Sunday, October 14, 2007

Loot Recovery: What Do We Know?

Loot Recovery: What Do We Know?
By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States

There are so many Nigerians and non-Nigerians with strong facts, evidences, opinions or just rumors? in connections with monies, properties and un-quantifiable resources, belonging to the people and the government of Nigeria, at all levels; There are many who are adamant about the specificities of their facts, evidences or information in their possession, that will withstand any legal process and pass the muster of beyond reasonable doubt, which is the criminal prosecution standard.

There appear to be a universality in the agreement, that Nigeria has a corruption problem, that, is, even strongly believed to pervades all segments of society, corruption that is strongly believed to be so pervasive, it acts as obstacles and impediments to the successful execution and implementation of any, public policy or program?

Too many Nigerians, at home and abroad, share this unalloyed and unwavering view about the extent or degree of corruption in Nigeria, these Nigerians are therefore quick, as in very quick, to agree with other Nigerians, non-Nigerian individuals and foreign institutions, regarding the profoundness and magnitude of corruption in Nigeria. Even President Obasanjo says there is corruption in Nigeria, and so does the bible on corruption?, Transparency International!

In view of this beliefs or perceptions? By all and sundry, fighting this all-powerful, hydra-headed-snake and monster in Nigeria, engenders collective and cohesive efforts on the parts of well meaning Nigerians, private and public institutions, the Nigeria governments at all levels, and of course, efforts, also, by non-Nigerian individuals, private and public institutions overseas, and well meaning peoples and governments abroad.

Worldwide, for any endeavors or undertakings to be carried out completely and successfully, adequate, sufficient, detailed and reliable information are required; Fighting corruption successfully in Nigeria requires specific, detailed and reliable information.

Therefore, in the search for Nigeria's monies, properties and resources that were illegally siphoned by Nigerian public officials, Nigerian private business persons and or by non-Nigerian persons and or institutions, whether by themselves alone or in collusion and or connivance with some Nigerians of avarice and greed bent, INFORMATION is required!What Do We Know?

Henceforth, anyone talking about, writing about Nigeria's epidemic/pandemic of corruption? must be encouraged to supply, the law enforcement in Nigeria or in their country of origin, information, anyone alleging corruption, must file a petition with the Financial Crimes Commission and with the Nigeria's National Assembly and the Justice Akanbi Anti Corruption Bureau, file a complaint with the police anywhere, with the Media or send an e-mail to me with information regarding such corruption, and the pertinent information must provide details to their specific exactitude, as much as possible and I hereby promise, on pain of death, that I will follow-through and provide updates and progress reports. All Nigerians should agree to play Ombudsman is this regard! Here is then is the critical mass!

When and if, all Nigerians are willing, to do all that is humanly possible, to rid ourselves and our nation of the toga and stigma of the most rabidly and vapidly corrupt people and country in the world, corruption, real or imagined or perceived, will be eliminated for good! Anyone living above his or her legitimate means will worry wart or become hypertensive, People will learn to live within their means!

We can all do this, without fear or favor, let the chips fall where they may! Report the president, your governor, your commissioner, Assembly persons, report your Local government Chairpersons and Councilors! Report corporate executives/leaders, report anyone who is corrupt, no matter how lowly or highly placed; Regardless of whether the perpetrator is from your hometown or my hometown, whether he or she is of your state or my state, or whether she is of your religious faith or mine, whether he is from your region or religion or ethnicity or mine; All Nigerians are desirous of divesting the looters of Nigeria's wealth, so that these recovered resources can be reinvested for the good of all Nigerians, for general good of all.Whistle Blower Law; A System That Reward Those Who Report Corruption In Nigeria...

Those who help to recover loots..All Nigerians and our well wishers should help, in enthroning and implementing Whistle Blower Laws and Rules, a system of laws and rules that rewards anyone, who provides verifiable and provable information that leads to the recovery of any monies, properties and resources belonging to Nigeria, in any part of Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

The different levels of governments in Nigeria, whether private or public institutions should be willing to contribute to a fund, for the pursuit of looters and those who aid or abets them. A decent percentage of every loot recovered should be paid to anyone who provides leads or information that serves as catalyst to such loot being recovered.

Additionally, a part of every loot recovered should also be set aside, as funds for further efforts in loot recovery and prosecutions of looters, a fund should be set aside for the publicity or public enlightenment of loot recovery efforts and rewards that are built-in.

The laws and rules in these regards must guarantee anonymity and confidentiality of all informants! Conversely, there should be adequate safeguards, that serves as protections for decent members of the Nigerian society, who may be falsely accused of corruption or looting, false accusations of corruption and looting would be proscribed and there would be punishments for anyone who knowingly and falsely accuse any other person of corruption or looting.

These ideas being recommended, are practiced in some other societies already, these ideas or recommendations are therefore not novel or unique; I am certain that these ideas will take off like wild fire and will bear fruits and immense rewards in multiple variable ways, Nigeria will lose the toga and stigma of corruption, faster than you can say bribe!

Nigerians are generally decent people, they will be inspired and motivated by their decency and additionally motivated by the reward imbued in the laws and rules of Whistle Blower system, that enables anyone supplying valuable information, that leads to recoveries, to in turn benefit from such loot, that is actually recovered. Bounty Hunter anyone? Let the bounty hunting begin!

Nigerian individuals and the Nigeria society as a whole, have huge stakes in the outcome, we will all therefore, ensure the success of the Whistle Blower Laws and Rules! Bounty Hunting Program.Nigeria is diamond! Let us polish Nigeria to attain the best shine, the best dazzle and spectacular sparkle! Let us begin today!

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