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America Is Afraid Of True Democracy

America Is Afraid Of True Democracy

Hence The Moves Against One Person-One Vote In Iraq!


Paul Adujie

New York, United States

This writer's condemnation or disapproval of the American invasion and occupation of Iraq is a matter of public record; In a series of articles, beginning with "No Tears For Saddam? How About The Principle?" this writer argued repeatedly against the wrong-headed hegemonic and imperialist policies that inspired America into the unbridled breach of international law and the consequent violation of Iraq's sovereignty, territorial integrity and political/economic independence.

Iraq was invaded and occupied, that is certainly bad enough! There was clearly the intention, on the part of the invaders and occupiers of Iraq, to usurp, Iraq's political, economy and strategic resources, even as the invaders and occupiers insisted that their motive and mission were honorable. Now, we must remember that the USA famously described the invasion of Iraq as motivated by the urge to export freedom and democracy to Iraq, hence "operation Iraqi freedom"? How then? America, the grandmother and grandfather of democracy and all good virtues, is now the exact antithesis of freedom, democracy and one person, one vote, which is a basic tenet of democracy.

Forget the caucuses and indirect elections, one person-one vote must be preferred and pursued vigorously, America must give Iraq democracy and freedom as America promised at the onset. Did America suddenly find democracy of one person one vote inconvenient and incompatible with American interests in Iraq and the entire Middle East?

There was no ironclad empirical data, to the effect that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD, which is supposed to be the real reason for American and British preemption in the first place? where are the WMD? The complete folly of preemption doctrine is now clearly established and America currently has 150,000 soldiers occupying Iraq, just as American taxpayers are being required to donate the blood of sons and daughters to a volatile Iraq, 522 dead and still counting, including a price tag of $20 Billion dollars a year.

Ayatollah Sistani and other Iraqis are demanding democracy, freedom and self-determination from America, America, self-proclaimed champion of freedoms and democracy, it is becoming clearer that the Americans are only interested in the political, economic and strategic control of Iraq... It is also clear now, that infrastructure or facilities for making beer or fertilizer were confused with WMD programs by the Western Intelligence Communities, the UK and the US never had any certainty about WMD that warranted the preemptive strike policy against Saddam Hussein and Iraq, or where is the WMD?

What were the Americans preempting? The Americans informed the world that Saddam Hussein had mobile WMD launchers, and a mere 45 minutes was all Saddam Hussein needed to strike Washington and London! Secretary of State Colin Powell presented CIA satellite images and other "concrete" and "incontrovertible" intelligence community evidence of Saddam WMD roguery and the necessity and urgency of regime change.

CIA and American/Western Intelligence Community have been wrong on the strength and weaknesses of the former USSR or Soviet Union, until it collapsed, the have been wrong repeatedly about Iraq pre and post invasion of Kuwait, all these are now being described as "massive intelligence failures" hence the questions that arises, did the UK and US government "sex-up" or "soup-up" WMD information against Iraq? Did the UK and US embellished and flowered information, to enable them accomplished a preconceived and predetermined mission? Or is it truly the case, that their "intelligence" are not as superb as the world have been led to believe?

In another well researched article that included indepth investigations and interviews, titled INTELLIGENCE: Powell's Case a Year Later Gaps in Picture of Iraq Arms By DOUGLAS JEHL and DAVID E. SANGER featured in The New York Times, the following were disclosed: "Mr. Kerr contends that there were plenty of caveats placed on intelligence reports on Iraq by analysts who recognized the limitations of the evidence. But often their warnings were relegated to footnotes or buried in lengthy reports." "The political debate in coming months will focus on whether the administration knowingly dismissed those caveats, and whether it cherry-picked the evidence"

"Already, the overestimation of Iraq's abilities has raised a fundamental question in Congress and among America's allies: how can a nation threaten to act pre-emptively against another government if the evidence of what kind of a threat it poses - and how imminent the threat may be - is so far off the mark? That question has been the subtext of Dr. Kay's comments" "The biggest surprise to American officials was a deal which the I.A.E.A. inspectors discovered before the invasion began and that the intelligence agencies had missed entirely: a contract with North Korea to supply Iraq with technology that could correct the missile problems"

"Dr. Kay told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the program he found was far less advanced than parallel projects in Iran, Libya and North Korea - where United States intelligence underestimated progress." " In a review that the administration has not made public, only one of 15 intelligence analysts assembled from three agencies to discuss the issue in June endorsed the white paper conclusion, a former senior intelligence official said in an interview this week. " On Secretary Colin Powell's testimony and presentation at the UN, these journalists reported that, Secretary Powell had claimed that "the existence of mobile production facilities used to make biological weapons. "He called it "one of the most worrisome things that emerges from the thick intelligence file we have on Iraq's biological weapons."

"One former senior government official cited the episode as an example of an underlying flaw in the administration's working assumptions" "Mr. Powell's case at the United Nations was supposed to be bulletproof: he had thrown out President Bush's own assertions, since discredited, that Iraq sought uranium in Africa, and he tossed away pictures of Iraqi "nuclear mujahedeen" when he concluded that the C.I.A. could not identify them" "They took every piece of information that proved their point and listed it," a former senior intelligence official who took part in the prewar debates said, referring to the senior C.I.A. officials whose analytical conclusions formed the basis of Mr. Powell's presentation. "They would disregard or make fun of any contrary evidence." "They forgot they were making mere guesses, and even guesses have to be taken with caution"

"Other officials, including some still serving in the administration, argue that Mr. Powell presented a case that paid too little attention to information that might have undermined the worst-case conclusions the administration was highlighting" "According to the interviews conducted by The New York Times, the administration's argument that Iraq was producing biological weapons was based almost entirely on human intelligence of unknown reliability. When mobile trailers were found by American troops, the White House and C.I.A. rushed out a white paper reporting that the vehicles were used to make biological agents. But later, an overwhelming majority of intelligence analysts concluded the vehicles were used to manufacture hydrogen for weather balloons or possibly to produce rocket fuel - a view now shared by Dr. David Kay the CIA American weapons inspector; The original paper was still posted on the C.I.A.'s Web site on Saturday"

"I'm not sure that they did a good enough job challenging conventional wisdom," said Representative Porter J. Goss, the Florida Republican who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. But more broadly, Mr. Goss said, despite the tone of certainty that infused Mr. Powell's presentations and other public pronouncements, the intelligence agencies were severely limited in their analysis by inadequate information about Iraq and what it intended" "Congressional officials involved in investigations of the C.I.A. and current and former administration officials, suggest that Mr. Powell's case was largely based on limited, fragmentary and mostly circumstantial evidence, with conclusions drawn on the basis of the little challenged assumption that Saddam Hussein would never dismantle old illicit weapons and would pursue new ones to the fullest extent possible"

"Even some Republican lawmakers are talking about a failure of egregious proportions - akin, some think, to the failure to grasp the forces pulling apart the Soviet Union in the late 1980's. President Bush is considering whether to order an investigation into the intelligence failure, an action he has so far resisted" "A year later, some of the statements made by Mr. Powell have been confirmed, but many of his gravest findings have been upended by David A. Kay, who until Jan. 23 was Washington's chief weapons inspector." "Mr. Powell's testimony, delivered at a moment of high suspense as American forces gathered in the Persian Gulf region, was widely seen as the most powerful and persuasive presentation of the Bush administration's case that Iraq was bristling with horrific weapons. His reputation for caution and care gave it added credibility."

But, it is now clear that the Americans presented witch-hunt as facts, in order to embark on a predetermined and preconceived plans, made before September 11, 2001, to remove Saddam Hussein in the US ambition to reshape the Middle East power structure.

Maureen Dowd writing in The New York Times a few days ago, stated succinctly, that, America went to war on false premise, when she wrote, that the government is now just engaged in "damage control after David Kay's scalding admission that we flew to war on a false premise" "Dick Cheney & Company were so consumed with puffing the intelligence to try to connect Saddam with 9/11, Al Qaeda and nuclear material, they failed to challenge basic assumptions" "The closer the inspectors got to the truth that Iraq didn't have weapons, the more the Bush hawks asserted that only war would uncover weapons" "Saddam's old lieutenants have said that the dictator did not admit his paucity of weapons because he wanted his Arab neighbors to see him as a great leader and he hoped to deter America from war". "And the Bush hawks wanted to isolate themselves from less-paranoid allies. They had come into office itching to replay the '91 war and try out their democracy domino theory in the Middle East" "clash of civilizations and a battle of good versus evil" "The moral of Vietnam was supposed to be that we would never again go to war without understanding the culture of our antagonists, or exaggerate their threat to us."

No one could have said it better than Ms. Dowd of The New York Times has above, America flew to war under false assumptions, false intelligence, false premises and under cover or camouflage of democracy and freedoms for all Iraqi citizens, from a tyrannical irrational brutal messianic dictator, the veil of altruism, claimed by America, has been lifted, oil contracts, reconstruction contracts and refusal to hold direct elections, based on one person one vote, are clear indications of all of these.

There has never been an established connection between Saddam Hussein and Taliban or Al Qaeeda, there has never been an established connection between the events of September 11, 2001 and anyone in Iraq, there is no causal connection between the Saddam Hussein regime and Osama Bin Ladin, and yet, the regime change campaign was based on these erroneous or deliberate attempts to create a connection, even tenuously, between Saddam Hussein and "terrorism" hence the inflections of information on Saddam's alleged possession of WMD. Saddam Hussein is now in US custody, perhaps in a short while, say by Spring Time, Osama Bin Ladin will be "captured"? And President Bush can then say "mission accomplished" to the American voters? And pump their adrenaline through the roof, with 300 million Americans screaming, "we are number one!" President Bush, then makes himself, the luckiest American, assuring his re-election, revenge for President Bush the elder, which is the grand purpose of all this talk about WMD, regime change and American national interests laced in covered with democracy and freedoms for Iraqis?

For better and or worse, Saddam Hussein is no longer in-charge of the people of Iraq, America is now the defacto government of Iraq, America is the Monopolist of democracy and freedoms, America must now give democracy and freedoms to the Iraq people, anything less, will be foisting another type of dictatorship, upon Iraqi citizens, or the installation of an American puppet to rule and dominate Iraq for America's purpose, as Iraq is steadily led to the path of civil war and anarchy! I pray for the ordinary Iraqi citizens, they have become the pawns, as America plays ping-pong and Russia roulette with Iraq's present and quite literally, Iraq's future.

Feb 2004

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