Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too Little Too Late for Mrs. Clinton's Speech!

Hilary Clinton's convention speech may have come too late!

It may just amount to ... too-little-too-late ... she may have inflicted mortal and fatal wounds on Barack Obama... What with John McCain use of Hilary Clinton's damaging words against Barack Obama?

Mrs. Clinton Karl Roved Barack Obama during the Primaries and those brutal and acerbic words of hers have since become weapons in the hands of the "enemy" and this was predictably foreseeable and Mrs. Clinton knew this from the onset. She is not dumb.

Mrs. Clinton may have killed Mr. Obama's joy more than once; she refused to quit the race even when it was apparent that she was out and out mathematically... she then handed ammunitions and weapons to the Republicans and now, she has not repudiated Mr. McCain use of her previous attacks on Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Clinton cannot extricate or exonerate herself from any misfortunes that Barack Obama may face henceforth.

The use by Mr. McCain of Mrs. Clinton's caustic and belligerent campaign words against Mr. Obama in late Spring and early Summer ... has been very effective by all accounts.

This perhaps coincides with Mrs. Clinton’s calculations and strategies.

No surprise there!

Mrs. Clinton is ... for all intent and purposes... a spoiler... a sore loser... who saw her defeat and decided nevertheless to ruin it for Mr. Obama and the Democrats... just because she could not have it!

Mrs. Clinton’s convention speech could have been more emphatic in support of Mr. Obama, and she could have specifically repudiated Mr. McCain’s use of her attacks against Obama. She sat on the fence in this regard. Deliberate equivocation, I think.

Talk of Democrats snatching defeat for themselves!

2008 elections is tailored made victory for the Democrats...

1. Economic crises

2. High unemployment rate

3. Mortgage meltdown and consequent foreclosures

4. Two foreign wars going on simultaneously

5. Wasteful spending and plunder of a Surplus turned multiple digits deficit

6. The corrosion of American ideals

7. The abridgment of Civil Liberties

AND much more ... wrong-headed and arrogant policies of the Bush administration/Republicans during the preceding 8 years!

It is unforgivable, if what ought to be a SURE victory in these 2008 elections is squandered through in-fighting ferociously engineered by Mrs. Hilary Clinton who thought the world owe her the nomination or coronation!

Can the Democrats salvage, retool and become victorious in November 2008? I am holding my breath!

Most sincerely,

Paul I. Adujie

New York, United States

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