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Africans Are Not Angry, But Why?

Monday, 14 March 2005
The twin evils of all of human history are slavery and colonialism, Africans have factually been at the receiving end of slavery and colonialism.

These evils have intrinsically and extrinsically transformed Africans, Africa and peoples of African descent, everywhere in the world these transformations are of the most negative types, in impacts and results.

Despite all this, Africans and peoples of African descent are not angry and have not been saying never-again! And now, in this twenty-first century, it does appear as if, the twin-evils of slavery and colonialism are about to be replayed in Africa!

A cursory examination of current political and economic events in some parts of Africa and the Caribbean, clearly indicate a loss of immense ground, as freedom, liberty and political independence are being usurped from and denied Africans and African cousins in the Caribbean.

It is a historical fact, that Arabs played roles in slave trade and the enslavement of Africans, about two hundred years ago, now, there is a rehearse of African enslavement in Darfur Sudan, by Janjaweed Arabs, endorsed and supported by the government of Sudan, even as Arab governments have blocked every attempts at censure of the Sudanese government by United Nations.

As an African with a universal or global outlook, I have frequently spoken out against the plight of Arabs, particularly, the predicaments of Palestinians and more recently, the bedraggled Iraqis, it is therefore a very sad moment for me, to find that there is no similar concern being demonstrated by Arabs, for the plights and predicaments of Africans in the Darfur region in Sudan, who are being mauled and killed by Arabs, these Africans are being killed in genocidal type ethnic cleansing, simply because of who they are, Africans.

The world dithers, while thousands and thousands of Black African Sudanese are decimated by the Janjaweed Arabs, the Arabs defend and protect the brutal government in Khartoum Sudan, while African Sudanese women and children are being killed on a daily basis, as more African Sudanese women and children die horrible death from starvation, diarrhea and other preventable illnesses, as consequence of their poor refugee camp conditions in the desert turned marsh-land by the rains.

It is not much different in the Caribbean, where Haiti, the first people of African descent to attain political independence, were summarily denied their sovereignty and political independence in February, a month after what should have been Haiti’s celebratory bicentennial in January 2004; As domestic conspirators were engineered by an avalanche of foreign intrigues to overthrown the democratically and constitutionally elected government of Haiti

Africans and peoples of African descent, ought to be angry, very angry, in fact, flame-throwing-angry, over slavery and colonialism, it does appear now, that the lack of such demonstration of resentments, have led to a new and improved version, or a reconstituted plan, to enslave and re-colonize Africans and peoples of African descent.

It must be pointed out, that Africans and peoples of African descent were the first victims of terror and terrorism, visited on them, by others, others, who now make pretensions about fighting the war on terror. It is a surprise that Africans did not become terrorists, acting out of frustrations and hopelessness as the world have always visited on Africa
African arts that were pillaged, stolen and spirited away to America and Europe, these art works remain in American and European Museums. Whereas art works stolen during Second World War have since been returned to the respective owners, the African arts works remain with private persons and institutions in America and Europe, why are Africans not angry?

African arts stolen during slavery and colonialism still adorns private homes and museum in Europe and outside Africa, whereas, Europeans arts stolen during World War II have been returned to their countries of origins and or to owners, other races who suffered from the vicissitude of human history, have received compensations or reparations from their tormentors, but every time reparations for Africans and peoples of African descent is mentioned, those not interested in fairness and equity to Africans, are quick to interject extraneous matters, into the debate about reparations and compensations for the horrors and dehumanization suffered and continued to be endured by Africans and peoples of African descent.

All of histories have been unfair to Africans and peoples of African descent and history is just about to repeat itself

Why are Africans not angry?

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