Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senator Obama Has A Very Robust World View

Senator Obama Has A Very Robust World View

And I strongly believe that this is a consequence of his expose to wide ranging diverse and multifarious culture. Hawai, Indonesia, New York, Chicago etc

He is broad-minded and possesses a limitless horizon regarding the many things which bind the human race... as opposed to the us versus them mantra of some of our so-called leaders.

The world essentially holds America in awe. President Obama is the sorts of president who would speak softly despite having a big stick or having the American armament or military wherewithal to conquer all enemies.

It does America a lot of good to have strength... economic, military and strategic... without behaving as a bully in the world arena. Most people can smell arrogance and unilateralism from 10,000 miles!

America in a President Obama administration will foster world peace, unity and development. President Obama, in view will eschew the arrogance of power as seen under President Bush.

Unbridled use of military force should be seen for what it is... bullying! War mongers should not have unfettered opportunities or stranglehold of American foreign policy.

The world will respect America more... when America stops cuddling dictators such as President Musharaf of Pakistan... as he was. America has managed in the past to be strange-bedfellows with autocrats and dictators.

America's foreign policy will be better served if America jettison and expunge policies that are informed by short term expediencies.

America will do well under President Obama because he has a robust and very vibrant understanding of the world and how the world view America.

A President Obama will represent an American foreign policy which would redeem America in the eyes of the entire world. The world actually waits for America’s leadership. The world is at awe with America. The world only gets disappointed when America acts badly.

I have always and still hold the view that winning hearts and minds worldwide is easier and painless through education and cultural exchange.

The world love everything America and everything American, except of course, some American policies espoused by some American “leaders” such as President Bush with his wrong-headed policies. An instance is the Iraq invasion and occupation which was fueled by go-it-alone unilateralism.

America is at her best when the focus is on science, technology and the arts… Yes, the arts!

American music, American movies and American arts generally, have done more to sway the world in favor of American ideals… much more than any atomic, nuclear or chemical weapons!

American Jazz… Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Coltrane… Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis etc endears America to me whereas no cluster bombs or bunker-bursting bomber could intimidate me to respect the USA the way American arts, ingenuity, creativity and talents have.

• I am a New Yorker, growing in Nigeria, every good thing that I admired about America, I learned from Sesame Street created by Jim Henson. Every American that I have interacted with is fair-minded and would not run a foreign policy such as the Bush White House; especially, if the average American has all the facts. And understands the adverse impact on the world

I have said to say this: Education, the arts etc are more powerful than any precision bomb, cluster-bombs or bunker-buster bomb that is yet to be made! For America to “Winning the hearts and minds” America has to demonstrate the worthiness of America’s systems of government and way of life through educations, just as American music and movies has influenced a great many persons in diverse populations worldwide.

Any Nigerian who had contact with the American Peace Corps Volunteers 40 years ago, still have fond memories of the particular American Peace Corp Volunteer and America itself. Nigerians had indelible and favorable memories the American Peace Corps. Those were the gold old days of inspiring American ideals, unlike these days of hegemonic war exports!

If I was president of the United States, acting with the US Congress, I would give more money to the Education Department than the Defense Department. Education “wins hearts and minds” permanently. Education makes superior arguments for America than any precision guided missile or arsenals. No US Armada has swayed my mind the way American Jazz or Sesame Street has!

Most sincerely,
Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

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