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Saddam Hussein Trial By Carpet Baggers; And American Claptrap Policies Implications In Iraq

Saddam Hussein Trial By Carpet Baggers; And American Claptrap Policies Implications In Iraq

Wednesday, 14 July 2004
And American Claptrap Policies Implications In Iraq

The proposed trial of Mr. Saddam Hussein is worrisome, the trial that is being planned by the newly minted "sovereign" national government, is worrisome, to say the least. Newly minted government of Iraq, newly minted by the Americans in the contexts of everyone’s familiarity with the purported transfer of sovereignty, full sovereignty to those now in charge of the running of Iraq. How full is sovereignty, with 150,000 American/coalition troops, troops that is not accountable to Iraqis, troops that do not take orders from Iraqis?

Mr. Saddam Hussein’s proposed trial by the government of Iraq will be driven by the agenda, set by the Americans, before the invasion and occupations of Iraq, the forthcoming trial is worrisome, not because Saddam Hussein is a saint or that I think he may qualify for sainthood in a million years, but instead, purely because Saddam remains a human being and he remains entitled to the fine tenets of the rule of law and all the niceties of legal due process, both substantive and procedural.

But as it stands now, many characters involved in the process which attempts to define and determine Saddam’s fate, have all prejudged Saddam, amongst these motley crew of prejudging characters, is President Bush, who has offered opinions as to the ultimate fate Saddam should face, Mr. Bush presaged his opinion on, the allegations that Mr. Hussein had plotted to kill the elder President Bush, after the first Gulf War.

The fact that President Bush and others, have pronounced Saddam guilty of real and imagined offences, precludes and forecloses a fair trial for Saddam, based on the present parameters and criteria being set, there is presumption of guilt against Saddam by so many, in Iraq and elsewhere, including Washington and this is a clear harbinger for disastrous results… This is even made worse, by the banding around of a death penalty sentence, even before Saddam has his day in court! It is particularly gulling, when we realize that Mr. Bush continues to have undue influence and unsurpassed authority and control, over the "fully sovereign" government of Iraq.

In truth, anyone who describes the newly minted government, the famously sovereign government of Iraq as filled with puppets and stooges, selected for their antecedents of doing America’s bidding, as they remain agents of foreign government, will not be engaging in any exaggerations, the president and prime minister of Iraq are mere rubber-stamps for policies preconceived by the Americans in Washington; Anyone seeking proofs, only need to peer at the antecedents of the characters in the current Iraq government, which is filled, mostly, by Iraq exiles and former eyes and ears of the CIA.

Another reason to be concerned with the proposed trial of Saddam, and why it is worrisome, because, as presently planned, is, the proper classification of Saddam, and this, leads to many unanswered questions, vide, Is Saddam a war criminal? Was the war legitimate? Will Saddam receive fair trial in Iraq? And what sorts of Iraqis, should be the ones seating in judgment over Saddam? And dwho ecides or chooses these persons and criteria?

In view of these searing questions, and particularly, because of abundant historical precedents of war crimes trials, it is my belief, that the world will be better off, if the process is conducted outside of Iraq, and far from what currently appears to be a Kangaroo Court bent on dispensing Vigilante justice. That is clearly being orchestrated by the Americans, through the stooges and puppets-on-strings-"sovereign" government currently as "constituted" in Iraq.

The rule of law and legal due process must be followed, even in spectacularly unique cases, or even in very peculiar circumstances here presented by the proposed Saddam trial, the world will certainly be better off, for it, if all the rules are followed meticulously, even for the benefit of Saddam, even if we suspect that he is unsavory.

The essence of Justice, the essence of the rule of law, imbued in due process, requires, that rules are observed in all cases, in light crimes or egregiously heinous crimes, whether we suspect that we have an angel that may be completely innocent of our charges or conversely, we suspect that we do have a monster on trial; All principles and the finer tenet of law and justice must be observed, and followed scrupulously.

After all, here lays the difference between refined justice, fair play on the one hand; Then, the monstrosities of evil imbued in lawlessness and brutalities that emanate from tyrannies and dictatorships worldwide.

There is no better time than now, to put the law, justice and fair play on display, in all their finest exemplifications for the whole world to see, the hallmark of good over evil.

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