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Ijawland's Early Christmas Gift To Nigeria From Bayelsa State!

Ijawland's Early Christmas Gift To Nigeria From Bayelsa State!

Friday, 09 December 2005

Exhilarating, Thrilling, and Invigorating! Are the adjectives that best describe the delightful news of the impeachment of DSP Alamieseigha, the fugitive and former governor of Bayelsa state in Nigeria! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

DSP Alams was a colossal embarrassment to Nigeria, to the decent people of Ijawland, Bayelsa and all of us! His putrid and filthy corrupt ways have finally ended his foray into Nigeria’s public life and thus, a precedent has been set!

Here is calling the Honorable Members of Plateau state house of assembly; they too, should shoo fugitive Joshua Chibi Dariye who, in circumstances similar to DSP Alams, also jumped bail in London while facing similar criminal charges as DSP Alams.

A call should now go out to Nigerians and people of the world, to participate, support and encourage the audacious war against corruption that is being fought by the indomitable President Obasanjo. The time to sit and do nothing is past. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Ridding Nigeria of corruption is not a spectator sport either.

The political leaders of Ijawland and Bayelsa state have just demonstrated commitment to Nigeria’s democracy and Nigeria’s progress. Ijawland and Bayelsa have now set a spectacular precedent for all Nigerians. The anti corruption train has since left the station.

Next stop Plateau state, then Edo state etc! The impeachment train is coming to a stop near you! Watch out! President Obasanjo is making believers out of those doubters and those who have been sitting on the fence regarding reform efforts in Nigeria

More thunderous applause to the government of President Obasanjo and his anti corruption drive. We must now become more focused and more engaged. We must now join in these reforms and progressive efforts for the advancement of Nigeria. Nigeria’s development and greatness depends on all of us.

The message should now be loud and clear, there is a new dawn and it is a new day in Nigeria!

I could not have asked for a better Christmas present from Santa Claus! And I am sure majority of Nigerians world wide share my feelings on this.

God Bless Ijawland! God Bless Bayelsa! God Bless Nigeria!

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