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“Reverend” Pat Robertson, A Criminal, Terrorist!

“Reverend” Pat Robertson, A Criminal, Terrorist!

Tuesday, 23 August 2005
“Reverend” Pat Robertson, A Criminal, Terrorist!
By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

It is becoming clearer by the minute, that terrorism is not the exclusive preserve of some aberrant Muslims; terrorism is in fact, a perversity shared by some high profile Christians! “A Man of God” such as Pat Robertson, is clearly a criminal and a terrorist!
Pat Robertson of the United States should wear the appellation and toga of a terrorist and criminal from now on.

And just when you thought Christianity was immune from the corrupting influence of crude oil and petroleum, all doubts have now been removed. Pat Robertson has told the world that he would want President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela assassinated and that he believes such, to be cheaper than a full scale invasion of Venezuela, as done by the United States, as in the case with Iraq, which was invaded and occupied for oil, as well.

Pat Robertson is the founder and leader of Evangelical Christians Coalition, who are the core of President election and re-election, the very ultra conservative or neoconservative group, have hidden none of their contempt for the rest of the population, as they have supported Bush’s flame-throwing conservative policies and Christian Crusade through foreign wars, sweetened with the thirst for oil.

The terrorist and criminal comments coming from Pat Robertson should be a lesson and an eye-opener for the world, the world which have seemed to look the other way, while a cabal of ultra conservative Christians and Oil Merchants have literarily hijacked and dictated American domestic and foreign policies, including multiple pronged foreign wars.

President Bush’s government, now seek to distance itself from the outlandish and outrageous statements made by one of their very own, Pat Robertson of the Christian Evangelical Coalition for Bush! Robertson is head of a group that is the staunchest supporter of Bush.

Pat Robertson it is, who formed the highest of platforms for Evangelical Christians and the conservatives, that is the bedrock and base of neoconservatives for Bush. The same Pat Robertson, a neoconservative who openly advocate for the violent overthrow of the legitimate and constitutional government and president of Venezuela, through the murderous and violent killing through assassination of President Hugo Chavez!

Pat Robertson has demonstrated that he is no true man of God! He is instead a terrorist, a criminal, thirsty only for crude oil and petroleum, and not the flocks of God! What he advocates is terrorism, his plans and musings have terrorist, and terrorism written all over it! We only have to thank God that he is not pretending to have any altruistic intentions or such other false pretenses, as have been claimed by Bush and his supporters regarding Iraq. As they have claimed lofty ideals and democratic purpose, and freedom etc

America’s State Department has refused or neglected to denounce Pat Robertson for obvious reasons, not to rock the boat or bite the fingers that feeds their welter of Evangelicals supporters… hence the State Department have tepidly distanced itself from the outrageous and outlandish statements of Pat Robertson with his uncouth and crude thirst for oil. His thirst for Venezuelan oil has led him to seek to kill, maim and brutalize, do whatever it takes, to get at Venezuela’s national resources, petroleum oil?

At the very least, the White House and State Department ought to condemn Robertson criminal enterprise, the suggestions of such terrorist act, ought to meet with America’s condemnation, because, after all, we are a nation at war, and no less, a war against terrorism, which is now being advocated right here in our backyard… someone ought to inform the White House and the State Department, that there is something repugnant and reprehensible about advocating the assassination of the president of the politically independent and sovereign country of Venezuela as canvassed by Robertson.

Pat Robertson of the United States should wear the appellation and toga of a terrorist and criminal from now on for daring to suggest violence against the president of Venezuela as a the way to effect a change in the current Venezuelan policy pursuit by the United States and it is such a shame that this flagrant and brazen violation of diplomatic ethos by Robertson, is merely perceived as inappropriate, instead of terrorist and utter criminality!

Can anyone imagine for instance, what would be the reactions if these statements had emanated from Bishop Tutu of South Africa? Bishop Okogie of Nigeria or Cardinal Arinze? Can anyone imagine if an African, or an Arab or even worse, if an Imam, a Muslim from Kano City Nigeria had made these statements made by our “civilized” “freedom and liberty loving” American? Can anyone imagine an African, Arab or Muslim, equivalent in clout, social standing and unfettered access to the presidency as Robertson has with President Bush… could anyone imagine, them advocating a belief in murderous assassinations and politically motivated killings of an American President or a European Prime Minister? Can an Africa Prelate or High profile Muslim Imam in Nigeria, Africa or in the Arab world so indulge himself?

Can anyone imagine further, if an African Imam, say from Kano City Nigeria, were to advocate the violent killing of an American president on television? Everyone would have gotten excited, jumped and fallen in piles, endless piles together, to just to be the first to pronounce such African or Imam or Muslim a terrorist and a Jihadist! And if the new rule in Britain against those who preach radical Islam, who must now deported were to be followed around here in the United States? We should deport Robertson to Rome to the Vatican? Or to Canterbury in England or some such other holy Christian place?

But here now is Robertson, a “man of God” advocating terrorism and Jihad, Christian Jihad, since he is a Christian, just as Islamic extremist only connection to Islam, for which Islam is frequently condemned and painted by Christians with such broad brush!
If the sweeping generalization is fair to Islam, we must insist that it is good and fair to Christianity as well, after all, what is good for Mr. Goose, is also good for Mrs. Goose?

Robertson should be tried for terrorism, for advocating crime through the mass media of which the electronic broadcasts of television is such medium. Robertson should be tried for advocating the overthrow of the constitutional government, the legitimate government of Venezuela. Robertson should be detained at Guantannamo Bay in Cuba or at Abu Ghraib!

Venezuela should demand the extradition and trial of Pat Robertson for advocating terrorism and Jihad against the president, the government and people of Venezuela that will lend credence and real meaning to the much brouhaha-ed global war on terrorism!

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