Thursday, October 23, 2008

Media Coverage of Obama Versus McCain Presidential Campaigns

Media Coverage of Obama Versus McCain Presidential Campaigns

Senator Obama inspires and motivates the electorate. He has portrayed a cool and calm demeanor during these campaigns. He has tried hard to stay above the fray.

Senator Obama inspires the best of us in this diverse nation and world. It is, as if, he keeps saying keep your chin up… even in the midst of all the challenges that we face and may still face … BUT …

Senator McCain and Governor Palin conversely, have resorted to labeling their opponent, castigating him in tone and language of which the public has repudiated.

The Republicans seem to excel in dirty tricks driven campaigns of the Lee Atwater and Karl Rove types.

The Republicans cannot run on the issues… they appear clearly bereft of ideas. They know that if they run on the issues of national importance, the Republicans will lose hands-down. Think of the two wars that are not going well in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Think of the American economy in a meltdown mode, despite the bailout.

Think of the bungling in the government reaction to the hardship/suffering wrought upon American citizens in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

Every where one looks, one finds policy failure stacked higher than the World Trade Center! All of these are occurring during Republicans’ watch or reign.

So, the Republicans knowing that they cannot win on the issues, the Republicans therefore, have resorted unfortunately, to very corrosive and toxic campaign methods. They have recycled non-issues against their opponent. The Republicans have regurgitated old garbage against their opponents to no effect.

The public have in effected rejected and repudiated the Republicans… based on the horrible adverse effect Republicans’ 8 years in the White House have had on all of us. They have committed havoc and they are unable to effectively deceive the public any longer

The Republicans are unable to put a lipstick and perfume on their dirty pig! It is their pig and it is pungent… more pungent than rotten eggs!

Most sincerely,

Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

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