Monday, October 15, 2007

I Congratulate President-Elect YarAdua, President Obasanjo, the People and Government of Nigeria!

By Paul Adujie
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
I Congratulate President-Elect YarAdua, President Obasanjo, the People and Government of Nigeria!

I congratulate President-Elect YarAdua, Vice President-Elect Jonathan Goodluck and President Obasanjo, the people and government of Nigeria on the election of a president and vice president respectively.

President-Elect Umaru YarAdua, Vice President-Elect Goodluck Jonathan and their PDP campaigned throughout Nigeria. They campaigned vigorously, even with a very hectic and rigorous campaign schedule. The president and vice president elect, traversed the entire land space in Nigeria.

Conversely, the opposition political parties vacillated and procrastinated. The opposition political parties swung between platitudes and threats of violence and anarchy, as they told Nigerians and the entire world many stories that were clearly at variant with reality! The opposition political parties stated too many mutually exclusive positions, amongst which are:

(A) The opposition political parties stated that the elections will not take place because President Obasanjo is unwilling to leave the political scene at the end of his constitutionally permitted two terms of four years per term.

(B) The opposition political parties also threatened to boycott the elections

(C) The opposition political parties at some point, also promised to present a fusion or common presidential candidate to fight the PDP and its candidates for the elections.

(E) The opposition political parties, in their last-ditch desperation, sought by means fair and foul, to have a postponement of the elections. But they failed woefully on every count

And of course, the elections proceeded as planned. The opposition political parties apparently do not like the outcome of the just concluded general elections!

(E) They, the political opposition parties now say, the election results should be cancelled, just because they have lost? Why did the opposition political parties lose the elections? Why did they have such poor showing and outcome?

Their loss was of course expected! They did not campaign, they did not have ANY focus or sustained strategy... they were always in flux and their position was always, always, always so fluid! Why are they then surprised that they have lost? I am at a loss!

The opposition political parties have been threatening violence, anarchy, coup, lawlessness instead of trying to convince the Nigerian electorate as to what their various political parties would do differently, compared with the ruling party, the PDP.

Nigeria and Nigerians do not need violence! Nigerians need good government and good governance. A government and a leadership that improves lives and delivers on its promises and follows through with policies and programs upon which campaigns and manifestoes were based.

Nigerians do not need violence. Anyone who foment violence, would, and should expect to be consumed by same. And such fomenter of violence, must not take Nigeria and Nigerians with them into self-destruction. Those headed for the precipice, much go alone!

Those who were unsuccessful at the just concluded elections, should embrace the rule of law, due process and democracy. Those who have genuine grievances should head for petitioning at various elections tribunal and Nigerian courts for redress. So long as they have credible evidences and proofs of irregularities or frauds. The burden is on them.

No one must resort to self-help or extra-judicial means or methods. All Nigerians must be reminded that the best cure for imperfect democracy is more democracy! Even as old as American democracy is, when there are elections irregularities or frauds, the Americans rely on public hearings, elections petitions and the judicial process! The current federal government of America was produced through such a process. The presidential elections between President George W. Bush and the former Vice President Al Gore was deadlocked and was eventually decided by the Supreme Court of the United States!

I applaud President Obasanjo, President-Elect Umaru YarAdua and Vice President-Elect Goodluck Jonathan, for a gallant election battle and the resulting victory.

I call for national reconciliation and unity for Nigeria's rapid ascent to Nigeria's pride of place on the world stage and global scheme of things.

Nigeria's national interests is clearly above the interests of individuals or political groups.... when it is all said and done, it is all about... NIGERIA, NIGERIA & NIGERIA!

God Bless NIGERIA!

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