Friday, November 28, 2008

Again, Israel Defies The United Nations, Snubs America Over Wall/Barrier/Fence

Again, Israel Defies The United Nations, Snubs America Over Wall/Barrier/Fence


Paul I. Adujie

New York, United States

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, finally indicated his oppostion to the Israeli wall-fence-barrier of separatism or apartheid between Israel and Palestine, the fact the UN finally verbalized its opposition to wall-building by Israel, it is news in itself, albeit, a totally sluggish and belated response by the UN, this is, to say the least. UN statement by Mr. Annan, stated that the Israeli barrier or wall, in the West Bank, is causing serious harmto the Palestinian people and undermining the Middle East peace effort, Mr. Annan further stated that, “When each party should be making good-faith, confidence-building gestures, the barrier’s construction cannot be seen “as naything but deeply counterproductive act”

The secretary general’s report, which was described by The New York Times, as a distillation of various studies by the United Nations and other organizations, was his most comprehensive statement so far made on the barrier-wall-fence-building subject, since the UN General Assembly resolution, which demanded that, Israel halt and reverse the barrier’s construction. Israel has been building the wall-barrier-fence and other settlement activities, in clear violation of international law and this has gone on, for far too long. During this past weekend, Israel literally abused the American Secretary of State General Colin Powell, when Israel described Mr. Powell as not Israeli favorite of American officials in the US State Department or anywhere else.

Israel has been building an electronic fence, concrete walls, trenches and many other obstacles, all monitored with Israeli military cameras and Israeli soldiers patrols; these barriers, have been described by Palestinians and others, as Israel’s attempt to commit political land-grab to create political border, predetermined before political independence is attained in Palestine. I have in the past stated that the Israeli wall is counterproductive, it is now good to hear that Mr. Annan also think the Israelis walls and barriers has caused “serious socioeconomic harm” to the Palestinian people, by restricting the movement of goods and people and limiting their access to land, jobs and markets, which increases suffering in Palestine.

The United Nations by a majority vote, has demanded that Israel dismantle the wall/fence/barrier and Israel has adamantly refused; What other country on earth, would behave in the manner that Israel has frequently behaved and go uncensored and unsanctioned? The US frequently protects Israel with the US veto and reserved powers at the UN, same is public knowledge in how Israel is supported with massive infusion of foreign aid and every supports, including money, political and diplomatic support.

Currently, some countries in the comity of nations, act as though they are above the rules, above the laws or treaties, above all conventions and acceptable international behaviors, these types, makes wars, strife and endless human hardship and sufferings a sure thing, the world can certainly, do better than these. I strongly believe that world peace is only possible, when all countries are ready and wiling to obey the rule of law, to respect international laws and conventions.

Dec 2003

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