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Middle East: Spiraling Escalation of Violence

Friday, 15 June 2007
Middle East: Spiraling Escalation of Violence
By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

There is an upheaval unfolding in the Middle East; It is an unraveling of a region.

There are renewed upsurges of violence and civil wars in the Middles East. These civil wars and internecine crises and battles are escalating on almost daily basis. These warring parties are a result of failures of American and Western polices in the Middle East. From the debacle and quagmire of American invasion and occupation of Iraq, to the American bolstering of the pro-American government in Lebanon and now, the glaringly undermined Palestinian government led by Hamas in Gaza and West Bank.

The world is already thoroughly familiar with the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the Americans, just as the world is keenly aware of the consequences and unintended consequences of the Americans’ presence in Iraq, the Straits of Hormuz and the entire Persian Gulf region of the Middle East. Iraq has since degenerated into deaths and destructions of horrible and brutal civil war, between Shiites and Sunnis Arabs Iraqis.

That the conflicts in Iraq is gorily bloody, is beyond dispute. The goriness of the details filtering out of Iraq, hour by hour, defies human comprehension, just as it defies, every spin-doctoring efforts that the American government have employed without success, to make it appear as if things were looking better than things are, in actuality, on the ground in Iraq. The mere presence of the Americans in Iraq, is an added combustible ingredient.

According to the Americans, Iraq is supposed to be a beacon of democracy in the Middle Eastern region; America therefore expected its invasion and occupation of Iraq, to positively influence events in the region, but, it has not quite turned out that way. There has been influence alright, but very negative influences. From implosion to implosion!

American Middle East policies, has always been suspect, to the average Arab or Middle Easterners. American presence in Iraq and the Middle East region, to some Arabs, is actually an added impetus, and motivation, for the escalating and spiraling violence, that are currently occurring in the Persian Gulf and neighboring regions.

In Lebanon, the pro-American government in Beirut, has been confronted by Hezbollah, a group that was accused and battled by Israel for several weeks last year. The United States exacerbated the frictions and tensions in Lebanon that was already very high, when America decided to supply a plethora of arms and ammunitions, in plane loads after plane loads, in more than twelve giant aircrafts. The US argued that it was supporting the Lebanese government, to enable Beirut dislodge Palestinian militants in Palestinian refugee camps inside Lebanon.

This is against the background of the hardships and hopelessness of Palestinians refugees, who have been in that Lebanese encamp for sixty-years of limbo. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are forbidden and prohibited by Lebanese laws, from seeking memberships in the professions, or for becoming a member of any trade or business. Palestinians refugees therefore are condemned to their endless limbo and equally endless abject poverty in the camps. America and others, are have not addressed the festered and festering abject conditions in the Palestinians refugees camps, but, instead, the Americans classifies the palpable discontent in the refugees camps, are just another front, in America’s grand scheme of things, in its so-called war on terror in the Middle East, and perhaps worldwide

The world is similarly familiar with America’s jettisoning of former President Bill Clinton negotiated peace settlement between Palestine and Israel. America, under the administration of President George W. Bush, had abandoned the Oslo Peace Accord. It equally undermined and then ignored Yasser Arafat until he died under barricade and isolation by Israel, as Israel acted with America’s approvals, winks and nods.

Upon Arafat’s passing, America actively sought to impose a Palestinian leadership of America’s choosing, a Palestinian leadership that is or would be amenable to the whims and desires of America’s overall Middle East policies. Hamas, the political opponents of Fattah, competed in elections, that were judged to be free and fair. Mr. Haniyah of Hamas became the prime minister of Palestine, while Abbas of Fattah, remained president of Palestine.

America, the owner and sole exporter of democracy, sought to undermine Mr. Haniyah and his government, formed, after Hamas victorious ascension at the polls. The Americans, supported by the Israelis, engaged in financial blackmails, against the Hamas led government of Palestine. Israel for instance, denied and withheld from Palestine, taxes and customs fees, which Israel collects on the behalf of Palestine, Israel, being the colonial administrator, of Palestine, sort of. Indeed, Israeli UN ambassador, said today, on American television, that America and Israel, made a mistake in "allowing" elections in Palestine, with Hamas participation in it. Imagine that! "allowing elections"! Whatever happened to the avowals and vouched export of democracy to the Arab world? Must democracy mean the election of only those we like and prefer? How about the electorate?

America and Israel collaborated in convincing the Europeans, to withhold financial aids and loans, from Palestine. Denying these crucial financial muscle, have dire consequences, such as, general discontent, arising from unpaid workers, literarily meant unfed families in the Palestinian territories, including, a rise in the crime rates and general lawlessness. This, clearly could have, and must have been anticipated.

Well, it came to pass, after a couple of years of undermining Prime Minister Haniyah of Palestine, strangling his government with financial deprivations, as choreographed by the Americans, Israelis and their European allies, Palestine has now reached a boiling point! But, how did Palestine get here? How did Palestine’s affairs get the way they are now?

Palestine is boiling and boiling over its seams! As I write this, Palestinians armed men, of opposing camps of Hamas and Fattah, the presidency and prime minister, respectively, are blowing each other up! Meanwhile, America has announced its support, to a side to the conflict between the factions, of Hamas and Fattah. The US joins the fray, instead being peace-broker?

America is once again, indulging in short term convenient approach. America is bolstering the Fattah’s Abbas to diminish Hamas’s Haniyah, even promising to lift the financial strangulation against Palestinians immediately. Perhaps this was the American expectation all along? The plan was to cause extreme hardships and suffering resulting in general discontent. The unraveling of the Hamas led government? Are the events we now see, merely as results of carefully orchestrated and choreographed implosions? Are these carefully cataclysm intended for the degeneration and disintegration of Palestine?

Perhaps, this was the plan all along? A sort of planned obsolescence? Is this the planned expectations of opponents of Palestinians, to make them hungry and deprived, long and sufficiently famished enough, they will struggle for crumbs, literarily start to devour one another and start a civil war to kill off, themselves? The civil has started in earnest, and perhaps this will now leave Palestinians to do the dirty work, of killing themselves, as the worthy cause of Palestinian statehood is derailed and non-Palestinians, or opponent of Palestine’s work for statehood would have accomplished their goals, their work is done, as Palestine is finally undone, by Palestinians themselves. Oh, poor Palestine!

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