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He & I Are Criminals: But Trust Me, I am Nice; Says Atiku Abubakar!

He & I Are Criminals: But Trust Me, I am Nice; Says Atiku Abubakar!

Monday, 10 April 2006
Atiku Abubakar is arrogant, brazen and he is an exemplification of impunity!

Atiku Abubakar encompasses all the challenges that Nigeria continues to face

He is a pillar of contradictions piled upon contradictions. He is a lowly customs officer turned billionaire, who has since confessed to being part of electoral frauds and irregularities in 2003. All of which he is a beneficiary. He now turns around to lecture Nigerians? He is now suddenly ethical? He can pretend, but he is not a man of honor!

Atiku Abubakar is engaging in twisted and equally warped moralistic grandstanding, as he indulges himself in selective ethical pronouncements and loud talk as well.

All of a sudden, Atiku Abubakar is making high octane incendiary pronouncements regarding an administration of which he has been a part. His shrill shouting, deafening octave cries about proprieties are so unconvincing, even to political neophytes.

Here is a lowly customs officer turned billionaire, who now lectures Nigerians on ethics and morality?

Atiku Abubakar knew the 2003 were a fraud, he should have honorably resigned and formed his own political party or join the numerous existing political parties in Nigeria and I would have campaigned on his behalf and even voted for him. But in truth, he is self-interestedly, self-servingly and belatedly accusing others of crime from which he reaped immense benefits. Now, at his convenience, he confesses and insists he is a man of honor, a saint and an angel! Are Nigerians supposed to accept or believe him? NO!

When did Atiku Abubakar become angelic or when did he become a saint?

The truth of the matter is, he was never a saint, he is no saint now, and he has no plan to become a saint ever! He is merely an accomplished opportunist; Atiku’s traitorous treacheries were long in coming.

Let us be very clear about Atiku Abubakar, he has been busy undermining the programs and policies of the federal government and the administration of President Obasanjo, sadly enough, Atiku has been the second in command of the current federal government that he has undermined, apparently, every step of the way.

Atiku Abubakar’s tricks and deceit must not stand. He is attempting the futility of pulling cotton wool over the millions of eyes of Nigerians at home and abroad who are on watch.

Last Wednesday in the dead of night, he told political opponents and enemies of President Obasanjo, that he Atiku was and still is, part of an electoral fraud conspiracy.

He in effect announced his criminalities, but with a caveat, which is, President Obasanjo or the devil caused Atiku to engage in criminal enterprise.

Election rigging is fraud! Perpetuating such illegality knowingly is fraud and a crime. Being part of a conspiracy to foist electoral fraud, irregularities and attendant illegalities is a high crime. Atiku was direct and clear, he did not repeat a second-hand story. He directly stated that the 2003 elections were a fraud. He knows the origins of that fraud and illegality. He is a beneficiary of that fraud since 2003 and he remains in office courtesy of the fraud that he described on Wednesday in his own words!

Atiku Abubakar is trying an old tactics it is called bait and switch. His illogicality allows him to think that he can deceive the Nigerian electorate by pointing his puerile putrid fingers at President Obasanjo.

But Nigerians should ask Atiku many questions, amongst which are, what do you know and when did you know it? When did you realize that there was fraud and illegalities in connection with the 2003 general elections? Were you part of these frauds, irregularities and illegalities? Why did you and have you not resigned your position, in order to demonstrate your righteous indignations as you expressed them last Wednesday night?

He should be asked how he expects to convince anyone or his God, that he earned his billions honestly as a lowly customs officer without at least a Bachelors or first degree

How much was he paid as a customs officer? How can he now claim to be the paragon of ethics? Atiku Abubakar is playing the role of the classical double-agent and double-cross.

Is Atiku Abubakar really the pillar and epitome of proprieties as he has claimed? Does Atiku not remind everyone of someone in glass house throwing stones and all manners of projectiles? Clearly, he does; does everyone spot the incongruous stance of Atiku with the incredulity it deserves? Is it not sad to find that those, such as Atiku who have bled Nigeria to her knees often wangle their way into leadership?

Is it not even more amazing to now have to sit through sanctimonious lectures from a man who a false puritan? He is trying to flimflam Nigerians in broad-day-light!

In my opinion, actions such as Atiku Abubakar’s make it crucially important that the reform structures and institutions put in place by President Obasanjo are strengthened and sustained. EFCC and ICPC must remain permanent fixtures our system in Nigeria. And I think this is why the guilty are so afraid.

Lowly customs officer turned billionaire with multi million dollar house in Maryland USA such as Atiku Abubakar, would not escape with impunity. This is also why expunging the current blanket immunity clause from the Constitution of Nigeria is priority task number one. Those who abhor corruption, greed and avarice, must let their voices be heard on this score. Everyone who loves Nigeria must add their voices to the demand for the repealing, the excising and expunging of the immunity clause.

Current leaders will therefore have myriad of explaining to do to the EFCC and ICPC.

Potential public office holders, president, vice president, governors, legislators federal and state, Councilors and appointees at all levels, would have to endure a thorough background check and a rigorous vetting process to ensure their wealth sources are legitimate and legal. The auditing or vetting process should as well be repeated at the end of tenures of public office holders at all levels; whether elected or appointed.

The genie is already out of the bottle. Thanks to President Obasanjo’s reforms. These reforms have set Nigeria on the path of progress through thorough accountability, probity and transparency and believe me, it is the cause of why some like Atiku are deathly afraid

We may also wonder, whether the fear of what the EFCC and ICPC may do to Ibrahim Babangida during or after President Obasanjo’s administration, is the true source of inspiration and motivation for Babangida’s interests in the presidency in 2007?

What better insurance plan can Babangida get, than if he returns as Nigeria’s president in 2007? He certainly will not probe himself and his source of inestimable wealth that he is said to have! These are why the guilty are afraid!

Well, Atiku Abubakar has in his “declaration of interest” in Nigerian presidency in 2007, stated that he will retain the EFCC and ICPC, he said, among other things, he will retain the reforms programs of President Obasanjo and the PDP government of which he is part.

He cannot be trusted. Not with all the baggage that he has. He acquired an opulent mansion in Maryland USA worth millions of dollars the acquisition is questionable for many reasons.

The current laws of Nigeria prohibits and forbids ownership of properties in a foreign land or abroad, including landed properties or real estate, bank accounts and sundry investments. Atiku Abubakar is in violation of law in that regard.

His billionaire status as a former customs officer without other determinable discernable means of income remains something that Nigeria’s law enforcements agencies should enquire into. He demonstrates no integrity and he is a back-stabber!

Atiku Abubakar is in all probabilities a misfit who has always exploited his public position and public office for his selfish purpose and always at the expense of Nigeria.

The time for this man to account has thus finally arrived. He must be told to quit his current charade of pretending to be holy and great, his “exploits” and “greatness” as a Nigerian put it recently, have always been on the back of the Nigerian people as a whole.

He rode on the back of unsuspecting Nigerian public, then he rode on the good graces of the Late Yar Adua and most recently, Atiku Abubakar has been riding as an ingrate, on the back of President Obasanjo. Atiku may now pretend in self-delusion, that he is a self-made man. But that is only delusional and the time for reality check is nigh!

President Obasanjo must remain steadfast and undaunted in the pursuit of Nigeria’s cause

Nigeria’s National Interests are worthy causes. No intimidation, no arrogance and no amount of treacheries must affect or change that. President Obasanjo and all Nigerians must watch Atiku and his cohorts carefully. Atiku is a dangerous man as he is lusting for anarchy and blood.

He and his sponsors must be watched. Atiku is an opportunist who will do anything in the pursuit of his selfish opportunism. Atiku Abubakar’s blackmail, threats and intimidation will fizzle. Atiku Abubakar must resign now or be impeached immediately.

Nigeria’s stability is more important than Atiku Abubakar’s selfish ambitions.

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