Monday, August 23, 2010

Sarah Palin Is A Racist, And Appallingly Ignorant

Sarah Palin Is A Racist, And Appallingly Ignorant
Written by Paul I. Adujie

Sarah Palin is a racist as she is appallingly ignorant in the most palpable way, and worse, she advertises racism and extreme ignorance!

Sarah Palin has the constitutional right to be ignorant, but the issue is whether she must advertise her ignorance through repeated goofs and gaffes?

Sarah Palin injected herself into a debates about race and in the process, she has revealed herself as worse than David Duke and card carrying members of the Klu Klux Klan or KKK.

Sarah “Appalling” Palin, appallingly and egregiously egged on Laura Schlessinger as Schlessinger repeated a racial epithet and profanity over and over on public air waves or radio broadcast ad nauseam

It should be clear to all the world by now, that since the election of Mr. Barack Obama, race relations have clearly worsened in America.

It must be clear now that there are too many Americans who are expressing post election buyers’ remorse over the electoral triumph of Mr. Obama. Every debate since his inauguration has been about Mr. Osama’s “Otherness” He is Black or African American, He, does not wear his Christianity on his sleeve, quite unlike his predecessor Mr. Bush, whose domestic and foreign policies were directed by God herself!

Pew Research polls have indicated that a great number of Americans have latched on to this “otherness” about Mr. Obama, who is alternately a firebrand Christian of the Richard Wright fame and at once a fiery Muslim who needs to be outed by clever sleuths. Pew Research has just released a poll which points to these suspicions among a huge segment of the American population. Mr. Obama is Black, he is Muslim, he is Kenyan, he is not an American, he is not one of us. Help! There is a Negro in the White House!

It must recalled that Sarah Palin was one of those who engaged in corrosive and toxic political campaign against Mr. Obama during the 2008 elections campaign season. She used toxic and inflammatory words laden with acerbic innuendo, suggestive of the “otherness of Mr. Obama, who was portrayed as being from mars. Mr. Obama was at once a devout Christian with 20 years of membership in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago while simultaneously (magically) a Muslim?

Sarah Palin, this quitter former governor with “extensive foreign policy experience which is limited to she gleaned from her windows, observing Russia from her windows in Wasilla and Anchorage Alaska
Sarah Appalling Palin lost the election in November 2008, and since then, she has been an unforgiving sore loser, who have sought to re-litigate the issues over and over again! She injected so much negativity into the 2008 electioneering campaign hiding under the toga of being a simpleton maverick from a small town in the other America to which Mr. Obama did not belong.

Sarah Palin informed the world that it was alright with her and her ilk, if Laura Schlessinger uttered the N-word a million times on radio! Sarah Palin urged Laura Schlessing to do exactly that imploring Laura to reload her obnoxious racial pejoratives and profanities.

It has become clear since, that race relations appear to have worsened after the election of Mr. Obama. Race relations have been exacerbated and magnified, even as some have been saying already, that racism has ended and racists have all been disarmed. But from Sarah Palin, to Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to Tea Party, it does appear that there are buyers’ remorse, afterthoughts and second thoughts about the very idea of Mr. Obama in the White House! There is so much that is being interjected into public debates which have nothing whatsoever to do with public policy difference, but rather, anger at the fact that Mr. Obama is president at all, in the first place. There are those who still insists that Mr. Obama is a Muslim or that he must publicly display and establish and prove his credentials as a bona fide Christian. Mr. Obama must wear the matter of his religion on his forehead, on his sleeves and public pronouncements?

Someone should whisper to Sarah Palin the fact that freedom of speech or the First Amendment Right does not permit gratuitous racism on public airwaves. The First Amendment does not protect anyone who shouts fire and cause a stampede in the absence of actual fire. Just as First Amendment does no permit Sarah Palin or Laura Schlessinger to be anti Semitic anymore than the First Amendments permits Laura and Sarah to offensively repeat an obnoxious word with pungent putrid history, well known to Sarah and Laura.

Laura Schlessinger came close to calling Sarah Palin an airhead when Palin was selected by Senator John McCain, as vice presidential nomination in 2008 Laura Schlessinger was quote as saying that "I'm stunned -- couldn't the Republican Party find one competent female with adult children to run for vice president with McCain?" Sarah Palin is so oblivious and deviously ignorant to know the difference.

Even though both Palin and Laura Schlessinger are now parading and posturing as defenders of free speech, there have been an avalanche commentaries directed at them to repudiate their silly claims and their futile efforts at cloaking and shrouding their racism with First Amendment, Laura and Sarah clearly are misguided in their skewed interpretation of speech rights .

Laura Schlessinger was a syndicated radio talk show for a whopping 15 years featured or rebroadcast on 450 stations with 8.25 million listeners at her peak. And yet, she flagrantly and ineptly used a word pregnant with pejorative and toxic epithet. How is it that 15 years of hosting on radio did not teach Laura Schlessinger anything? And yet, she is the expert and guru in relationship and conflict management and resolution? Or, perhaps Laura Schlessinger cynically determined that it served her purpose or other purposes to knowingly disregard and intentionally disrespect a huge segment of the American population of which I am part? Schlessinger chose to convey that a big chunk of the American population be abused and offended and anticipate no consequences? What message was Laura Schlessinger intent on delivering to her listeners and the entire world?

Sarah Palin must refute, repudiate or “refudiate” her shout of encouragement to Laura Schlessinger’s insensitive repetitive use of the N-word. Sarah and Laura should purge themselves of bigotry and racism

Why did Laura Schlessinger chose to repeat the N-word so gratuitously, eleven whopping times a minute? She abused us thoughtlessly or recklessly, then apologize, is it because she was unaware of the severity of her own egregious misconduct? Would Laura Schlessinger tolerate anyone engaging in anti Semitism because she will accept an apology as discount? Laura Schlessinger made a calculated offensive, ugly, bigoted racist statements for which she will remain infamous. Her prejudice towards the Black race is without excuse, her epithets, her profanities repugnant and reprehensible. Sarah Palin and others who are actively encouraging her and equally guilty of racism and unpardonable bigotry and shameless prejudice directed Black people

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