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Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Of Kano : More Mature Than Them All!

Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Of Kano : More Mature Than Them All!
By: Paul I. Adujie
New York, USA

May 5, 2003

I have just finished reading Dr. Musa Adamu Mbahi�s article at Gamji and it is quite literally the most analytical presentation regarding the Nigerian condition, that I have seen in a very long time!

The good doctor clearly wrote honestly and truthfully from his heart, without extraneous and ancillary agendas and burdens! I enjoyed every bit of his analysis and I thank him from the bottom of my belle! It was objective and dispassionate in its examination of many issues! It is indeed a refreshing new addition to commentaries on Nigerian issues!

Dr. Mbahi crystallized my feelings and sentiments about another outstanding Nigerian! The outgoing Governor of Kano State Mr. Kwankwaso! This is the gentleman who had campaigned hard and did everything within the rules and Nigerian laws to win the gubernatorial elections in Kano, but upon losing to his ANPP opponent? He quickly congratulated him, without blaming the Harmattan, the rainstorm, Abubakar Rimi�s famed handsomeness or without blaming anyone�s rigging prowess on the part of ANPP!

Why can�t more Nigerian politicians be as mature and responsible? Why can�t more of our politicians from every state of the federation follow the Kano example? Governor Kwankwaso deserves praise and recognition, because he has done what most other politicians are too unwilling to do, too frivolous to do and too selfish to do

Governor Kwankwaso has displayed an unfamiliar and unusual attribute! His sense of responsibility and maturity must be held on the highest political pedestal, his sense of propriety should be exulted and exemplified for the benefit of other Nigerian/African politicians to be emulated, it is a fine example that demonstrates the quintessential good sportsmanship in competitions, whether in sports or politics! This is good for Nigeria!

My prayers are that this monumental feat that has been performed by Governor Kwankwaso is not lost on Nigerians and the world, especially in this season in which most have conveniently blamed their lack of strategy and complete ineptitude on rigging and everything else but themselves!

Governor Kwankwaso is breath of fresh air! I hope that the president of Nigeria publicly proclaim this gentleman�s fine example, as the recommended norm for all politicians in Nigeria, from now onward! This is especially important, as Dr. Mbahi�s article indicated, Don Etiebet and others resorted to lawlessness and demonstrated a lack of respect for due process, law and order by engaging in disorderly behavior or conduct, how can those like Etiebet who are posturing as would be leaders take the laws of Nigeria into their hands! How can they act as if they are above the laws of the land?

All rational Nigerians are in complete agreement with Dr. Mbahi�s analysis, and the just reward that Etiebet has earned from the Nigerian criminal justice system, but the conundrum and dilemma the government faces is such that, punishing Etiebet as he deserves, might portray the government as being vindictive or as seeking to punish opponents in the just concluded elections; It will be justice served if the likes of Etiebet are demonstrably punished, just so, it will serve as deterrents to others!

As deterrent to others who must learn or be compelled to learn the superior benefits of lawful behavior and the equally laudable preference for due process, law and order as recourse at times of disputes or disagreements, as opposed to Area Boys tactics! All Nigerians must imbibe the culture of democracy and the attendant rules of competition therein.

All Nigerian politicians must discard the idea that, the world is only good, when they win! It is extreme imbecilic infantilism for some Nigerians politicians to think and act as if the rules and laws are only good and worth obeying, when they prevail as candidates at elections, but if their opponents win? No, the world must come to an end! Nigerian laws and rules must be obeyed regardless of who is winning or losing elections or any contests for that matter!

Democracy must be allowed to thrive in Nigeria, this means that the rules and tenet of democracy must be respected always, Nigerians must learn to live with victory or defeat, we must learn to live with divergent opinions on national and other issues, we must become more tolerant of others with whom with may not agree with.

The fact that we do not worship or pray the same way does not make one religion superior or inferior to the other, instead, it demands of us to have a keen appreciation of the other Nigerian�s religion, just as we would have the others respect ours! This is live in a democratic and plural society, such as we have in Nigeria.

I am aware that there were other contestants who also conceded defeat and congratulated their victorious opponents, but Governor Kwankwaso�s case is outstanding, particularly because of the peculiarities of Ghali Na Aba contest and loss and Na Aba�s famed anti party activities and the many other issues that was riding on the elections in Kano! Governor Kwankwaso concession and goodwill message to his opponent was also swift and not belated like most others! That is the spirit, that is the difference that he made!

The admirable magnanimity of Governor Kwankwaso of Kano state in the recent gubernatorial elections in Nigeria is an exemplification of the democratic culture that Nigerian politician must speedily inculcate, it must be extrapolated into all aspects of our lives, to enable democracy to succeed and to enable Nigeria make the desired progress, so that we can all in earnest proceed to Nigeria�s long awaited promised land and glory

Thank Governor Kwankwaso! Thank you Dr. Adamu Mbahi!

Paul I. Adujie is a Nigerian Lawyer and an Information Technology Professional

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