Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Senator John McCain is an opportunist without core beliefs

Believing anything John McCain and the Republicans say now... after their eight years of blunders ... requires that we all disregard our collective experience and common sense!

I am almost certain that John McCain and his cohorts cannot spin-doctor their way out of the huge mess thrust upon Americans during the preceding eight years of the President Bush administration... supported avidly by Senator McCain.

The President Bush administration (the Republicans), have forgotten a basic principle cause and effect.

The Bush administration and the Republicans have lectured us with preachments of minimum government... also known as deregulation...

The economic crisis which is upon us is a consequence of such environment that has aversion for rules and regulations! Why are we surprised at the resulting tumult?

We now have Senator McCain hijacking "change" as his new mantra? Just as he frequently repeat his new song about the greed on Wall Street (which is why the rest of us clamored and still demand rules and regulations)!

John McCain has become the master manipulator and an unapologetic opportunist!

I now wonder whether John McCain has any core beliefs... He is too fleeting... and I guess that is the new meaning of being a Maverick?

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