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The Coup And Regime Change In Haiti, Is Brought To You, Courtesy Of The United States? A New World Order Of Uprooting Elected Governments?

The Coup And Regime Change In Haiti, Is Brought To You, Courtesy Of The United States? A New World Order Of Uprooting Elected Governments?

By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States
August 27, 2007


"Democracy cannot thrive without investments, without support for legitimate
government, America failed Haiti, we encouraged this coup, we told the
opposition and the rebels and thugs that they can overthrow a legitimately
elected government in Haiti, We Have said, don't expect the USA to respect
the rule of law, Powell helped to drive away Haitian soldiers who usurped
civilian authority in Haiti, this was done under Clinton's presidency, but
now, we support same soldiers and thugs, looters!" Statements by Congressman
Charles Rangel, reacting to American policy and president Aristide's forced
departure from Haiti

The thirty-third coup, has just been perpetrated against Haiti, and there is
no post conflict stabilization that has been undertaken, Haiti has and still
is, deeply unstable, because of palpable absence of economic development and
continued outside intervention in Haiti's internal affairs

Since 1915 US has continued to be involved, and by asking Aristide to leave,
the US has taken over the country, there are of course, 20,000 Americans in
Haiti, the government of Haiti has for a long time, been the US Marine corps
over and over again, the United States have not demonstrated meaningful and
sustained interests in the long term stability of Haiti. If you do not
engage in real efforts, of nation building, real efforts in channeling
investment to Haiti, sporadic and fitful interventions, to manipulate the
leadership in Haiti, to ensure an outcome that favors the Americans.

Bush publicly pulled the plug on Aristide, so did French president, US
announced Aristide must go, Powell and Villepin of France were cooperating
for the first time, since the pre-Iraq invasion and occupation disagreement
between the US and France.

There is a glaring disparity between how, Africans and people of African
origins, such as in the Carribbean like Haiti, are treated, compared with
all others, reactions on Ugandan and Rwandan crises, Somalia and Sierra
Leone or Liberia, as failed states, where, in Bosnia, Afghanistan yes, Iraq,
there are efforts to rebuild, whereas, there seem to be the attitude that,
political and social structures are non-existent in Africa and the
Carribbean, and so, democracy is impossible, and Ambassador Richard
Holbrooke stated this attitude when he said, to stabilize, hence the US
attitude, he and others are clearly wrong. Haiti is not impossible, Haiti
has been denied loans and investments that others have been assisted with.

The so-called opposition in Haiti, have long history of involvement with
American Intelligence, and they are murderers, looters and thugs, they were
the ones who led this coup and president and others Bush empowered the
insurgents Senator Kerry, presidential candidate in the forthcoming general
elections, in the United States.

Another presidential candidate in the US elections, is Senator John Edwards
and he also stated that, America neglected and then facilitated outster of
Aristide. US blocked World Bank loan approved $500 Aristide set up to fail,
by denying him resources Al Sharpton.

A member of the US Congress who is also running for the office of president,
Congressman Kunsinich also stated,that America under president Bush, need to
take prospective look at international relations, instead of haphazard.

What has happened in Haiti, is clearly a cynical manipulation of the
leadership in Haiti, again, because a puppet regime serves the purpose, not
of Haitian citizens, but the interests of the powerful cabal outside of
Haiti, Bush's pre-emption is at work again, instead of taking steps that
would have prevented the anarchy and chaos, that is now present in Haiti,
investment in Haiti, would have prevented the crises in Haiti, now instead,
there is full blown anarchy and chaos.

There is dangerous precedent being laid by the United States, there is a
grave danger of slippery-slope of resorting to undemocratic and
unconstitutional change of government by violent means, conducted by other
copy-cats thugs, rebels and anarchist. This is clearly wrong!

The US first endorsed unconstitionalism against president Chavez of
Venezuela, but the US failed in that effort, now it worked in Haiti, Iraq is
history, is this the "New World Order" who is next? This brings to my mind,
an article by Mr. Bashir Abdulkadir, in which he had asked the question,
"After Saddam who next America?" Nigerians as global citizens should ponder
these concerns, particularly as it applies to Africans and people of African
descent in the diaspora, including the Carribbean of which Haiti is part.

Peace, stability and development can only be found, within the confines of
the rule of law and democracy and not through the arbitrariness of thugs
with friends in high places.

What indeed is democracy when thugs and murderers can summarily sack elected
governments with encouragement and support of foreign governments? What is
democracy, when elected presidents are not permitted to serve-out the duly
elected and constitutionally prescribed terms? What is political
independence, with the sorts of overbearing interference and meddling in the
affairs of Haiti by the US? What now happens to the rule of law and
constitutionalism? Those who object to president Bush's domestic and or
foreign policies are not seeking his outster through rebellion, but his exit
through elections in November 2004! Those who disagreed with president
Aristide should have resorted to the ballot box, constitutional amendments
and reforms!

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