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Vice President Atiku Is Illogical!

Vice President Atiku Is Illogical!

Friday, 07 April 2006

Nigeria is my country and my most favorite real estate on earth. Even if, I never again in my life time step a foot on Nigeria’s soil. Was Nigeria some other country? I would have been amused at the traitorious and treacherous statements credited to the king of vice, Abubakar Atiku!

This man Atiku, is clearly lacking in good logic, good sense and sound judgment. How else does anyone explain his incredulous suggestion to the effect that President Obasanjo resigns? It just does not make any sense. President Obasanjo is the head of Atiku’s ticket!

Nigeria practices a presidential system of federal government. The People Democratic Party or PDP is the party in power in Nigeria, as it was the PDP that produced President Obasanjo and the king of vice, Mr. Atiku. This also clearly means that the president is at top and heads the ticket, while the king of vice, Atiku is at the bottom.

If the king of vice is unable to be supportive of the head of his ticket, he should pretend that he has some dignity and honor left in him and resign. If the king of vice no longer have faith in President Obasanjo’s administration, of which the vice is supposed to be part, the king of vice should quit immediately! In fact, some have, on several occasions in the past, demanded for the king of vice’s resignation.

President Obasanjo is not answerable to Mr. Atiku the king of vice but, instead, the vice is answerable to the president of our republic!

When and if President Obasanjo commits a breach of Nigerian laws, or offends the Constitution of Nigeria, and if President Obasanjo engages in any improper, inappropriate or outright illegal behavior, the Constitution of Nigeria prescribes procedures for tackling errant presidents. Mr. Atiku is like a substitute teacher in a classroom where the substantive teacher is engaged in actual teaching, while the idle substitute teacher demands the resignation of the substantive teacher or even the principal

The substitute teacher should search for employment outside of this classroom and outside of this particular school. Mr. Substitute teacher should in fact be ejected from the school premises forthwith. Mr. Substitute teacher has engaged in rowdy and disruptive behavior. He cannot make policies for the substantive teacher or worse, for the principal, the oga patapata of the particular school. He is a misfit.

All things considered, Mr. Atiku has been a great disservice to President Obasanjo. Mr. Atiku has been a great disservice to the PDP and what is much worse? Mr. Atiku has been bane of Nigeria. Mr. Atiku is said to have egregiously caused the derailment of Nigeria’s privatization and deregulation efforts. He is said to have hijacked the BPE activities for his personal profits and benefits. Mr. Atiku’s umpteenth wife, Jennifer Iwejiora Douglas E Atiku of the multiple millions dollar mansion in Maryland infamy was subject of mind boggling controversy and scandal last year. As she is said to operate a non-profit organization and with her income at approximately $200 a week, which is less than the minimum wage for unskilled workers in America. Jennifer Iwejiora Douglas E Atiku bought a mansion worth multiple millions of dollars! Atiku claim this mansion as his and the mansion was acquired after Atiku became part of President Obasanjo’s administration.

Atiku’s behavior as such, which he has since acknowledged, is illegal. Upon this discovery, Atiku’s engagement in improper and impeachable conduct that is, Atiku should have resigned or should have been impeached forthwith. Atiku’s call for the resignation of his boss, his chief executive officer or CEO is tantamount to monumental and colossal display and demonstration of utter disloyalty, betrayal of trust, and utmost treachery!

President Obasanjo is the CEO or Managing Director of Nigeria’s affairs. President Obasanjo does not take orders from his subordinate. Would Vice President Cheney as President Bush to resign? Of course not! Should a manager in a company order the managing director of the company to resign? But of course not!

President Obasanjo has done nothing illegal or impeachable. Even if he has, the consequences are carefully and clearly enunciated by our constitution.

If Atiku’s feigned concerns are in connections with the so-called third term agenda, Mr. Atiku can resign now in protests or wait until May 29, 2007 when his term expires. Atiku is full of contradictions and self-serving shenanigans. He should resign and just go.

In the alternative, Mr. Atiku could in fact announce his lack of interests in being part of any third term ticket or arrangements. He should quit as part of President Obasanjo’s government, just so, Mr. Atiku can concentrate on the currently nocturnal and clandestine activities of The Turaki Vanguard.

Atiku must resign, instead of acting as a major distraction and blab-mouth.

Mr. Atiku is stabbing his boss, his PDP political party and Nigeria in the back.

Atiku’s disloyalty to President Obasanjo is legendary and it is exemplified by Atiku’s public hostility to his PDP political party of which President Obasanjo is head and leader of government in Nigeria, at the federal level.

Atiku has engaged in the most egregious anti-party activities and he should resign immediately or he should be impeached forthwith!

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