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He Dey Kampe And Why Nigeria Must Not Fail This Time!

He Dey Kampe And Why Nigeria Must Not Fail This Time!
By: Paul I. Adujie
New York, USA

May 29, 2003

Let The Work Begin�

As Nigerians and Nigeria celebrate nation-wide inaugurations, I write to congratulate all persons elected at all levels nation-wide! I also implore them all, to rise to the occasion of Nigeria's renaissance, Nigeria's recovery, Nigeria's revival, rebirth, reconstruction and re-development! Let the work begin!

The Herculean Task of turning Nigeria into what all well meaning Nigerians at home and abroad desires and expect of Nigeria, since Nigeria's political independence and self-determination in 1960! The recommended and new or preferred attitude, from the presidency to the local government level, should now be, must be profoundly repeated, Let Us Get To Work!, Nigeria's Wait Is Over!

The president must show renewed leadership direction with vigour, he must increase his pace and energy, increase his passions with more flame, his rededication must leave no one in doubt! The president must be a lightning rod and shooting star, all at once, to all Nigerians! The president must be the beacon of reassertion of Nigeria's goodness and Nigeria's reawakening! The president must excel, he must not fail, or falter, the president must ensure that no Nigerian is left behind. No longer should Nigerians thirst in the midst of Nigeria's Oceans of abundance! The public and private sectors must work in unison!

Public office holders, politicians, business leaders, religious and cultural leaders must be awakened to the emergence of a new Nigeria, we must all be alive to the emergency of revitalizing Nigeria, right now, right here, as if there is not going to be any tomorrows!

The president should make a clarion call to all levels of government, irrespective of political parties and other affiliations or idiosyncratic differences! Nigerians and Nigeria must now rise up and claim Nigeria's pride of place in the world! The Time Is Now!

Arise Nigerians! Arise Nigeria, Nigeria's greatness and glory is long overdue! Nigerians at home and abroad must now join hands with all levels of governance from Abuja to Zungeru of Nigeria's every Hometowns, Nigeria is born and reborn again!

The president certainly appreciates the magnitude of his responsibilities and the trust that has been reinvested in him for this second term; Time now, is of the essence! The president must now avoid distractions and extraneousness and trivialities of partisan politics, he must be steadfast and determined, he must wear blinders, he must remain singularly focused, he must be eagle-eyed and be alert! Mr. President, this your life!


When the president performs, he will impress all Nigerians and even the sceptics! And he will then truly De Kampe! For now and for posterity! Congratulations NIGERIA!!!!

Paul I. Adujie is a Nigerian Lawyer and an Information Technology Professional

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