Monday, October 15, 2007

South’s Poverty Is Caused By North? Nigerian Myth 101

South’s Poverty Is Caused By North? Nigerian Myth 101
By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

I personally resent Nigerian public officials from the North and from the South, and other agitators, who constantly provide misguided reinforcements of mutual suspicions by the masses of Nigerian citizens in the different regions of Nigeria, playing up deep rooted suspicions and animosities, even though the economic and political issues are essentially the same, in their adverse effects or consequences on the average Nigerian, whether in the Northern or Southern parts of Nigeria.
The plights and predicaments of an unemployed Nigerian is the same, in whichever state of abode or birth, unequipped hospitals or schools remains just that! Whether such schools or hospitals are in the North or in the South, hence for instance, politicians in Nigeria, whether Northern or Southern run overseas when ill, and not to Nigerian hospitals in particular regions that are supposedly more equipped.

Those who are demanding 50 percent of oil revenue allocations ought to be very careful not to come across as selfishly greedy, parochial or shortsighted regionalists.
Derivation formula should not be turned into instruments and tools of discriminations against fellow Nigerians, just because crude oil petroleum was not placed under the soil of their hometowns
Agitators from oil producing states and their supporters must also ask themselves, whether the governments of oil producing states have used for the benefits of Nigerians in their domain, the higher revenues realized from higher percentage allocation since 1999?
We must ask whether the lives of Nigerians in oil producing states have become better since the inception of the higher allocations, based on the new derivation formula

No one from the oil producing state seem to worry that more money have accrued to their domain, in the past five years, based on revised derivation formula and yet, there is no corresponding improvement in local public infrastructures, social amenities, such as local roads, hospitals, schools etc.

Everyone in the oil producing state have been hoodwinked, it appears, to think or believe the big lie to the effect that all Nigeria’s money are spent lavishly in the North and that roads in the North are paved with gold? And that all the challenges that Nigeria have faced, are because of these ubiquitous Nigerians from the North.

Regarding corruption allegations, I suppose that would make former Inspector General of Police, Barrister Tafa Balogun a Nigerian from the fabled North? Professor Fabian Osuji would also morphed into a Nigerian from the North, and so would Mrs. Osomo and we must then assume that these individuals are from Kano, Sokoto and Maiduguri respectively?

Draft only Nigerians who are in poverty feel the same way, regardless of these Nigerians’ ethnic, religious affiliation or state of residence or region of origin, enduring harsh economic environment of unemployment, and the sufferings, hardships and hopelessness that these breeds is the same for poor Nigerian folks!

When for instance NEPA engage in epileptic power outrages, power failure affects all poor Nigerians in the same way, be the Nigerian an Hausa, a Yoruba or an Igbo, a Tiv or an Idoma or Fulani Nigerian, power outage outrage has the same effect and outcome, no electricity for fan, no fridge or light to see at night. But the rich in our country, will crank up

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