so-called national security issues, the Democrats as a consequence, are beginning to sound, more and more hawkish. In particular, there are recent pronouncements by members of the Obama’s administration, which are so identical to the war mongering reminiscent of Republican administration, particularly, the Bush-Cheney version

Mr. Cheney is regularly re-litigating and rearguing, all the failed policies for which he and Mr. Bush stood. Policies which left America in military and economic dire straits! The Democrats should call his bluff and remind the electorate and the entire world, how Cheney-Bush foisted the current debacles and quagmires upon the unsuspecting American citizens.

A majority of the Cheney-Bush policies were wrongheaded. But Mr. Obama has not really dismantled the Cheney-Bush policies, and yet, Mr. Cheney continues to furiously charge like a mad bull, at Mr. Obama. Mr. Cheney’s antics is beyond fair comment, they are inappropriate and quite unlike what your would expect of an elder statesman.

The drums of war are beating again, and getting louder. Former vice president of the United States, Mr. Dick Cheney, is upping the antes with his demand that President Obama should issue credible military threat to Iran, and make it clear, that the military option is on the table. One therefore wonders if Mr. Obama is not being goaded into military actions, in order to appear tough on national security, just as the Republicans are busily portraying him as weak in matters of national security and wars. New development suggest a sort of stampede towards looking tough and gung-ho. It is now as if the Republicans who were repudiated at the polls in November 2008, are now dictating scripts of domestic and foreign policies to the Democrats who earned a mandated from the electorate in rejection of the Republicans. Vote D, get R?

American Chairman of Joint Chiefs, General Michael Mullen while in Israel, and in Jordan, emphatically reiterated American and Israel position to the effect that Iran would not be “permitted” to procure nuclear capability and nuclear weapons

While Mr. Dick Cheney and General Mullen were issuing these public statements in Israel and in the US respectively, the American Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton, was making similar pronouncements, in Qatar, in which she said that Iran is tilting towards becoming a military dictatorship. There seem to be a coalesce of events and activities pointing to a crescendo.

President Obama recently approved the deployment of additional 30, 000 American troops in addition to the nearly 100,000 American troops already in Afghanistan. Bearing in mind that Iran is a neighbor to Iraq where there already is, about 150,000 American troops since the invitation and occupation of Iraq since March 2003. Iran Shares borders with Iraq and Afghanistan., it is therefore arguable that with such assemblage of American military armada around and near Iran already, invading Iran might be very tempting for the Americans. The Americans could quite easily envisage a one-stop-shopping in attacking Iran, with the military and strategic resources already massed near Iran, in neighboring nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar etc.

Such an attack will knock off Iranian nuclear efforts for about 3 years, and quite likely or probably, unleash a reign of vendetta, vengeful and vindictive actions against the US and her allies, including nations in the Arab and Persian regions who are “cooperating” with the US position and policy.

A wounded Iran could lobe missiles into southern Saudi Arabian oil fields and a barrel of crude oil will become $300 and Iran will cause chaos in for the US in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and even Afghanistan which is not too far from Iran in the first place. A military attack on Iran by Israel and or the US would only exacerbate the feeling in Arabia and Persia of being under attack by Christian nations prosecuting a so-called crusade. It is not a stretch at all, to imagine that more and more Muslims, or nations with sizeable Muslim populations would experience instability, violent unrests as more and more Muslims would reasons to feel under attack and under siege. This could be the recruitment tool which extremists would be happy to harvest, as it is dropped unto their laps. It can clearly be foreseen, that spate of terrorism will most probably increased. Can the world afford such chaos or Third World War? This is what I worry about regarding the invasion and occupation of Iran or a so-called regime change or such other war and interference and foreign forays into Iran, as is being loudly canvassed by Mr. Dick Cheney and others.

The necessity and efficacy of such an attack is outweighed by the Armageddon which it would unleash unto the Middle East and by extension, the entire world.

A military attack on Iran by the US and Israel, will seal the fate of political opposition in Iran and everyone in Iran will rally round the current leadership apparatuses in Iran, including, the American-Israeli despised President Ahmadinenajad

Iran is closer to China and Russia than to the United States, but neither China nor Russia is excitably irritated by Iran’s flirtations with nuclear power and or nuclear energy. So why is the United States shrill-shouting Iran on this nuclear matter? And why is the United States not similarly excitable about Israel’s so-called “strategic ambiguity” regarding it’s nuclear weaponry? Whatever happened to the “balance of terror”? or détente, through the knowledge that your opponent is equally endowed or equipped with arsenals to destroy you, as you similarly do possess weapons with which to annihilate your opponents?

If it is deemed proper for Israel to have nuclear weapons and other sophisticated weapons of war, why is it so outrageous for another nation, such as Iran, to possess similar or identical weapons, just so that, there is a mutually assured chance or risk of nuclear annihilation, so that, that knowledge equality in possessions of weapons of Armageddon, might just be the deterrence on the part of Israel and Iran, in the pursuit and possession and unreasonable deployment and use of nuclear weapons? Why the excoriation of Iran and North Korea regarding nuclear weapons, why there is this winks and nods to Israel on matters of nuclear weapons and Israel so-call strategic ambiguity?

Why is it that every American policy is lopsided to the advantage of Israel? Israel invaded and bombed out Iraq nuclear facilities in the 1980s, American presidents have not made Israel to engage in productive negotiations with Palestine, despite the nearly $10 billion dollars in financial and military aid from the United States annually.

The United States looks the other way, when Israel conducts military invasion and occupations into Lebanon. The world seem helpless in the face of the killing of 1400 Palestinians in January 2009 by Israel military in an offensive conduct just before Mr. Obama took office in 2009. And now, there is this overbearing debate regarding Iran, all, again, lopsided in favor of Israel, while there is this aggressive pursuit of Iran. The world should be asking what indeed inspires, motivate and engender the endless pursuit of Iran by the US, which seem coordinated by Israel for their own benefits?

What is in this pursuit of Iran? What does the United States, Israel, and the entire world stand to gain or lose? And why now?

The American economy is dire straits. American armed forces are mired in two foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively. And it is public knowledge that American troops are stretched thin and tours of duty are already overextended, so much so, that army-soldiers are compelled to doing 15 months continuous straight tour of duty. American soldiers and their families have had to bear immeasurable burdens as a consequence of these wars. These two foreign war have come huge fiscal and human costs. In blood and treasure and post traumatic stress syndrome which has become pervasive. The two current foreign wars have expense, costs and other ramifications.

And then there is this thing about the a new world order being forced through these unnecessary war mongering, war mongering which targets certain populations, or certain nations, as opposed to some others, hence, the populations of these nations which are targets of war mongers, are justified in wondering why they are perpetually under siege from the war mongering powers and their supporters and enablers and facilitators.

Will a military attack on Iran mean an invasion and occupation of Iran? Would it be a “surgical” military strike which does not require an invasion and occupation for an extended amount of time? Or would a military attack be by the US or Israel be bogged down as have been the cases in Afghanistan and Iraq? Would it follow the traditional invasion and occupation similar to the Iraq invasion and occupation model? It will be recalled that some in Pentagon, expected American troops to be welcomed in Iraq as liberators, liberators who were expected to be feted petals of flowers and all.

Can the US afford a third foreign war simultaneously at this time in Iran? The US economy is currently in a parlous state, with attended high rate of unemployment and sundry dislocation ranging from family disintegrations in divorce, to millions losing their homes in foreclosure, due to inability to pay their home mortgage. In view of all these, should the US be spoiling for yet another foreign war? Can the US government afford, in, human, material and fiscal sense?

Is this how great empires become self-destruct? Overextending itself fiscally, physically, militarily and strategically? China is on an unstoppable economic industrial upsurge in double digit growth, while the United States is busily squandering billions morphing into trillions of dollars in multiple pronged foreign wars? Why is it, that the Americans driving these policies seem oblivious of the unwitting self-unraveling and self-immolation in these self-aggrandizing overstretched military commitments in multiplicity of wars?

Is the United States engaging in a needless hegemonic and imperialistic war mongering, and thereby unwittingly dissipating and decimating the United States itself? Consider the fact that the US has spent approximately a trillion dollars on foreign wars, since invading Iraq in March 2003, coupled with the war against Al Queda in Afghanistan soon after September 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. Why would any president, congress, political leadership appear to be rather animated and in gyrations for yet, another foreign war in Iran? And why in Arab and Persian territories again? Why would and how can anyone be seemingly oblivious to the Armageddon inducing consequences of this contemplated misadventure?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Michael Aondoakaa Former AGF Should Be Investigated And Tried

Michael Aondoakaa Former AGF Should Be Investigated And Tried
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Michael Aondoakaa since the middle of 2007 was Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister for Justice. It great news that with immediate effect, starting from February 10, 2010 Michael Aondoakaa ceases for good, to be Nigeria’s Justice Minister. Going forward, it is important to review the actions , pronouncements and neglects to act during the subsistence and tenure of Michael Aondoakaa’s Attorney Generalship. He will be remembered as intransigent and utterly recalcitrant.

It would have been anathema to logic, law and good sense, to allow Mr. Aondoakka to remain Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister for Justice, bearing in mind that he advocated and defended the constitutional violations, breaches and infractions which were committed by President Umaru Musa YarAdua, the president who it was, who foisted power vacuum and power void upon Nigeria for 80 days, due to his neglect and continued refusal to obey the laws of Nigeria and comply with clear and specific sections of the Constitution of Nigeria. He would have had the singular misfortune of arguing both sides

It would have been absurd, ridiculous and even obnoxiously nauseating to have former AGF Michael Aondoakaa, now, attempting to speak from both sides of his mouth, if he was allowed to remain Nigeria’s AGF, he would have now have to explain, justify and defend the National Assembly’s decision to vote to install Vice President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as Acting President, a position, which is diametrically opposed to the position held by Mr. Aondoakaa in defense of President YarAdua’s absence from presidential duties during the preceding 80 days.

Those 80 days during which President YarAdua neglected and refused to obey section 145 of the Constitution of Nigeria, which specifically mandate any president of Nigeria to intimate the National Assembly of his or her absence from presidential duties for a day, a week or a month.

Mr. Aondoakaa’s previously held “legal” view, is a direct affront and contradiction to the position and action taken by the National Assembly, which led to the assumption of duty of the VP as Acting President, until the substantive president, President YarAdua returns or until further notice; Mr. Aondoakaa on the one hand, and the National Assembly, and the Acting President, on the other hand, are in opposite stances and at extreme of two spectrum.

Considering the opprobrious actions in which Mr. Aonaoakaa was engaged in the matter of President YarAdua’s absence from presidential duties for about 80 days, and the failure, neglect and refusal to comply with succinctly stated provisions of the Constitution of Nigeria, it is now an imperative that Mr. Aondoakka be investigated for his defense of indefensible illegalities. Mr. Aondoakaa’s conduct also amounts to a breach of legally ethical conduct prescribed for Nigerian lawyers and lawyers elsewhere

Additionally, it have been clear all along, that Mr. Aondoakaa’s actions and pronouncements during the course of his two years tenure as the AGF and Minister of Justice, have been controversial, to say the least.

Mr. Aondoakaa presided over the dismantling and disabling and emasculation of the former leader of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, and the EFCC nomenclature itself.

Mr. Aondoakaa empowered particular individuals, his friends, mentors, his acolytes and a cabal, all at the expense of Nigerian institutions and at immeasurable costs to the Nigerian society and nation.

It is also public knowledge, that Mr. Aondoakaa’s actions, pronouncements and subterfuge served to undermine many criminal trials in Nigeria, Britain and in the United States, trials which were directed at tackling corruption, corrupt persons and corrupt practices. It suffices to mention trials which involved Mr. James Onanefe Ibori in Asaba, Delta state and in London, England. Both these trials were stalled, undermined and made irrelevant no thanks, to Mr. Aondoakaa, the former AGF and Minister for Justice

It is quite crucial that the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Nigeria Bar Association and others interested in good governance and the sundry goodness of Nigeria, must undertake a scrutiny and a thorough forensic analysis and examinations of actions and opprobrious neglects of Michael Aondoakaa while he “served” as Attorney General and Minister for Justice.

Mr. Michael Aondoakaa played various unsavory, unethical and utterly illegal roles in perpetuating the recently terminated power vacuum and power void which last for about 80 days, during which President Umaru Musa YarAdua, neglected and refused to comply with clear, unambiguous provisions of the Constitution of Nigeria which stipulates and requires the transmission of a letter as a predicate for triggering the vice president to become an acting president any time the substantive president is absent from presidential duties, whether in sickness and in excellent health.

Michael Andoakaa repeatedly misinterpreted provisions of our nation’s constitution, provisions which were glaringly clear in their specificity. In engaging in these upside down reading of the constitution of Nigeria, Mr. Aondoakaa participated in leading Nigeria close to catastrophe and precipice of disaster

Michael Aondoakaa may also have aided and abetted the perpetration of frauds upon Nigerians and Nigeria, when he lied with statements suggesting that President YarAdua could administer and govern Nigeria from an undisclosed location is Saudi Arabian hospital.

Michael Aondoakaa was also an active participant in perpetuating the fraud of the alleged signing by President YarAdua of a so-called Supplementary Appropriation or Budget for Nigeria

Additionally, there were major incidents in Nigeria within the purview of Mr. Michael Aondoakaa as Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister for Justice and the most prominent among these, is the extra judicial killings engaged in, by some police and law enforcement agents in Nigeria, but sadly, there was no reaction from Nigeria’s chief law officer, not even a murmur!

There were many instances in which Michael Aondoakaa as Attorney General and Minister for Justice became part of the numerous legal problems Nigeria faced during his tenure. Prominent and highest in profile among these, is the extra judicial killings which took place in Maiduguri, during and in the aftermath of the Boko Haram uprising in Maiduguri in Borno State, Nigeria.

Maiduguri in Borno State Nigeria is one of my hometowns in Nigeria. I lived in Maiduguri when the Maitasine religious fringe group engage in anti social and violent behaviors in early 1980s. The recently, there was also the riotous violence which was wrought upon Maiduguri by Boko Haram extremist group.

There is a videotape with the imprimatur of Al Jazeera making the rounds on the internet, portraying horrific, horrendous and heinous extra judicial killings by some members of Nigeria’s law enforcement agencies, uniformed and some without uniforms. These law enforcement agents engaged in murderous brutalities against Nigerians, and with such impunity, and lawlessness that would make even an armed robber cringe! The Al Jazeera video is require viewing and must see, for all members of Nigeria’s National Assembly, the executive branch and our entire strata of judiciary branch.

Viewing this Al Jazeera video gives and adds new meaning to the question, what is the value of human life in Nigeria? Or why would law enforcement agents summarily execute fellow citizens, even if such citizens were engaged in violent criminal behaviors?

This Al Jazeera video is so repugnant, so reprehensible and debasing of our collective sense of human decency, morality, religion and law. The video clearly portrays the fact that there some elements in our law enforcement agencies, willing to murder fellow Nigerian citizens, even when such police and law enforcement officer had no concern for their own safety, there were no immediate threat to their persons!

The video clearly shows cold-blooded murders, in which victims were asked to talk a walk or lay down, face down, as the law enforcement officers shot these fellow Nigerians, at pointblank in murderous executions! I would have vigorously and vehemently rejected these sorts of behavior on the part of any Nigerian, except because I actually have had the misfortunes of watching this Al Jazeera video!

Why is there no public outcry and uproar in Nigeria in reaction to this Al Jazeera video? Is this the “new” normal in Nigeria? Why is no one taking Mr. Michael Aondoakaa the former AGF and Minister for Justice to tasks? Why is the Police Affairs Minister, and the Inspector General of Police silent about this video?

Why are the perpetrators, who were caught on video, not facing trial for homicides? When is the reprimand going to come? When are heads going to roll?

In all of these, what did Mr. Aondoakaa do to enforce the law, the constitution and human rights?

He stood for something? He stood for opprobrium! He was not standing for Nigerians or Nigeria. He stood for a clique, and a cabal of the self-absorbed greedy and gluttonous class in Nigeria, who were splendidly uninterested in the pursuit of Nigeria’s national interests, except their own selfish, myopic and parochial interests which run counter to our national strategic interests.

Mr. Michael Aondoakaa is first and foremost a lawyer, therefore, with or without government investigation, trial and punishment or reprimand, the Nigerian Bar Association or the NBA, can investigate and sanction Mr. Aondoakaa, through censure, suspension and even disbarment. A Lawyer may be sanctioned for unethical behavior, a lawyer may therefore be suspended from the practice of law for a period of time or he or she could have his or her license to practice law, yanked.

What the Nigerian Bar Association can do, is to determine whether Mr. Aondoakaa as AGF, engaged in unethical and illegal conduct in his obvious zeal to "serve" his masters in People Democratic Party or the PDP. It should be remembered and highlighted that Mr. Aondoakaa is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria!

Investigating Michael Aondoakaa is crucial. He should be held accountable. Accountability will enhance and moderate future behaviors of future Justice Ministers. It will curb impunity and lawlessness. But even in accomplishing all these, we must ensure that no efforts is spared, to avoid the appearance of vengeful and vindictive pursuit of anyone, including this former AGF and Justice Minister. There must be no appearance of vendetta in any actions which should taken auditing him and holding him account for his illegal, unconstitutional and unethical behaviors in which he engaged, while he was AGF and Minister.

Mr. Aondoakaa as Attorney General and Minister for Justice was Nigeria’s number one law officer and symbol of all that is law and constitutional. But, he unfortunately, exemplified complete disregard for the Constitution of Nigeria during his two year tenure. He violated, breached and shred our constitution and he aided, abetted, conspired, connived, colluded and encouraged same in many others

Auditing, and holding violators to account for their breaches, will ensure transparency among current public officials now, and in the future. This will strengthen the ideals of The Rule of Law, Constitutionalism, Democracy in Nigeria, and enthrone a great society, this is good for Nigeria

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally Nigerian National Assembly Acts But Is This Constitutional?

Finally Nigerian National Assembly Acts But Is This Constitutional?
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States


That was the word I yelled out, upon learning that the National Assembly of Nigeria had voted to authorize our vice president to assume presidential duties, in an acting capacity, until further notice and until the true condition and fate of our substantive president, President Umaru Musa YarAdua is determined.

BUT, this is not what the constitution provides! This is certainly meets the demands of expediency and our national exigent circumstances, it might serve as sedge way out of this prolong political and constitutional crises

However, it must, for the avoidance of doubt and for the record, it must be stated and restated that the Constitution of Nigeria does provide for, and in particular, section 145 does require a sitting president to transmit a letter to the president of the senate, which is in turn considered by the National Assembly of Nigeria, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the upper and lower chambers of our national legislature that is.

The current action of the National Assembly is obviously, and understandably so, an attempt to douse the tensions which have be brought upon and wrought upon Nigeria, by the neglect and refusal by President Umaru Musa YarAdua to simply comply with the constitution of Nigeria. President YarAdua’s departure from presidential duties, in violation of provisions of the constitution of Nigeria, created a power void and power vacuum. President YarAdua prevented a constitutionally stipulated power devolution, which should have been uneventful and seamlessly carried out.

The Senate President, Senator David Mark, in announcing the action of the National Assembly, predicated the vote to install Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as an acting president, on a BBC Radio Broadcast by President YarAdua, a broadcast which was made by President YarAdua in response to clamor by Nigerians for him to transmit the constitutionally mandated letter in compliance with section 145 of the constitution of Nigeria. Our constitution is quite unambiguous on the issues at stake.

Senator David Mark was quoted as saying that, "The BBC interview granted by the president is as good as the letter envisaged in the constitution because if you go onto the Internet, you will see a copy of what he said," It take the view that a radio broadcast is not similar or identical to a letter as specifically and clearly directed by section 145 of the constitution of Nigeria. I take a very dim view that this BBC Radio broadcast which was referred and alluded to by Senator David Mark, is not sufficient and therefore, it is no substitute to the specific exactitude spelled out in definite language in our constitution. Besides, the National Assembly may be setting an unprecedented precedent for our nation.

Deeming the BBC Radio broadcast as a substitute or amalgam of message and news, and therefore construed as if, the president actually sent a “message” had complied with the constitution, is really a stretch, as it amounts to an extraordinary interpretation of section 145 of the constitution of Nigeria, without an amendment to the current provision of 145.

The constitution of Nigeria, mandates, stipulates, provides and contemplates that the president will cease from presidential duties, only under these numbered circumstances which follows:

1. A letter which shall, be properly transmitted from the president regarding his or her absence from presidential duties, upon which the National Assembly shall trigger the assumption of office by the vice president as the acting president, until the substantive president returns to president duties and or, other determinations are made in connection with the continuing capacity and fitness of the substantive president.

2. The constitution also provides that a Nigerian president might cease to be president through his or her voluntary resignation and departure from presidential duties and presidency.

3. The president of Nigeria, may also be removed from presidential duties and from office or the presidency through impeachment on grounds of gross misconduct. And I have recently argued publicly that President YarAdua’s neglect and refusal to transmit the letter as required by section 145 of the constitution of Nigeria, amounted to an egregious violations of the constitution and therefore, the National Assembly, can and should consider such egregious violations as amounting to Gross Misconduct, and therefore an Impeachable Offense.

In the absence of such of proper and effective compliance with section 145 of the constitution of Nigeria, which requires a president to transmit a letter, as opposed to a BBC broadcast or some other substitute “suitable or unsuitable” substitutes, it is doubtful, whether it is constitutional for the National Assembly to act on it own, to interpret section 145 as contemplating an indeterminate voice on a radio broadcast, BBC or not, as the voice of President YarAdua. First, this is not what is mandated by our constitution, and secondly, the BBC broadcast in question was never authenticated. Whose voice was on BBC? Who determined that voice to be the true, accurate and exact voice of Mr. YarAdua? It must be recalled that this BBC Interview was widely reported worldwide as :

A Man Claiming To Be President YarAdua Speaks On BBC

The constitution of Nigeria also provides and contemplates, a departure from the presidency by the occupant of that high office, through voluntary resignation by the substantive president of Nigeria. And here again, the current situation or circumstances are not identical or similar to the specificity of the constitution of Nigeria, regarding voluntary departure and vacation from the presidency, by the occupant of that high office. President Umaru Musa YarAdua, has for 78 days, neglected, refused to transmit a letter stating or declaring his absence from presidential duties. President YarAdua has therefore demonstrated an unwillingness to voluntarily relinquish, even temporarily, the presidency to the vice president as an acting president. President YarAdua has demonstrated intransigence and recalcitrance and impervious to public demands that he temporarily cede power to the vice president, it is therefore, quite clear or at minimum, doubtful, that he would have resigned, and he has not! This means then, that the resignation contemplated in the constitution of Nigeria, has not taken place.

Thirdly, there is the matter of impeachment. The National Assembly has not empanelled a committee to consider a set of gross misconducts and determine such misconduct as impeachable offenses and therefore proceed to impeach President YarAdua and properly remove his from office upon which he will cease to be the current President of Nigeria, and again, what has transpired in Nigeria as announced by the National Assembly, has not complied with section 143 of the constitution of Nigeria which stipulates clearly, the plethora of grounds, procedures and methods for a thorough and proper impeachment of a sitting president of Nigeria.

What the National Assembly has done takes care of the exigent circumstances... but, it is not provided for by our constitution! The action by the National Assembly is could have come much earlier, but, it is good that it finally did come. It may be a sedge way, to forestall and to act as a stop-gap measure, perhaps an ad hoc measure, until a constitutional action is undertaken, either by the president transmitting the vexed letter through the National Assembly and PDP members and a presidential Aide, scheduled to visit with President YarAdua in Saudi Arabia shortly, or that President YarAdua voluntarily resigns as President of Nigeria or that the National Assembly, finally live up to their constitutional responsibilities by impeaching President Umaru Musa YarAdua!

The National Assembly will remain in the eye of the storm. The National Assembly should perform a national duty, by taking the tiger by its tail, insist that the president transmit the letter as specified, stipulated and mandated by section 145 of the Constitution of Nigeria, or procure a resignation from the president as haven resigned voluntarily, based on physical-mental incapacitation or, sua sponte, the National Assembly should on its on accord, impeach President YarAdua and remove him from office as president of Nigeria.

Any actions and or pronouncements short of complying with the exampled and examined constitutional sections and provisions above, will amount to expedient actions or pronouncements and therefore, no adherence to the constitution of Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation of laws, democracy require the enthronement of constitutional due process and the rule of law, procedural and substantive constitutional processes, we insist.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Handover is Constitutional, Not Discretionary, Alhaji Yerima Shettima Usman ACF

Alhaji Yerima Shetima Usman, President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum

[COLOR="Red"][B]The question of asking Yar’Adua to hand over power to Jonathan is not a privilege, it is a constitutional right[/B][/COLOR]. I[COLOR="Blue"][B]t is the duty of anyone who feels incapacitated to discharge his primary duty to handover. There is a constitutional provision for that.[/B][/COLOR]

And it has been provided for in sections 145, 144 and 143. And 145 makes provision for a written document to pave way to the Vice President to act as President. Section 144 gives provision to the National Assembly to oversee the incapacitation of the President and take necessary action while section 143 makes room for impeachment process by the National Assembly where necessary and when sections 145 and 144 fail.

But with our National Assembly, such courage is not there to carry out such operation. The leadership cannot be trusted and based on that, there might be a problem. So, as stakeholders, it is our civic responsibility to speak to Nigerians. We are ready to go on national protest just to ensure that government listens to us. Nigerian government has failed at various levels, be it the executive, legislature or the judiciary level.lhaji Yerima Shetima Usman, President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum

Alhaji Yerima Shetima Usman, President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum

Alhaji Yerima Shetima Usman, President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYC) in Lagos, speaks to Saturday Vanguard on the state of the nation, especially, on Northern youths’ position on President Umaru YarÁdua.


Would you say there is a gap between the North and the South considering the way events are unfolding?

The question of asking Yar’Adua to hand over power to Jonathan is not a privilege, it is a constitutional right. It is the duty of anyone who feels incapacitated to discharge his primary duty to handover. There is a constitutional provision for that.

And it has been provided for in sections 145, 144 and 143. And 145 makes provision for a written document to pave way to the Vice President to act as President. Section 144 gives provision to the National Assembly to oversee the incapacitation of the President and take necessary action while section 143 makes room for impeachment process by the National Assembly where necessary and when sections 145 and 144 fail.

But with our National Assembly, such courage is not there to carry out such operation. The leadership cannot be trusted and based on that, there might be a problem. So, as stakeholders, it is our civic responsibility to speak to Nigerians. We are ready to go on national protest just to ensure that government listens to us. Nigerian government has failed at various levels, be it the executive, legislature or the judiciary level.

And, if we fail to do all the necessary things, our unborn children will not forgive us. Our concern is the fact that the country is made up of over 140 million Nigerians and so, it is unfair for Yar’Adua to hold us to ransom.

This particular issue has opened doors to some hidden issues in the country. The issue of electioneering, lack of sincerity in the rule of law, corruption and so on. We keep talking about due process, yet corruption is walking on the streets like a monster.

Corruption is one major trend we are faced with. So based on that, Americans made their analysis and arrived at what they did. Naturally, as Nigerians, we would have felt so bad but then, we gave them the room to do that. Why didn’t they do it in Kenya? Kenya had a problem, Kenya went as far as not only terrorising an individual or group of people in a plane but breaking down the entire building of an Embassy in America, attacked and killed people at the end. They were not put into the list of terrorists.

President Yar’Adua talks about due process, do you think that is in practice especially in the top echelon of power?

That was why I told you that if there is due process according to what he preaches, it would have been very clear but it is a pity that his due process is lips service. He should have allowed another person to continue from where he stopped.

This is what every Nigerian is expecting but unfortunately, he didn’t. And talking about Yar’Adua getting support in the North, it is not true because the same North has been marginalised and suffered in the sense that the ruling by a Northern elite by our analysis does not in any way favour an average man in the North. The rate of poverty, backwardness, illiteracy since independence is amazing.

The Northern oligarchy directly or indirectly, the military or civilians have been in the seat of governance for over 35 years but nothing has been shown for it than poverty. So, what is the news about Yar’Adua being the President? How does it affect the lives of an average man. So, it is not about Northerners and we must do away with this issue of North/South differences. Umaru wasn’t there because of the North, Obasanjo wasn’t there because of the South.

It is just some few gang of people who had held the country to ransom. The British that made Nigeria what it is today did not do it because they meant well for Nigerians. They did that because of their selfish interest. They are only doing business on this country and that is why they put so much pressure on Nigerians and allowed us to have our independence.

It is amazing that a country of over 140 million people is governed by just a few persons. So, it is not about the North because the Northerner that pervades the life of an average Northerner is the same that pervade the life of a Southerner.

But is there any Northern Agenda to this issue?

I tell you, it is bullshit. There is nothing called Northern agenda in this issue. This is the work of PDP. It is PDP arrangement. The party is just one political party amongst 50 political parties. PDP alone cannot hold the country to ransom.

The fact that they are allowed by crooks to occupy power has subjected Nigeria to slavery. PDP wrote the 1999 constitution themselves. They brought the document and imposed it on Nigerians. And it is sad that they are not working based on the constitution.PDP is a political party but it has been hijacked by the mafia. It is either you are part of the mafia or not. If you are not, then you are considered an enemy.

How would you describe President Yar’Adua as governor in Kastina state?

Yar’Adua wasn’t a successful governor in Kastina. He wasn’t stable. Even when he was a governor, he was running from one medical treatment to another. There was a time, when he was out of the country for 11 months. And his deputy was the one running the affairs of the state under his instruction. Right now, this same deputy is the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

That is an explicit scenario. The same man was placed there, who knows the intrigues that are involved. So, the man could have done nothing new than what he has been doing in the past. So, nobody knows the fact on the issue of Umaru.

So, where would you put your blame?

Obasanjo is the country’s enemy. Looking at his antecedents from time immemorial, even in the second republic. He has demonstrated that in Awolowo’s time, manipulating and rigging election and did it in favour of Shagari. Those things are no longer stories. He has never been on the right part. He has always been the perpetrator of evil so that anyone who comes after his tenure will not perform better than him so that people can praise him.

I wasn’t mature enough to know what politics was during the second republic when Obasanjo was the President (Head of State). I was young but at least I was able to go through his record and from the record, he was never good to this country.

Even against the wishes of the people, Nigerians and Umaru as a person who despite his physical inability was imposed on Nigerians. And today, the same Obasanjo is going about trying to impose another bad product on Nigeria in the person of Sule Lamido as replacement in case there is a change of government. So, he can become the Vice President of Nigeria. That is suicide.

Now that Yar’Adua is not back after about 68 days, what does it portend for the polity?

The country has never had a head. The only challenge here is that there could be emergence of army to come to power. Although we pray for Yar’Adua, we cannot continue to wait for him. And I pray Jonathan is safe. But, we will not allow any military to come to power. If the military takes power, then, we will be forced to go on the streets. We have done it in the past, we will still do it again.

Nigeria has been listed amongst the terrorist countries in the world. Would you say the US government was right in its judgement?

Nigerians can never be terrorists. It is just unfortunate that the people who are supposed to address the ills in the country are busy taking their children abroad. And on the issue of Abdul Mutallab, I believe the boy doesn’t know what he wanted.

And for the other man who intended to blow off a TV station in Lagos, he should be taken to the psychiatric hospital. This issue is not about Islam. It is not an act of Islam because the religion is not known for that and there was no reason for that. If anyone says, he is acting under the directives of Islam, he is insane because terrorism does not conform with any law in Islam. Terrorism is never part of Islam.