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American Terrorists Suicide Bombers Are Engaged In Terrorism Or Protests? Written by Paul I. Adujie New York, United States

American Terrorists Suicide Bombers Are Engaged In Terrorism Or Protests?
Written by Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Who Exactly Is A Terrorist? What Exactly Is A Terrorist Act? What Exactly Is Terrorism?

On Thursday February 18, 2010, a white man, an American citizen, Andrew Joseph Stack flew his plane into the Internal Revenue Service building in Texas. Prior to embarking on this heinous and dastardly act, the man also maliciously set his home ablaze in wanton destruction.

Andrew Joseph Stack went out in in a flame not of glory, but rather ingloriously. But his murderous terrorist act were under reported in very terse tenses, such as did The Wall Street Journal which reported the blood lust terrorist act as “Tax Protester Crashes Plane Into IRS Office” and then proceeded to caption the terrorist’s picture, as “An undated photo of Andrew Joseph Stack, the plane's pilot.”

I find the label or appellation which was appended by The Wall Street Journal rather revolting in the most egregiously offensive way. A bloodthirsty terrorist engaging in murderous and catastrophic bombing of human beings is a protester, a tax protester? Where was his placard? In the gas tank of his plane? Andrew Joseph Stack is just another Gandhi, King or Mandela? Why such so benign a description, almost endearing and affecting! Poor protester!

How frightened do people have to be or get? How many people have to have been murdered? How much in dollar terms would have to have been destroyed in arson, vandalism and maiming, for using an airplane as weapons of attack against a federal building, to earn its proper name, terrorism by terrorists who are suicide bombers as Andrew Joseph Stack clearly was? Or is he merely a protester and Montana Free Man? He is just a Libertarian with an aversion to paying his fair share of taxes? All brand new concepts of terrorism as protest? Does the offending person have to be White, Black, Brown, Christian, Muslim and from Western nations? Arab or Persian World or Afghan or Pakistani or Palestinian, Israeli or American to qualify as a terrorist engaged in terrorist acts also known as terrorism?

Who is a terrorist with a grudge and who is a protester with a grudge? What qualifies as legitimate grudge? Tax Policy or Foreign Policy?

We can now imagine that Khalid Sheik Mohammed at his eventual trial, arguing that September 11, 2001 attackers were merely using tools of civil aviation as instrument of protests against American Foreign Policy in the Middle East? The most brilliantly incandescent defense lawyers could not have come up with this brilliant masterstroke!

Does this not make every fair minded person wonder about this terrorism thing? As many questions now arise. Would an American citizen whose religion is Islam and with a name quite unlike Andrew Joseph Stack, who misbehaves in the same be similarly labeled as a tax protester?

Are definitions of terrorism and much of everything else in life, just about nationality and passport colors? Are some too quick to label others, while agonizing, pontificating and embellishing “appropriate” labels for themselves?

Is nationality and religion the determinant of who is labeled a terrorist and those who may not be so labeled? MOSSAD is suspected of murdering a Palestinian in a hotel in Dubai, the murderers-terrorists are not being condemned loudly, we have sedate diplomatic language used which emphasizes politesse!

So here were have two separate events occurring on both sides of the Atlantic, with nationals of Israel and America involved. And the world sees a very terse and tepid responses, without the usual or prefabricated righteous indignation against blood sucking Islamo-Fascists who are without logic or reason and merely guided by unreason and promised monopoly over 70 virgins! With nothing said of daily hardships and suffering and the innate desire in all humans, to be politically free from occupation, domination, marginalization and subjugation. Being occupied must be good for native peoples? No? Native peoples only care for religions and 100 virgins! We can do whatever we want, take whatever we want, sans lands and oil, but, just stay away from religion and the virgins? Ha!

Considering this MOSSAD efficiently executed assignment in Dubai, and the benign act of this tax protester in Texas, I have come to realize that I need a brand new definition for the term double standards as well as the definition for the word known as obfuscation

All of these also makes me wonder, what exactly, by way of heinous murders, violence, malicious destruction of property, private and public, can be determined to be terrorist acts?

If maiming of others, murders, and wanton destruction is not terrorism, perhaps we do need a definition, a new definition of … who is a terrorist, who is a terrorist and what the heck is terrorism?

A person with a grudge, flying a plane into a building with federal employees in it, is a terrorist, say McCall. Andrew Joseph Stack had a grudge, a murderous rage, flew his weapon into a federal building, killed someone in there and caused significant damage to the Internal Revenue Service building!

A terrorist is such person with violent murderous rage, with weapons and when such person undertakes substantial and significant steps, she is a terrorist engaged in terrorism, be he American, Saudi Arabian, Palestinian or Nigerian. In fighting terrorists and terrorism, we must recognize that there are virtues and vices worldwide. Fighting terrorists and terrorism, therefore requires a universal application of rules and terminologies to persons, White, Black, Arabian, or whether they are Mutallab, McVeigh, Mohammed or presciently, whether they are Andrew Joseph Stack, tax protester, engineer and pilot!

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