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Nigerian Arrested! Espionage- Spying!

Monday, 07 March 2005
Nigerian Arrested! Espionage- Spying!
By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

Reliable sources have revealed the arrest and detention of a Nigerian intellectual giant by the United States government by combined team of CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Military Intelligence and other members of the American Intelligence Community; A gathering groups of the US government made the high profile arrest in New York City.

The American federal government is said to have been earnestly sought and still seeking a thorough investigation of this Nigerian, as he is said to be very intelligent and adroit in his dealings with the American Intelligence Community personnel that have interacted with him.

The Nigerian is said to be unwilling to reveal the contents of his treasure trove of scientific and high technology processes. He is said to have ignored threats to his life, threat of life imprisonment for industrial scientific espionage against the United States.

The Nigerian is said have adamantly stated that the information he has, are priceless even as he insist the information are not for sale nor available to the US government or the highest bidder.

It is understood by the investigators that the Nigerian man, does not possess a great of personal assets or monetary wealth of his own; And despite this, he is said to have rejected offers of money and wealth as incentives or enticements or motivations to relinquish these very precious and valuable scientific, technological and industrial development information.

High profile Americans in government, Academia, Industry and Commerce are said to have been participating in intense strategy sessions on the method to amicably resolve this crisis without public knowledge and an uproar that might ensue from such public knowledge or an escalation into an international incident.

Powerful Americans who dominate the world of industry and commerce here, are quoted as saying that the situation is a very delicate one, particularly so, as America’s image has suffered a beating and bashing on the world stage, as a result of America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.

The intelligentsia in America are said to be at their wits ends as their optimism regarding a quiet resolution of the issues at stake seem to have faded; Intelligentsia here in America are concerned because the Nigerian is himself one of them, know and respected by them, as a man of sturdy intellectual prowess and content. The public perception is a great determinant or determining factor in the handling of these very delicate and sensitive issues connecting this Nigerian man with very pricy scientific information, that he insists he would use for the betterment, improvement and advancement of Nigeria and by extension, all of Africa, and peoples of Africa ancestry and descent world wide.

Sources have confirmed that the US government is worried over a possible backlash from Nigeria, one of America’s top petroleum oil supplier, as the US is keenly aware of the racial quotient and content that is potentially very explosive, as the US is dealing with a Nigerian intellectual, an African and a Blackman, as these characteristics carries a mother lode of implications and innuendoes, all of which the Americans are certain, could make this issues more combustible than gun powders.

Concerns are said to have been expressed by President Bush who worries about the likelihood of another international incident or political cum legal scandal of immense proportions, or an international incident that could portray America, once again in ugly lights on the world stage, especially so soon after and on the heels of the prisoners abuse of Abu Gharib prisons in Iraq, as well as other prisoner abuses and brutalities and death caused by the Americans to detainees in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

The concerns are exacerbated by the likelihood of lawyers acting for the Nigerian, filing a Civil Rights violation lawsuit to complain that the Nigerian’s Civil Rights have been violated. And the President Bush is already notorious for its civil liberties infringements!

There are some missing minor details, only a few details, in all of this breaking story, is, that there is no such Nigerian ready, willing and passionate about Nigeria to undertake such deprivation, even as simple as a deprivation of a glass of water or a deprivation of a single night sleep or a Nigerian willing to risk or lose anything, even if infinitesimal, there is no such Nigerian in the United States or anywhere in the Diaspora or in the world? A Nigerian willing to make sacrifices for Nigeria’s good our common good.

The Nigerians that we appear to have in abundance or in over-supply, seem to be the selfish ones, engaged in image-soiling criminal enterprise, such as credit card frauds, that have caused decent Nigerians in the Diaspora irritations and annoyances or to be grouped as one of the offending Nigerians engaged in criminal undertakings, the types that have caused us embarrassments, havoc and ruinations, to our national image, our collective image, is damaged by their actions, actions that damages our collective interests as Nigerians, and these offender would turn around and blame the government in Nigeria and blame everybody else for 25hours a day out of the normal 24hours!

Some Nigerian in government are selfish, so are some Nigerians in the Diaspora, most Nigerians are quick to squeeze 25hours out of the actual normal 24hours of a given day, just to whine and complain about everybody else, and the government, but themselves.
Nigerians abroad, without generalizing, tend to always be honest persons, at least most would insist that they are honest, and that they had to flee from Nigeria because the Nigerian environment and government deprived them of freedom, liberty, democracy and opportunities etc etc, but some of these same Nigerians, instead if thriving in the new environments where there is “abundance” of “opportunities” freedoms” “democracy” “rules” and “no deprivations” some of them instead, actually resort to all sorts of crimes.

How does anyone explain that? You flee from nefarious activities in Nigeria, but you now happily engage in same activities in the Diaspora? The holy man who could do only right things, and have to flee from the “foul” “lawless” “hell-hole” is now himself a devil?

The criminal escapade of these few Nigerians become the fa├žade and excuse for others to bash Nigerians and Nigeria, even though it is clearly unfair to bash Nigeria as a whole because of these filthy criminals, it is equally unfair for their actions to tarnish the image and dignity of hard working law abiding Nigerians in the Diaspora, these criminal elements bring opprobrium and rebuke to our nation and all of us.

How then could any decent Nigerian associate with these vermin elements?

How could anyone tolerate these selfish criminals, How could those who tolerate these elements have any claim to decency? Why would these selfish criminal elements criticize any government in Nigeria for opportunism or corruption, when that is what they do themselves, only on a smaller scale and in far away America and Europe?

How could some decent Nigerians who sometimes associate with or harbor and protect these criminal elements, fully cognizant of the negative impact, or the enormity of the consequences that arises from the criminalities of some few Nigerian and which Nigerians and Nigeria have to be constantly confronted, only because of these criminals! How can, any decent Nigerian chose to be quiet in the face avalanche of reverberations? Is that not betrayal beyond treachery? How do these Nigerian turn around to blame Nigeria and everyone else?

Anyone who is not a criminal or does not have criminal tendencies, must not be in any complicities or cahoots with known criminals or harbor, protect or comfort criminals or dine and wine with these criminals or be in unworthy and soiled and sullied association or company of these known criminals?

When will a Nigerian man or woman be arrested in the United States, Europe or Asia etc for espionage or for stealing atomic, nuclear, scientific, technological and industrial secrets?

When are Nigerians going to start lobbying, begging, stealing, spying for the sole purpose of making Nigeria greater?

When will Nigerians be arrested for stealing trade secrets or for industrial espionage for the government or private sector in Nigeria, so long as such action is taken for the benefit, for the development, for the advancement and greatness of Nigeria?

Finally, perhaps, instead of identity theft and credit card petty thefts and petty frauds, or 419sm Nigerians with the tendencies to pilfer, should seriously consider doing so for a good cause, a national cause! Get engaged or involved in industrial, commercial, scientific and high technology espionage, for the betterment, improvement, development, advancement and ultimate greatness of Nigeria, Africa and peoples of African ancestry.

I love Nigeria, change and reform begins, with me!

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