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That Treacherous PDP Chieftain!

That Treacherous PDP Chieftain!

Wednesday, 15 December 2004

The treacherous and traitorous public revelations by the PDP national chairman, are very revealing as they encapsulates the sorts of crass persons without character or integrity, but who nevertheless are at the helms of the important affairs of our dear nation.

The world would have to assume that Mr. Audu Ogbeh, has unfettered and unhindered access to President Obasanjo during the day and at night times, regardless of what day of the week, weekends or even on public holidays? Mr. Ogbeh must convince the world that he was not engaged in extreme self-aggrandizements, when he made those self-service pronouncements in his famously public rebuke of Mr. Obasanjo and the PDP, where Mr. Ogbeh is sadly, the chief operating officer!

How is it that he is the party chief, has obviously not disciplined his party faithful or honorably resign his post, he has instead engaged in rabble rousing and ostentatious public declarations of his piety and past pennilessness, even as he implores the next coup, in which he hopes to be exonerated?

The questions that should be asked, to which Mr. Ogbeh and his supporters should provide answers, are, why did Mr. Ogbeh no personally contact Mr. Obasanjo? Why did Mr. Ogbeh not contact Mr. Obasanjo by telephone? Why did Mr. Ogbeh disclose the contents of his letter to the press? Why did he suggest or make allusions to something like an impending coup or violent overthrow of Nigerian government?

Why the attempt to ridicule, intimidate and humiliate Mr. Obasanjo? Why did Mr. Ogbeh not direct these public letter writings to the real source of PDP problems, Anambra State and Plateau State, where the Houses of Assembly are seemingly looking the other way, while our beloved states of Anambra and Plateau respectively, have been allowed to devolve into near war zone anarchists’ headquarters?

Some have stated that the president ought to have reported the confessions of Uba/Ngige to the Inspector General of Police, the Attorney General of the Federation, the Director of Military Intelligence or the SSS etc, but would all that rigmarole amount to, when all the president had was simply, impossible to prove oral/verbal evidence of Ngige/Uba confessions that would not stand-up in court, tribunal or anywhere, unless of course, the president were to send both dishonorable men, to Abu Gharib Prison for torture by Ms. England or some other members of the US forces who have proven adept at torturing and beating evidence out of Iraqis or the so-called insurgents?

Besides the difficulty or impossibility of proving Uban/Ngige oral/verbal confessions, it is also the case, that Ngige is the “declared winner; good lawyers have this thing that is called, the burden of proof in criminal cases, and the standard is usually, beyond reasonable doubt, and this is a Herculean task for prosecutors to prove oral or verbal statements at tribunals or duly constituted courts; Therefore, Uba/Ngige confessions were .you guessed it!

Oral/Verbal and without witnesses, this means that these confessions will not effectively discharge this certitude of beyond reasonable doubt, especially, where there are no additional evidence with probative valueSome Nigerians it appears, have reached some sorts of stipulated consensus, to the effect, that, Mr. Obasanjo should have sent Uba/Ngige to Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq, for the US Intelligence or Special Forces to torture them and beat the confession out of them into signed writings... So that Mr. Obasanjo could have evidence that would stand up, in court.per the constitution of Nigeria, Evidence law and other statutes, thereby, in some roundabout way, satisfy the evidentiary standard?

Mr. Obasanjo should have reported to the IG, the AG, the DMI and the SSS etc and then what? Ngige already denied the confessions Mr. Obasanjo accused him of making, Ngige denied the allegations a few days ago, and I would have to insist that it is a given, that Uba/Ngige have adequate and sufficient motives to deny and would have denied the confessions, as Ngige has done, before an election tribunal or a regular courtNgige was and still is, also, effectively the "declared winner and sworn-in governor" of Anambra state then.... He and Uba were visiting Mr. Obasanjo in Ngige's capacity as "governor" he would have enjoyed immunity and sadly enough, continues to enjoy constitutional immunity, until and unless the constitution of Nigeria is amended or re-written to reflect the sentiments that have been expressed regarding these confessions.

Unless you are insisting, that all actions, legislations etc that constitute Ngige's public functions since July 2003 are null and void, ab initio, due to alleged fraudulence of his elections, such conclusion is of course is debatable or perhaps, arguably erroneous; Ngige remains the de jure or a least the defacto "governor" of Anambra State, poor Anambra State! But the law is the law!

Untill and unless, there is a proper petition before a proper tribunal/court that annuls Ngige farce... a proper petition from a proper party, with real evidence, nothing will change; And even at that, the petition would not stand up or rest on the VERBAL/ORAL confessions made to Mr. Obasanjo and I will have to conclude that any examination of the election fraud that have been alleged against Ngige, relying solely on the oral/verbalized confessions by Uba/Ngige to Mr. Obasanjo must fail.

Mr. Obasanjo is apparently everybody’s whipping boy and target of attack?Clearly, it must be made abundantly clear, that Mr. Obasanjo has no standing to bring forth such petition, he is not an aggrieved party, he has no evidence, solid evidence that would stand evidentiary standard test in Nigeria and pretty much anywhere else

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