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American Unilateralism And Their Debacles In Iraq

American Unilateralism And Their Debacles In Iraq

By Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States
July 25, 2007


America, the prodigal son returns to the UN for help? America seeks to dump its debacle and quagmire in Iraq on the UN and the international community whose opinions the US disregarded and defied in America’s hurry to invade and occupy Iraq?
America is fast becoming the prodigal son of the United Nations, even without admitting it. I am sitting here wondering whether the UN will actually inherit this obvious rotten-egg-type quagmire from the US?

America in its hurry to invade and occupy Iraq, disregarded strenuous objections from well meaning American citizens and other well meaning citizens of all the countries on earth, while at the same time, America sought to actively minimize the powers and prestige of the United Nations! President Bush boasted that the UN would become irrelevant! Now, is the UN accepting the current American bait?

But suddenly, America has found Iraq unpalatable and too hot to handle? America is suddenly acknowledging the existence and the pre-eminence of the United Nations? Why now? Has America ceased to enjoy the single superpower status? Whatever happened to the Bush Doctrine of preemption and gunboat diplomacy? Whatever happened to the hawkish and warmongering idea of might is right? Whatever happened to the hawks and warmongers in the American administration, who have been proclaiming that America has the power and will use it in unbridled and in unfettered manners? Is there now a limit? Is this the end an era of unipolar geopolitics? Are we about to witness the Americans converted to multilateralism?

Whatever happened to “America will keep flogging Iraqis until Iraqis morale improved?” Is America no longer interested in whipping the Iraqis into line?

The President Bush administration had sought to disregard the UN, relegate the UN and Bush did so conspicuously and loudly! But now, we hear that the US and its coalition of the willing or more like the coalition of the bamboozled? Are planning to impose their mess on the UN? Should the UN not advise the US to clean up after itself? Clean up your own mess! Is the UN about to do America’s garbage clean up and sanitation?

What happened when the spoils of war were being shared? America did not consult the UN or anyone else! When Halliburton garnered and continues to garner, all the lucrative contracts in Iraq, the UN was not consulted, and many argued that the US had the right to conduct itself, in whatever manner, as the victorious party to a war, they argued that the US must be allowed to enjoy the fruits of its “labor and blood” in peace and quiet? So, what changed? Why should the US now want the UN or anyone else involved?

America is acting like an arrogant and unfriendly rich neighbor, the neighbor partied and did not invite other neighbors, but now wants help cleaning up after the party! Helping the neighbor to clean up, just because the leftover meats and fish are beginning to rot and smell? You gorge, you clean up! As everyone knows, overeating, rot and smell are foreseeable consequences!

So far, 286 American soldiers have been expended in the pursuit of America’s wrong-headed policy of invading and occupying Iraq, as for the innocent Iraqi lives? Thousands of Iraqis have been killed since the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the Americans, the world seem to have lost count of dead and dying Iraqis resulting from American policies.

It is clear to all discerning observers, that the US is expecting to handover its troubles in Iraq to the UN, to save the US further embarrassments or even humiliation, in the event of cutting and running or withdrawing from Iraq as the mess pile up.

Astonishingly, the US seeks to retain command and control of the forces in Iraq, the US is determined to retain command and control and the general outcome therein, in Iraq, I fear that, this attitude on the part of the American government, will further complicate an already complex invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Civil war and the disintegration of Iraq have become increasingly likely.

The choices are becoming very limited and unsavory for the Americans, but of course, pride comes before a big fall?

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