Monday, August 18, 2008

Expediency and American Foreign Policy in Pakistan

Expediency and American Foreign Policy in Pakistan
By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Everyone including the current American government administration of President George W. Bush knew that Musharaf was a dictator, an autocrat and an exceedingly undemocratic in his pursuit of public policies.

And yet, he was propped-up and supported laterally for so-called strategic “national security interest” which is almost always the same as building a house on quick sand, instead of laying a solid foundation on sturdy for everlasting superstructures.

When will shortsighted policy pursuits end?

Well, now, another despot has left the stage, and not a moment too soon. Pakistan and the world will be better for it. Good riddance!

Why does America always find herself in bed with autocrats, despots, tyrants and brutal political actors with Machiavellian auto reflexes? Imagine America as symbolizing freedom, liberty and democracy but cozies up with forces which are staunchly allied against freedom, liberty and democracy? Strange bedfellows indeed!

Why claim to be mother and grandmother of all that is good, but, constantly supporting all that is worse than bad? What is the definition of an oxymoron?

While President of Pakistan, Mr. Musharaf fired 60 judges in one full-swoop, he declared a state of emergency, all, while dismantling democratic structures on ground in Pakistan.

How can a man with this sorts of sordid pedigree claim to be a credentialed democrat or worse, friends of the United States of America?

Mr. George W. Bush, pumped billions of dollars in American taxpayers’ money, into the hands of Mr. Musharaf and his cohorts in Pakistan, Mr. Bush blindly supported Musharaf, in the name of the so-called war-on-terror, but, Mr. Osama bin Ladin is bin hiding in Pakistan ever since… with wink and nod from “our strongest ally” Musharaf!

Billions of dollars spent, money which have produced the slightest positive impact on the citizens of Pakistan nor procured safety for American citizens by way of insurance against terror through the decimation of terrorists.

Americans and the people of Pakistan have been doubly doused and flamed by Mr. Bush and his friend Mr. Musharraf!

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