Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack H. Obama, President of the United States of America!

History has been made! African Americans are becoming equals with fellow citizens of the United States of America. I only wish that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is alive today to be witness to all this.

African Americans are reaching the "mountain top" of America politics! It is poignant too that Senator Obama sealed/clinched his nomination in Denver Colorado mountainous city which is euphemistically called "mile-high"

America is fulfilling it promise of equality for all her citizens. America is about to pull ahead, full-throttle with an Obama presidency.

There are enormous and hugely immense lessons in all this ... for the entire world!

I wait anxiously and very eagerly, the day that I can say President Barack Obama! God Bless America!

In view of the checkered history of Africans and peoples of African descent worldwide, from the twin evils of slavery and colonialism to racism etc, I was not so sure... that the unfolding events in the United States culminating in Senator Obama's nomination for president of the United States would occur in my life-time.

So, everyone really counts in America?

I am delighted to be alive to be witness to these epoch making events.

This incandescent Senator Obama has inspired Americans and citizens of the world in immeasurable, most remarkable and most spectacular way.

My faith in America is being redeemed and it is a good day to be alive and in America! I am spellbound beyond words. I am ecstatic!

God Bless America!

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