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What Percentage Of Your Junk E-Mails Come From Nigeria?

Percentage Of Your Junk E-Mails Come From Nigeria?
Sunday, 09 January 2005

So much have been written about junk e-mails and efforts, past and present, that are being made by hardware and software designers, engineers, programmers and manufacturers, who are tying to curb spammers; Additionally, a great number of countries worldwide, have engaged in writing new legislations and laws targeting the scourge of the spammers, mass marketers and junk e-mailers. All in order to make it possible for people worldwide to enjoy the infinite benefits of the dawn of information superhighways of the electronic information age

Those who create and engage in the mass e-mailing of unsolicited mails or junk mails, have steadily, taken the fun out of the delight, one gets, using the convenience of the internet on the World Wide Web

Some unscrupulous persons, spammers and recipients who have sought to reap from where they have not sowed, they are those I call, the crooks and the gullible, have sought to blame the federal republic of Nigeria for their losses, losses they incurred because such persons were willing to collaborate, connive and conspire to steal from Nigerians and Nigeria. Many courts in the United States have in their verdicts judgments made these conclusions, to the effect that those who patronize spammers from Nigerian deserve what they get…. It is valuable to punish the scammers or criminals, but why is little or no attention is ever given to those who are very clearly, cohorts, who are or aspire to act in concert their attempt to defraud individuals, institutions, the people and government of Nigeria?

Admittedly, some fraudulent letters and emails have emanated from Nigeria, just as fraudulent letters and e-mails have emanated from other countries, the fact of some letters and e-mails, having their origins in Nigeria, have led to the establishment of sort of cottage industry! There now websites on the internet, dedicated to the so-called fraudulent spammers from Nigeria, and too many people and governments are quick to describe Nigerians and the whole Nigeria in pejorative terms and offensive adjectives, on account scamming spammers whose origins have been traced to Nigeria. Where are the websites and efforts dedicated and particularized towards the fighting of scammers and spammers from America, Britain, France, Germany and Canada etc?

The question then arise, what percentage of scamming spam, arriving in the inboxes of e-mails recipients in the USA or for that matter, worldwide, derives from Nigerian scamming spammers? Why is there so much attention and brouhaha about scams and spams that originates from Nigeria? Electronic viruses are also the bane of internet commerce, how many viruses have been created by Nigerians or have been traced to Nigeria?

Americans and Europeans have their own home grown spammers, why have I not ever heard of America scammers and spammers? Why is it that the world seems to have lost its focus on the necessary efforts to eliminate and eradicate scammers and spammers? How is it we never get to hear about American Scammers/Spammers, French Scammers/Spammers or German Scammers/Spammers, but instead con artists, scam artists, fraudulent e-mailers, spammers and criminals that exist in America and Europe never tend to bear the prefixes or suffixes of their countries of origin? Why are the few scammer/spammers of Nigeria origin the focus of the debate of electronic fraud and mercantile inconvenience of modern age?

I have email accounts, and the two currently active ones, are with’s Hotmail and, On a daily basis and without fail, scammers and spammers ceaselessly send deluges of unsolicited e-mails to me, demanding that I participate in one form of fraud or the other, or that I purchase a degree without ever attending one minute of college, or that I buy CIALIS or VIAGRA or some other prescription medicines without necessary prescriptions. I frequently receive e-mails announcing how I MAY have already won ten million dollars! E-mails proclaiming that they are from the APPROVAL department or AWARDS departments. I have received e-mails inviting me to receive a password to view other people’s private and confidential information. Emails inviting me to pornographic websites, whether I am a pastor or an Imam or Rabbi or not, I am nevertheless invited to voyeurism!

I constantly receive vulgar, immoral and criminal solicitations through e-mail and sometimes there are more than 100 of such idiotic e-mails per day! I am a very busy person, but I have to constantly sort through the barrage of inconvenience of modern age!

But, I have never for one moment called these scamming spamming criminals, Americans, French, British, Australian or German etc! I just call them nuisance!

Why the particularity about scammers and spammers from Nigeria? Is it their color?

Sometimes, I have wondered whether some of the “victims” of 419ers were suckered because they could not believe that such “sophisticated and brazen criminals” would exist outside their own “civilized” shores! Why would any sane or reasonable person respond to the types of junk e-mails that I constantly delete? Why would any intelligent person take the bait offered by a criminal who announces he is a criminal, but being only honest, just this once to this stranger, soon to be suckered, why?

Why are other nationals able to isolate and particularize the Nigerian contribution to this global vice? Why is it necessary to specify where a scamming spamming e-mail comes from? Why is this so? Despite the fact, that it is particularly the case that Nigeria is not ahead, in the information age and computerization? Even when most Nigerians do not have personal computers, and the percentage of those who constitute the scamming spammers among computer owners is so meager, and frequently, there are power failure, so that there is no electricity, to run computers, even for legitimate business!

Nigerians would agree that the percentage of Nigerian who are computer literate is still comparatively small, then there is the added requirement or need for a telephone line to run computer internet service, telephone density in Nigeria is still very low, how then, in all of these, the world insist that 150 million Nigerians possess personal computers, telephone lines and internet service and constant electricity with which the “scamming spamming Nigerians bombards the whole world? This phantom bombardment comes from business centers? How many business centers are there, and how many e-mails could these business centers generate or send in a month?

How many personal computers are sold in Nigeria per year? How many households own computers? How many e-mails, including scams are generated in Nigeria? The truth is 419ers personalize their criminal e-mails, such personalization/individualization makes mass mailing impossible and so, the usual form-letter mass-marketing, as it operates generally, would not work or does not apply to the 419ers. How come then, too many people are willing to assume there are a one hundred and fifty million computers owned by Nigerians, dolling out scamming spamming e-mails, 25 hours a day! Yes 25 hours a day, outside of the normal 24 days, which is why it is such an epidemic turned in to pandemic! Where are the honest, hardworking, intelligent, law-abiding Nigerians?

Some Nigerians have actually succumbed and joined this bandwagon of criticisms, that isolate Nigerian “scammers, spammers” from all the rest of the other scammers spammers of the rest of the world! Could it be the case that the scamming spammers in Nigeria are more dangerously unique? Technically more innovative, more grammatically eloquent or is it the reverse? Why does anyone pay special attention to scams and spams from any particular country? A scam is scam is a scam! A spammer is spammer is a spammer! Why the need to particularize about Nigerian scammers and spammers?

Ladies and gentlemen, set your internet filters! Set your anti virus and press your delete key! That is what I do frequently! I do not resort to labeling and castigating whole countries! And to the Nigerians who feel under attack and siege? Scammers and Spammers is universal, Nigerians should not be shamed into hiding because of it!
Non-Nigerians with legitimate business with Nigerians and Nigeria must learn to use Lawyers, Accountants, Brokers, Agents, Chambers of Commerce, Commercial Sections of Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates of Nigeria worldwide and be law abiding in all your dealings! Never seek to take criminal advantage.

Perhaps the world needs to particularize origins of scams and spams? And soon we should have American-scam/spam, British-scam/spam, Canadian-scam/spam, French-scam/spam or German-scam/spam? Then I will take no offense at “Nigerian-scam/spam!

Since it appears the case, that some in the world are infatuatedly excited about allocating specific appellations, prefixes and suffices to scammers and spammers, we must proceed in hurry to do that, but before that is accomplished, it is only fair to demand that people cease and desist, from attaching the name of Nigeria to scammers and spammers, there is no such thing as a Nigerian scam or Nigerian spammers, there are only scammers and spammers period!


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